reborn as goten
25 Chapter 24
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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25 Chapter 24

finally the real fight started, our each exchange is stronger than before thunders started to roar and land broke apart due to the impact both of us are fighting at the equal powers, my lack of power covered up by my martial arts slowly fight grew more intense.

other side of the battle

whis quickly created a barrier around all of them

gohan:" looks like both are equally matched, do you think goten could win".

whis:" it's hard to say you are missing other factors in the fight so i can't come to a conclusion".

both of us got serious i started to get advantage over ize due to his lack of skills, he completely looked battered his horns broke apart he was kneeling on the ground, slowly landed and walked towards him.

'ize you lost give up, you are one of the best fighter i ever fought so give up'.

then he shouted maniacally ana charged towards me and punched i stopped it, but suddenly to my surprise a spear like object came out of his hand with a high speed, i quickly diverted it as it pierced my shoulder otherwise it would have pierced my heart, quickly my strength started to loose i quickly supported myself and tried to stand up.

ize:" now show me where is that attitude you had before show me, oh you can't because you are stabbed with one of our race greatest paralyzing poison".

he kicked me, i flew like a broken kite and landed on the ground making a large crater he started to punch me like a broken doll and made me renderless to move finally he created a large energy blast and throwed towards me,at that time inside me an instinct that i wanted stop, the instinct that i wanted to control is breaking free, i started loose my rationality my wounds started to heal faster finally it broke the energy wave from me decimated the whole place.

when ize was about to go back he saw his blast was stopped in the mid way, then he started feel a dreadful energy that was coming behind it, he started to feel true fear then his energy blast dissipated in a instint in the smoke revealing a being with completely green eyes.

other side of the battle

seeing ize in that position everyone started to feel relief

gohan:" looks like he won dad".

goku:" yep he won that's my boy".

then suddenly jane shouted :" NO! goten". everyone saw goten stabbed in the chest then quickly when goku or others were about to make a move whis stopped them quickly.

goku:" whis move otherwise my son will die".

whis:" no goku it's his fight let him finish it, but if you could wait you might be able to see something more interesting".

back at the present

after few seconds the smoke finally cleared revealing my new form my hair was completely green my body became a 100 times stronger than before, but for that i completely lost all my rationality all i wanted to do is kill and destroy, for some reason i was aware of everything around me even with all those urges but with great effort i was finally able to control myself from causing destruction.

seeing me ize got angry he turned his hand into a spear and charged towards me with at his full power, unlike before when the spear hit me it wasn't able a small scratch instead it quickly broke apart, then i punched him in his face which crushed it completely i diverted all my anger in to him, he quickly tried to run away i quickly caught his hand a tore it apart with my bare hands an threw him onto a mountain, then i threw a energy beam towards him when it was about to hit him, a crack opened in the space and swallowed him up it was all done in fraction of seconds, i didn't know who or what took him but i know it's not a good thing since he was gone i was able control all that power now which literally boosted my power to 'peak of earth rank' in my ssj, with one more level i could enter the ranks of the destructors the heaven rank.

after the fight every one came rushing towards me the first was jane she hugged me and started crying.

jane:" i thought i lost you for a moment don't do that stuff again".

after some talking everyone calmed down a bit, then noticed whis and beerus went to the place where ize was last seen. so i quickly went there

' so you did notice'.

whis:" yes, ize was not dead he was taken, but the thing that was bothering me is there was no energy residue left from the crack it was as if it didn't happen in the first place".

beerus:" looks like someone is watching us".

whis:" it seems".

beerus:"let's go i am hungry with all that watching".

beerus:"anyway, great fight there kid".

' thank you lord beerus'.

once again bulma hosted a party everyone started eat and having fun, then i realized that i forgot about frieza and his other son, so i quickly asked others about it.

goku:" he slowly left during the fight, i don't think he will be back any time soon".

goku:" so goten can you defeat lord beerus now ".

with that question everyone stopped and looked towards me for the answer, i started to feel little awkward

' nope, if he doesn't uses his destruction energy i can battle him at 90% of his energy if he uses it i will definitely lose'.

both whis and beerus were little shocked

whis:" oh, so how could you could compare so perfectly".

gohan:" that i can answer it goten could see other people power levels, he has it at the age of 5 ".

i wanted to kick his ass i never wanted to disclose this topic other than our team now, i need to cover up a little.

whis:" intesting, can you see mine".

'yes peak immortal level 2'.

whis:" so what is this immortal level any way ".

' i don't know'.

then beerus came in

beerus:" then kid what's mine'.

'peak heaven level 3'

after that whis asked me about all the levels, in the end i explained everything but i purposefully missed out some topics.

whis:" to think our power could be gazed in the form of levels it seems there is more learn in this universe than i thought.

beerus:" so kid what is your level ".

'at my peak it would be peak of earth rank which is on step behind the heaven rank which you are in".

after the party everyone went back to their homes and dad was hyped in getting strong ever since he learned about the level of beerus and whis so he and vegeta again went back with them and finally everything came to a end".

somewhere in the space

ize slowly opened his eyes and looked around, he found himself in a pod then he started hear the voices from outside.

'master why did you bring this pest here, with risking your own life'.

?????:" everything has it's uses, with him our plan finally reached its second stage it won't be long we reach our goal, bring him to me after he was ready"

' yes master'.


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