reborn as goten
27 Chapter 26
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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27 Chapter 26

finally jane brought me all the reports on gohan looking at them i was completed shocked, after sometime gohan came with videl.

gohan:" so how was it".

' well its pretty good i guess your skeletal structure was completely changed that includes your tailbone too, the plus point is you won't have the problem with your tail sensitivity like when you were a child, and not only your skeletal but also your brain structure is also mutated.

gohan:" what does it mean".

'it means your brain is working 14 times it original capacity now ".

gohan:" is it a bad thing".

'nope not at all instead it's a good thing now you can remember understand perceive and react 14 times faster than your original capacity, mine was 20 and jane's was 15 after we done our process, and one more thing you can't get rid of you fur anymore no matter how many times you clear it will grow back in minutes'.

gohan:" so what should we do right now, i can't go outside looking like this can i".

' i don't know what to do either, besides you look good like that even i want to be like you'.

gohan:" ha ha ha very funny, *sigh*, if i only had a power to transform myself like oolong how good it can be".

jane:'well that could work too you could ask oolong how he could transform or you could ask shenron to give the same power that he has both of them works right'.

gohan:"oh my i didn't think of that, thank you jane i will be on that, bye".

after that gohan flew off with videl we went back to our work, after some time i fell asleep.

again few days went by our research went smoothly, as for my training it was slow i was only making a small amount of progress in these past few weeks.

jane:"goten it worked ".

'it worked?'

jane:" yes, the enzyme completely covered the cells now the test subject is able to survive in the space, but there is a catch".

' what, let see right now' we went to the place where we created a artificial vacuum.

jane:" look at this when the enzyme covers the cells it gives the ability for them to survive in the space but for it to work it require energy so it drains them from the cells when energy flow is stopped it will die".

' so it was temporary, what about our cells'.

jane:" i was coming right there, and that was supposed to be the good news it WORKED!, thanks to you, our generally have cells have a lot of energy within them so they are able to support them and somehow they are able to replicate it in their own version".

' that means'.

jane:" we can move in space however we want without any fear".

this hugged her, and started kissing her she started to respond me back , it lasted for few minutes our lips separated.

jane:" how about we continue our first time somewhere little special".

' you don't mean'.

jane:" yep the Space".

i hugged even more tightly and said 'you are getting bolder and bolder day by day, looks you need some punishment' i slapped her butt lightly which was a heavenly feeling.

jane:" ouch!, let me go i will bring those quickly i don't want to lose the mood".

we administered them it took few minutes for it to work, to make sure i used my skill to completely assimilate them with our blood. I used instant transmission to take us out of the earth atmosphere after that we slowly reached the outer space. I was a new feeling looking at the endless stars, now i could move my body just like i did on earth but that wasn't same for my clothes, they started to float the moment we reached the the space. it seems we need to make some new clothes otherwise it would be hard to move. jane slowly came behind my back and hugged me.

jane:" so how do you feel".

'great' then i turned back and started kissing her, then we started to remove each other clothes.

********** you know what happens right***************

Both us were floating in the space hugging each other that battle was intense it went for more that 4 hours, one of us yet to accept defeat .

' shall we go now it's getting late'.

jane:" what done already so that means it's my win".

' Still going at that fine it's your win, let's go now others might be waiting' then hugged me tightly.

jane:" goten 'I love you'".

' i love you too'.

then i used instant transmission and took us back to the lab.


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