reborn as goten
31 Chapter 30
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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31 Chapter 30

After that small talk i went towards that ridiculous exam which was about to be conducted* you know what i mean right who in the right mind would keep some written exam before a match of hands and brawls*.

goku:" goten you are going to participate in the tournament?".

'yes, it seems monaka has a bit of a problem so i am replacing him in this match'.

goku:" WHAT!, no way i was looking forward for seeing his match".

Whis:" There there goku don't worry, you will get to see next time he fights or you can even challenge him yourself".

goku:" REALLY?".

beerus:" hey don't promise him such things, and goku get a grip and go to that exam".

All of us entered the venue ( more like a open venue with a good look at space) we finally saw the fighters from universe 6 , hit, cabba, frost and others. looking at hit in real was more like seeing an alien from ben 10 but still he is cool. As expected cabba came looking for us just like in the anime he started asking bunch of questions about the planets and other stuff and finally noticed me, he looked at me and my dad few times and asked.

cabba:" so are both of you twins or something like that".

goku:" no he is my son, i know its hard to believe but still he is my son".

cabba:" wow you both look exactly same except for the black dress, i am sorry for asking".

goku:" don't worry we get that a lot".

vados:" okay you guys come on get back to your seats the test is about to begin, you have given a list of basic questions to check your minimum knowledge score above 50 you pass otherwise fail, and the test will began now".

i looked at the question paper i didn't know wether to laugh or cry because all the questions are elementary level except for few everyone was struggling with the questions, i looked at jane she has the same look as me, she was a scientist and solving elementary questions i don't to continue in this matter any more. Both me and jane completed them in 4 min and went to the place where beerus and whis was .

beerus:"so both of you completed that exam".

jane:" yes we did, i was a scientist and i created many things in this past few years but i was never stooped down to a level where i need to answer elementary questions, and what worse is look at them they are struggling to write these simple questions, i don't think even trunks would take this much time ".

whis:" i can understand your problem jane except for both of you, most of them are rouge fighters who knows nothing beside fighting what could you expect more from them do you know even lord beerus can't answer those questions."

beerus:" what are you talking about whis, i am a destroyer god why should i learn such things".

whis:" exactly my point".

beerus:"so kid you must have seen everyone's battle power battle power right so tell me about it and don't forget include that idiot brother of mine too".

'fine, you don't need to worry about there battle power except for the hit no one there could pose a threat to us'.

beerus:" meaning".

'he is stronger than my dad and vegeta '.

beerus:" what that means he could beat both of them ".

'in a way yes, but you can't always rely of power levels you know there are exceptions sometimes so you just have to wait'.

beerus:" okay what about my brother".

' you are stronger than him by a bit'.

beerus:" and what about vados".

' both are exactly the same'.

whis:" well that's fun to know".

beerus:" so whis how much time will it take for that stupid exam to complete i am getting hungry".

whis:" about 30 mins i guess".

' hey since we have to wait why don't we go to the spectator side my mom had brought lot of food we can have a snack in the meantime what do you think'.

beerus:" i think it's the best idea, what are we waiting for let's go".

we went to the spectator side and asked my mom to make some barbecue and some other stuff, after the preparation everyone started to eat including the kai's, while champa was looking at us with hatred.

champa:"BEERUS!, what do you think you are doing right now".

beerus:" of course i am eating delicious food what's wrong in that".

champa:"when me and vados are working for the tournament and you are eating".

beerus:" i never asked for the tournament did i it was you who came into my universe and stole my orbs without my consent so deal with it".

with all those petty quarreling, time slowly went by and finally everyone completed their exam. Unlike in the anime everyone passed the exam and the order of battle was set just like in the anime dad was the first one to go then jane, piccolo, vegeta and finally me. i wanted to fight hit to but beerus fixed that pattern because he wanted to use me as the final card, since i can't fight i have to sit and see as the matches unroll.


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