reborn as goten
29 Chapter 28
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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29 Chapter 28

since the room was bit small the density of the ki high, which was a good thing then i started to adjust to the ki, after i was able to so i tried to absorb the divine ki into my body, my cells quickly absorbed them and started to change, this process was slow so instead of continuing i went outside and informed about my training to jane, at first she didn't accept it, only after learning that there will no problem in this she allowed me to do it. since i don't know how much time it will take i increased the time settings to max.

sitting in lotus position i started to absorb the divine ki in to my body all my cells are greedly absorbing the divine ki and removing the normal ki out of my body, it was not painful instead i felt so good i even forgot myself slowly i entered an enlightened state everything around me was dark, silent and suddenly a blast and a large number of dots started to scatter and and all the elemental energies were forming first was a golden red fire when it was forming everything around me started to burn in flames and slowly i was covered by the fire, i started to feel burning sensation all over my body and it was as if my whole soul was burning i started to struggle the more i did the hotter it became, after some unknown time the burning sensation was replaced with the cooling feeling slowly it felt like i was melting away, suddenly i opened my eyes and looked around and saw everything was covered in water slowly i started to lose my breath, suddenly i felt something was dragging me,i looked around all of a sudden everything around me changed now i was in a white space with that same old man from that trail space except now he was having a surprised look.

'what was that and why are you here'.

????:" you know, you are true monster".

'that's rude, don't just go call someone monster the second time you meet. And then again what the hell are you doing here'.

????:"you could have died in there if i didn't brought you back".

'what are you talking about'.

????:" what you just saw was the creation of the life, which was supposed to be both blessed and cursed opportunity ".

i think i just stumbled on something more interesting 'creation of life hey old man you better come out clean with this understand, and do not tell the stuff like 'it's not the right time''.

????:" it was said one who witness the creation of life and survive it's baptism will have the ability to control all the elements which makes them practically invincible".

'that's great right why did you brought me back then'.

????:" because you were dying".

'dying no way, hey even though it felt very suffocating i didn't feel any danger'

????:"you won't feel nothing because the longer you peer into it the faster you become one with it, that means your soul will be lost in time. Many heaven defying geniuses got this opportunity but none survived except for few which had same conditions such as you, and do you know what they are the top dogs in the upper worlds now".

i had cold sweat listening to that ' thanks, but how did you know that i was in danger'.

????:" i kept a seal on you just in case if you are ever i danger, when i sensed that you soul was dissipating i quickly used all my energy on the seal to pull you out from there, and that literally sucked all of the energy i have collected now i have to start again".

' and why would you do that'.

????:" i don't want to lose my hope that's why, and one more thing recently i sensed faint amount nether energy from you place, you should be careful they are the last people you want to fight they are cruel, merciless and would do anything to achieve their goal try to avoid fighting them or if you do fight them make sure you completely destroy them".

'i understand, nether race huh... may be ize was taken by them?'.

????:" okay kid i need to go now make sure you don't die okay i won't be always there, and congratulations on becoming demi saiyan god and gaining primordial fire and water elements but you won't be able to use them any time sooner bye kid, and don't forget keep getting strong" after that he dissipated into thin air leaving me with a lot of questions .

i slowly opened my eyes and found myself back in the same room i looked at myself, i was completely covered in dark red ki and my body looked bit thinner and i found a mirror and look at myself i was completely shocked i just looked like my dad in the movie but my colour is a lot deeper and profound i tried to move around a bit i literally crashed into the wall doing that, both my attack powers and healing powers were off the charts unlike my dad who has the problem with attack power in his red form. i increased the gravity and started to get use to my new power it took me sometime to get used to my powers. know i finally understood why dad and vegeta goes super saiyan blue instead of super saiyan god, it was simple they don't have enough foundation and the bloodline purity aside that, the process they used to become only allowed them to get 10% of the original super saiyan god's power.

few months went by in the secret room which was only 10 days outside. I was finally able to master my new powers there were significant changes in my body my hair had a tiny bit of reddish colour in them now and my original body looked like my dad in ssg form after getting ready, i finally stepped out of that place to look for jane and others to my surprise no one was there, i thought they left me and went for the tournament, so i quickly rushed to my home using my instant transmission to check if anyone was there still no sign then i finally remembered where would they be then quickly used my instant transmission and reached bulma's place and finally saw them luckily they are just about to leave with whis, jane saw me and stopped whis, i quickly went into the box.

'thanks guys'.

goku:" welcome back goten you look bit different".

i just laughed lightly and asked ' how so?'.

goku:" i don't know".

then suddenly whis interrupted us and said "since everyone was here let's get going".


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