reborn as goten
30 Chapter 29
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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30 Chapter 29

After sometime we reached lord beerus's planet unlike in the anime it was completely different the ki here is much denser, landing on the surface we saw beerus coming towards us with a red guy beside him, i realised him immediately it was monaka as expected beerus is going to introduce him as the universe strongest fighter.

beerus:" so is everybody here, goku listen you should win this no matter what do you understand. you IDIOT listen to me when i am talking to you".

goku:" hahahah..... sorry lord beerus it that the same guy you told us about".

beerus:" yes his name is monaka he is the strongest fighter that i ever fought, he is going to be participating in the tournament" after that when beerus noticed me he was bit surprised, and looked towards whis for confirmation and laughed off lightly.

beerus:"okay all you aboard the hexahedron we are about to leave ".

all of us aboarded the hexahedron.

'mom you brought a grill, it's just a few hours flight what were you thinking'.

chichi:" well you can't go to a fight with an empty stomach".

jane:" yea goten you should be grateful you have been training for months, so just enjoy the food".


jane:" so how did it go".


jane:" your training you idiot".

'oh that it went well'.

jane:" just well? i can't sense your energy anymore so tell me what have you been doing all this time".

dad and vegeta had the same doubt before they could talk beerus interrupted them.

beerus:" we are here".

looking at the planetary size dragon balls was really satisfying even though i saw them in the anime i never thought that they could be this magnificent everyone was blown of by the look it, after some distance we finally saw the planet where the tournament is going to take place. after that we the hexahedron entered the barrier created by vados and saw the warriors of universe 6 are waiting.

whis dropped us off on the spectator side.

just like in the anime 5 warriors from our universe were supposed fight with 5 warriors from theirs, it seems that dad, vegeta, jane, piccolo and monaka were participating in the tournament, since i was not there during the team selection they kind of ruled me out, i was bit disappointed and didn't give much thought about it later, i wasn't surprised when i heard jane was in the tournament because, i erased buu from the the storyline it was obvious, someone would take his place and that happened to be jane. so i just sat in that levitating sofa created by whis with others. then beerus came looking for me.

beerus:" hey kid your name it's goten right, would you come aside for a bit".

'yes lord beerus'.

beerus:" how about you take monaka's place in this tournament, because he was looking a bit off and also this tournament was important for me, so why don't you take his place ".

as expected beerus did notice my power i was a bit surprised still i didn't lose my cool and said 'me in the tournament'.

then suddenly whis came beside him and said " yes, you should participate this might become a new experience for you".

'why me, monaka is better than me right, according to others he was the only warrior that fought lord beerus better than my dad. So why replace him now'.

beerus started to sweat a bit and whis started giggling.

whis:" well you see monaka is not a fighter he was supposed to be, he was just a decoy to increase the motivation in your father and vegeta, when he saw you became true god unlike your father who can use that power temporarily. he had a change of mind and now he doesn't want to take chance on losing against his brother so he wants you in the tournament replacing him".

listening to everything beerus released a helpless sigh and said" so you are doing it or not".

'well obviously i am in, but how did you find out i became a god i thought i hid it well'.

whis:"well you hid that very well, but we are also gods you know and for a very long time. so how did you become a god".

beerus:" i want to know the same thing".

'well thanks to you i guess whis'.


'you were the one who gave that orb to jane right'.

whis:" ah! that one, i remember now i did give it to for some delicious food that she offered. so you used that to become a god".

' yea, i used the divine ki generated from it to change myself into a god, it was a long process though it took me a lot of time to change all the ki in my body to divine ki, but thanks to my patience it was a success'.

whis:"oh my, i didn't know someone could become a god using such simple process".

beerus:" neither do i".

'hey it wasn't easy you know, there are some conditions to be met before someone could use my process'.

beerus:" and what would that be".

' reaching the peak of earth rank, only reaching it means that your body is capable of completely adapting the divine ki and in the process creating its own just like normal gods'.

whis:" again with this ranks you speak of, does it have any significance. you said mine was immortal level 2 right".

beerus:" and mine was heaven something right".

'yes, they are kind of gauging your power level. How should i put it, ah! its kind of a number from a scouter except here instead of numbers it gives me levels and ranks'.

whis:" oh that's interesting then that means, heaven rank is for god's right".

'yes it looks like it, before when i was in earth rank no matter how hard i train it would never change to heaven but when i used divine ki it changed and now i am a god'.

whis:" well thanks for the information it seems others are waiting for us,so let's go before it's late".


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