reborn as goten
33 Chapter 32
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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33 Chapter 32

the match between jane and the metal man began just like in the anime this was also a closed fight and jane was not a really a big fan for it, unlike frost the metal man's whole body is made up of metal, so she can't use the same trick on him now as the fight went on the temperature in the cage started to increase unlike vegeta in the anime jane didn't such patience so she started to raise her power to the fullest.

slowly her ki started to change and finally revealed her super saiyan form which shattered the cage, everyone was shocked because this was the first time that jane ever used her ssj form. Since she is a majin saiyan her hair turned into pink when she turned into super saiyan which was obviously more powerful than the normal super saiyan form of dad or vegeta.

champa:" what is this new form first yellow and then pink, hey cabba at least do you know about this one".

cabba:" i am sorry lord champa".

vados:" it seems that this form is a lot greater than that of goku's".

other side

beerus:" hey goku did you know about this form".

goku:" i didn't know this the first time for me too, if you want answers ask goten she is his girlfriend".

beerus:" so care to explain".

' well she is a variant saiyan, so obviously her saiyan form is different than us'.

goku:" but last time i checked she was an android right".

i slammed my forehead and said' dad when you come home you should atleast ask others what happened in that time, i changed jane from an android to a saiyan way before the fight with frieza and others, yet you only knew about it know'.

goku:" hehehehe... i am sorry".

beerus:" whatever this is getting boring, it doesn't matter who she only thing that matter is for her to win this match".

It seems that jane wasn't planning to drag the match either, she seperated herself from him and used a kamehameha wave which kicked him out and in turn destroyed half of the stage, and forfeited for the next match because she wanted to give others a chance in the tournament.

next match was between vegeta and cabba, it was originally piccolo's turn but vegeta took it because he wanted to see what these universe 6 saiyans made of since it's the matter between saiyans he simply backed out. after that vegeta and cabba entered the stage.

cabba:" so could you please teach me how to turn into a super saiyan".

vegeta:" what are you talking about, we are in a match how could you ask your opponent to teach you something in a match".

after that the match finally started cabba was completely weak compared to vegeta, i must say he was nowhere near his match but it seems somehow he caught his interest. so vegeta started to taunt him seemingly it worked cabba lost his control and started to tap his saiyan instincts, finally when vegeta said the last word he broke and transformed into a super saiyan and started to fight vegeta easily caught him because of the large power gap, and cabba finally started what he become and thanked vegeta for his help. Just like in the anime he finished him off with ssb.

With cabba down the universe 6 is down to a single person which was hit, the strongest person in the universe 6, with that the match between vegeta and hit officially begun. As expected none of vegeta's attacks were effective against hit but instead he was beaten around like a rag doll, they were easily dodged by him using his time skip, even though vegeta has high attack power than hit, but he lacked the precision and control like hit, which in turn made hit's attacks more powerful and deadly the fight didn't went long enough like expected he outmatched and knocked out with in first few min of the match.


everyone was shocked by the match no could guess what hit was doing.

beerus:" what how could this happen vegeta didn't even last a chance against him, then how could goku fair against him".

whis:" well you can't blame them my lord, this hit has a unprecedented record of never missing his target, and he also has a very interesting ability.

beerus:" so you know what he used then why don't you help goku to win this match".

whis:" i am sorry lord beerus, i can't because it's his part of training he has to figure it on his own".

whis:" and also it was a good thing that you replaced monaka in the last min otherwise things could gone a whole lot differently".

beerus:" yea tell me about that i was lucky to make that decision at the last min, if i were to lose to my brother i wouldn't here the end of it ".

whis:" look my lord the match started".


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