reborn as goten
34 Chapter 33
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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34 Chapter 33

The battle between dad and hit finally started, hit didn't want to drag the match like he did with vegeta, so he started the match with his sure kill moves but dad isn't someone who could be defeated in few moves because of all the training he had throughout the years, the match went on only after few moves he finally understood the trick behind him and started to counter it, after some slight adjustments he finally got the hang of it and kicked hit in his gut.

goku:" try all you want hit, now i know your trick it will be hard for you to defeat me now".

hit stood and flared his ki and charged towards my dad looking at the real thing is completely different than seeing in the anime every time he hit's and every time he dodges seeing it makes my blood boil, now i really want to fight hit, if i fight him now i will exactly know how far i came .

As the match went on hit finally broke his limit and pushed himself to his next level, thanks to my eyes the more i observe him the clear his time skip became, even though i have high attack power and defence power, but speed is my real forte. So i was easily able to adapt to time skip, i was repeating everything in my mind space but something was missing. And finally it's time, dad is going to use his kaioken on super saiyan blue as his power increased the whole place started to shake *BOOM* everything became silent, then at a time his ki raised with blue inside and red outside.

With that the real fight began hit used his time skip again but dad easily broke through, that's when i truly understood the time skip i was not some simple technique but it's a domain technique, this technique creates a domain around the user in which he will be able move, and control the time depends on the users power and comprehension of time. slowly i started to understand the law behind that technique, energy around me started to change and a domain similar to hit started to form, and it's size started to increase 10cm, 20, 30.....50....90,.... 1 meter. After reaching 1 meter it finally stopped and the amount of time which i was am to control was 5 milsec after which i need to have a moment before i could use it again, 5 millisec which is nothing for a normal person, but combined with my speed it truly makes a great difference if it's a fighter like me, hit, dad and others. and not only that it also takes a quite an amount of energy to maintain the domain, thanks to my new powerup(evolution) my energy reserves were off the charts, so it doesn't affect my current fighting style that much.

When i was still pondering about the time laws and how to improve my time skip. I was brought back to reality by a large sound it was dad's kamehameha wave, then i finally understood it was nearly end of the match, where dad used all his energy and blasted a kamehameha wave. Everything around is going haywire, that's when i saw hit had another breakthrough and increased his domain, the time around him abruptly slowed in his view it nearly stopped, he quickly moved away from the blast but still affected by the wave sending him to crash into champa's banner. i know even though it was only fraction of sec focusing on breaking his limit on the time, because dad's kamehameha wave was able to catch up to his current control of time, so with simply focusing on time and his speed he was able to escape the blast.

Now thanks to his little stunt not only him i was also able to break through now i am able to use the time skip upto 10 millisec which was supposedly hit's original limit when he fought vegeta,i must really thank him because i am pretty sure that i won't get this kind chance anytime sooner.

coming to the match, the match didn't last long thanks to the destroyers both of them started there petty fight once more, since dad was in no shape maintaining the current form so he forfeited the match and got a very nice feedback from beerus. So now it's down to 2 to 1.

'hey piccolo i will going this round if you don't mind'.

piccolo:" by all means he is currently way of my league, so it's better for me to stand back on this one".

'thanks piccolo'.

beerus:" okay kid it's up to you know, so don't you dare lose the match okay".

'don't worry lord beerus, i will be fine'.

next match " HIT VS GOTEN".


next Chapter: absolute showdown time skip vs time skip


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