reborn as goten
28 Chapter 27
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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28 Chapter 27

the next day we called everyone to tell our creation, all of them were excited hearing that they could go to space without any protection. we named it SW-001

piccolo:" so all of us could survive in space like frieza".

jane:" but there is a catch, all of us who could use ki will have no problems after some time your body will adapt and replicate it by themselves, but a normal human could only survive in space only for about 180 min or 2 hours using it".

bulma:" so why and what happens after 2 hours".

' those who uses ki will have more energy in their cells than the normal humans, and SW-001 requires energy to maintain itself a normal human could not produce that much of energy so it works for a little time in them after that they enter a period of weakness because all the energy required for the body to function was sucked out by it'.

except for few people others were completely excited.

bulma:"too bad, if only i was a saiyan or if had learned some martial arts ".

jane:" you don't have to feel down bulma we have goten for that, he can adjust SW-001 to match your cells".

bulma:" then why are we waiting for let's do this".

after taking it all of us went into space using my instant transmission, we spend some time there all of them were so happy with their new ability now, after spending few hours all of them went back to their homes except for bulma and few others.

bulma:" so what is it that you wanted to talk about".

i gave her a sealed vial looking at that she was bit shocked and said" this is SW-001 why are you giving this to me".

'its simple i want you to release it in the name of capsule corp".

bulma:" are you sure, don't you think this should be a secret".

' this planet is still in the back waters it's about time they see the true face of this universe we can't always protect them from shadows, so this just a jump start from me. And what i have given you is the weaker version of SW-001 it only has half the effect. i am just giving you a seed if they want to grow it or destroy it it's completely up to them'.

bluma:" That's very kind of you, i never thought you could be this mature. Don't worry about this i know exactly what to do with this".

few days later bulma released the news of SW-001 into world, like flies many Aeronautic based came to capsule corp for the formula and from that day CC became the top dog of the world.

*time skip*

few weeks went by but there was no sign of dad which means there is still more time for the universe 6 saga, many things changed in these past few weeks trunks started to hangout with us more time gohan started to come here and train with us at daily basis and he is getting more powerful day by day looking at his progress, piccolo started to hang out in the facility more. so we upgraded the base we increased the time difference but that was only in the training room.

gohan:" that's for the day bye goten see you tomorrow".

'bye, Jane where are you'.

Jane:" i am in the lab".

'Jane you are barely concentrating on your training these days, look even gohan is showing interest. We should be always ready for the unexpected'.

Jane:" Well i don't have to be worried because, i have a very strong bodyguard looking after me all the times".

' hahaha.... very funny, you know i am talking serious right".

jane:" okay, okay tell me what happened, you won't talk like unless something happened".

'Well you all these training somehow reached my limit no matter how much harder i try i am not able to ascend to the next level, on other side gohan is improving at an astonishing rate he already reached peak of earth level 3, well i am stuck a the same level'.

jane:" i see maybe you should try changing ki".

'What does that mean'.

jane:" i mean divine ki".

'Oh yea why didn't i thought about that, but wait i could only get that at supreme kai's planet or beerus's planet now in need to contact whis to take me there'.

jane:" You don't have to worry about that we have divine ki here at our facility".

'WHAT, we have divine ki why didn't you tell me'.

jane:" you never asked".

'How did you get it anyway'.

jane:" when you are in your beauty sleep, i bribed whis into getting me some stuff, divine ki happens

be one of it, he told me how to install it but since no one here is capable using divine ki i never bothered about it".

'WOW jane you are awesome'.

jane:" just wait i kept it somewhere here, AH! found it " as she took out a jade box covered in dust and cleaned it, and revealed a crystal ball which was emitting the divine ki ".

jane:" there is another room behind that wall, place this ball at the center of the room and wait as it refine all the ki in the room into divine ki".

' Thanks jane you are the best' i pecked her lips and went into the secret chamber and placed the orb slowly the ki inside the room started to change and pressure started to increase .


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