reborn as goten
26 Chapter 25
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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26 Chapter 25

few days passed since my fight with ize i spent most of my time mastering my new ssj form and some time playing with pan, due to my abnormal growth age, i became the next target for my mom

with how i am looking i am pretty sure that no school would be willing to give me admission, so due to that i started to spend rest of my other time spending with jane in the facility and helping her research in making new stuff. luckily bulma got her eye on jane so all her inventions are sponsored by capsule corp now.

since the battle with frieza is over now comes the universe 6 saga, wait can it be even called battle with frieza all the fight happened there was between me and ize, frieza was supposed to die in that battle, now he escaped and which leads to new future problems, aside that now i need to increase my power to fight them in future.

time skip few weeks later

'jane how did the bloodline assimilation went'.

jane:" failure, we still are not able to add other bloodlines in a developed body, the cells are rejecting them all them and any force applied the test subjects became deformed and died, ize's blood is far more stronger than frieza".

' so we reached a bottleneck'.

jane:" yes, why are you struggling so much for this, you could always ask the dragon right".

'you can't always depend on him jane sometimes you need to do it on your own otherwise life would be boring,i have an idea try it, instead of adding the whole thing separate the enzyme or gene that helps them survive in the vacuum and add it to the test subject and check whether it can bond with the cells or not'.

jane:"on it".

when jane was doing tests gohan came

' hi gohan, what's up do you want me to look after pan'.

gohan:" no not that, i am here for another thing , i have been thing about a lot lately i was totally helpless i totally understand know i need power to protect the things i love. so can you do the same thing that you did with jane".

'bloodline purification'.


'look gohan bloodline purification is a very complex thing, it doesn't work in the same way for everyone, there might be some complications any change happened in the process could be permanent so think before you take a decision'.

gohan:" no i am sure i am going to take it".

'then fine let's go, jane come here we have work to do'.

after making some arrangements

gohan:" what are these".

jane:" don't worry about them they are for the observation purpose only".

' okay gohan are you ready this could be painful so bear with it'.

gohan:" yes do it".

then i started the process slowly gohan's developed and reverted back to it's prime state unlike me or jane he didn't turn into a ssj but instead a tail came out from his back, and i knew what's going to happen next.

' oh boy, oh boy jane get ready to increase the gravity as expected the process took a turn'.

jane:" done, what's happening".

' he going to change into a very large ape '.

jane:" why is his evolution so different than ours".

'we will look into it later just focus what's before you right now'.

slowly gohan changed into a oozaru, lucky for us we already took precautions for this kind of situations. we quickly increased the gravity to 1000 which barely pinned him then his flared up it's not ssj form but it's his mystic form once again we increased the gravity to 1500 then finally at 1700 we managed to pin him he is losing all his rationality if this were to go on everything would fail.

' jane wait here' i threw my lab coat to her and turned into ssj and went inside.

jane:" wait don't go".

i slowly approached him with family photo.

'gohan please don't lose yourself you have a family don't forget about that, think what will happen to pan if you die here please big bro come back'.

looking at that his body started shine and started to shrink finally reverting back to his original size, finally revealing his new form his most of his body is covered in red fur except for some places like his chest, palms...etc thanks to the whole giant thing now he is buck naked, i quickly brought my lab coat and covered him .

Jane:"go and bring videl here i will look after him".

' gohan are you alright'.

gohan:" yes i am feeling little dizzy that's all".

' okay it's fine take a little rest'.

gohan: peak earth level 2.

after that i kept gohan in the medi pod, this evolution gohan went through was in memories that i got from the dragon, then let's call it ancient saiyan for now.

after some time jane brought both videl, she was completely worried.

videl:" where is gohan ".

' he is sleeping, and he is fine'.

videl:" take me to him".

gohan:" there is no need".

'GOHAN, i told you to take some rest didn't i'.

gohan:" no problem i am perfectly alright".

videl:" gohan is that your new form".

gohan:" yes it seems to be and i also feel a lot powerful than before, but there is something bothering me".

'it can tell you about that, you can't change back to normal any more'.


gohan:" how can that be, i can't go out like this. what happened to me".

'unlike us you went through a body evolution which is why you are looking like that or we should say you turned into ancient saiyan, and one more thing now you can officially beat dad and vegeta'.

gohan was in disbelief even though he got power now his body was changed completely. videl saw him like that went towards him placed her hand on his chest.

videl:" gohan don't worry about it we will find way, and one more thing you look even more handsome now".

'okay i will give you two love birds some privacy, gohan come and meet us after this okay bye".


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