reborn as goten
32 Chapter 31
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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32 Chapter 31

finally the matches began as expected first was dad and that botamo even though, he don't look that much he has his race unique trait rubber like body which nullifies all kinds physical attacks from people near his power level as expected dad is not a kind of person who would use all his power right of the bat, instead he lowers his power level to his opponent and fight him so that he could enjoy his fight as much as he wants, even though i am a bit of battle maniac i still don't understand how that works.

the match finally started dad punched him in his stomach there was no response, then botamo started to fight back he used his large body to bounce around the whole stage while cornering my dad, after a bit of struggle he got himself back and made some distance.

goku:" wow man with that heavy body, to think you could fight like that it's impressive. just give me a second i need to adjust myself a bit".

he started to do some warmup and after that he got ready and punched him, as to his surprise his body only just vibrated a little again he started to throw all kinds of punches and finally used energy blasts still he remained the same.

goku:" how am i supposed to beat this guy he is able to withstand all of my attacks".

beerus:" do something then".

vegeta:" if your attacks can't hurt them use your head then".

as expected of my dad he really used his head to punch, after that he finally got bored and pulled his legs making him fall and dragged him to the edge of the stage and threw him out. everyone was bit surprised by the method he used and champa made a scene out of this since it was not off the rules he won the match.

the next matchup was between dad and frost, since i already know about frost i am not that worried about it, as expected he came onto the stage acting as a good guy and everything went according to the anime, he uses his final form and not able to defeat dad then he uses his poison to knock him out.

looking at the result beerus was bit angry and finally cooled down because of me,piccolo,jane and vegeta and the next one after dad was jane.

jane:" so i am up next, wish me luck".

'hey jane, look out for the needle'.

jane:" i already know about it".

after jane entered the stage

frost:" you should give up i am not a type who fight's a woman".

jane:" sorry but i am not a person who backs down from a fight so deal with it".

both of them started fighting jane was a bit on the offside because she more interested research than fighting, but even with that she is not someone to mess with. as the fight went on jane started to deal him with different punches but none of them seems to be effective, everyone thought the match was over expect for me, whis and vados because we exactly know what she was doing.

frost:" look you attacks are not even working on me, you should give up".

jane:" don't worry i am using even 50% of my power, and beside that i have yet to use my super saiyan form".

frost got bit irritated he remembered exactly how powerful this saiyan form is * no i must not let this girl transform like him, it seems i need to use it again* again when both of them started fighting he waited for the right movement and used his needle to poison her. as the needle pierced his confidence boosted greatly he carelessly separated himself from her and waited for the poison to act.

But to his surprise she was still standing then jane started to talk.

jane:" why did you move back are you waiting for me fall down like goku?".

frost was bit flustered and said :"what are you talking about, i have no idea".

jane:"oh! come on, don't worry i know there was a needle in your arm which is filled with a neurotoxin which makes it's victims to get dizzy for few min, and don't worry i am completely immune to neurotoxin".


when beerus heard this his expression became happy.

beerus:" you are saying he cheated in the match".

jane:" yes not only this one but also the one before, if you don't believe look at the top of the frost's hand and the palm of my father's hand you will find needle and a needle mark".

immediately the announcer inspected frost and beerus looked at goku's hand and found the needle and the mark after conforming it's illegal, vados finally revealed frost's dark and real history no one was surprised except for the universe 6.

announcer:" contestant frost since you broke the rules by poisoning your opponent's in the match you are hereby removed from the tournament and goku will be back in the tournament because of the unfair elimination .." after that jane said .

jane:" don't worry about him anymore he already lost so don't bother with him".

everyone was bit shocked by the claim including beerus and champa.

frost:" what are you talking about, all your attacks until now didn't even phase....m...e..." saying that frost fallen on the ground unconscious.

everyone became silent then champa broke the silence and shouted " she is also cheating now she must have used some kind of poison just like frost, eliminate her now" and beerus didn't know what to say.

vados:"now now lord champa, she didn't use any underhanded means to win the fight, she won it fair and square ".

champa:" how can it be we clearly saw right her attacks didn't even phase frost how did she win".

vados:"it's simple she hit him in the right place with her energy when her energy went inside his body it slowly blocked all the energy flow in his body making him renderless to fight, i must say i am completely impressed by her technique because if she put more energy he could have died and if she put low it wouldn't work to have such precise control i am impressed".

champa:" tell me vados are on my side or his side".

vados:" of course your side my lord".

champa:" then why the hell are you supporting them".

after some explanation from both vados and whis everyone was convinced and jane will go to the next match.

announcer:" since ms. jane was proved innocent, the match will go on normally and the next match is between JANE VS Auta Magetta(Metal man)".


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