reborn as goten
24 Chapter 23
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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24 Chapter 23

finally the fight started between frieza and my dad, even though dad is in his normal form, he clearly overpowered him, after some exchanges frieza is clearly on the losing side finally both of them got seperated.

goku:" so why don't you use your full power".

frieza:" oh you have noticed, why don't you take the honour".

goku:"fine have it your way".

dad increased his power slowly all the ki around him started to change, pressure around us started to increase finally his ki changed into blue colour revealing his new ssb form i almost had a hard time sensing his energy. then frieza did the same after powering up revealing his new golden form it was his method reaching power of a demigod. while all this was going there was another person who started to lose his cool it was ize unlike frieza his eyes contain pure excitement to fight, his ki started to raise as he charged towards my dad then,* BOOM* a shock wave that disrupted everything, everyone turned their attention towards its origin it was me i intercepted his punch before it reached my dad. everyone was shocked including dad and frieza, while whis was amused looking at me

'looks like someone is itching for a battle'.

ize:" you are powerful".

'if you say so'.

ize:" then why don't we dance".

both of us took our stance ize made his move he came towards when his punch is about to reach me i slightly deviated its angle, and punched his chest making him dash through several mountains before stopping, but he was not affected by that punch he quickly got back on his feet

ize:" interesting, finally someone worth fighting i don't think you will live after i am done with you".

' we shall see about that'.

our fight went on everyone was watching our fight including dad and frieza, both of us didn't back down a bit, even though i had the upper hand that didn't stop ize from getting back he quickly countered every move and was getting stronger every second.

meanwhile other side of the battle

goku:" looks like our battle needs to be postponed, otherwise the power will destroy the whole planet".

frieza:" looks like it, here i thought, i came here to get my revenge on you".

goku:" who is that guy any way, and he is lot stronger that you".

frieza:" he is my son".

goku:" your SON! ".

frieza:" what can't you see the resemblance, and why are you looking at me like that".

goku:" nothing you said he was your son but you didn't have any wee-wee right how did you get a child any way".

hearing that question everyone fell back on the ground including beerus, looking at every dad starched his head and said " why are you all acting like that its a valid question right ".

whis:" you never stop to amaze me".

vegeta:" YOU FOOL! how can that be a valid question , don't you have any decency how can you go and ask our enemies for their private parts".

frieza:" what could i expect more from a brainless monkey unlike you our race has different method for reproduction, it seems all his time in the thawn worked out well".

goku:" what do you mean that".

frieza:" unlike other races our race raises our infants differently, directly after birth the child will frozen in ice and enters a thawning period that's where the child grows and develops, the longer this thawning period is the stronger the child is".

goku:" quick question what does this thawning mean".

whis:" it means being in the state of sleep".

beerus:" so how much time were you there anyway".

frieza:" i was there for 6 years, and my father king cold 5 years, cooler 9 years".

goku:" wow 6 years and you are this powerful, so how much time did your son sleep".

frieza:"45 years, normally if the thawing period were to cross 15 years the chances of dying are 60% and it increases as the time increases".

goku became serious:" so that means that was not his full power right ".

frieza:" yes it's his second form, i was really surprised how as your son managing his own against mine, but don't worry he will die soon enough".

then suddenly jane came i and said:" oh you don't have to be worried about him to because that's not his full power too, he is using about 30% at most and i am being generous here".

beerus:" intresting, to find so many strong people in one place".

back in the battle

both of us are bruised and battered we got seperated .

ize:"its seems i need use my full power but, i never thought someone could have power to force me

into revealing my final form ".

the ground started to shake,slowly his form started to change shake the effect was stronger than both dad and frieza, after sometime he finally revealed his final form, his power reached a new hight.


power level: peak earth level 2

'it seems i need to get serious too'

i increased my ki it slowly changed to green finally covering all over me, this was pseudo ssj form this was the first time i am using this power before others

goten: low earth level 2

other side of the battle

whis:" his ki its different than you, and it's not divine ki but it clearly rivals it it seems there is more to you saiyans than i thought".

goku:" jane, why didn't he transform into ssj form ".

jane:" it's not that he didn't want to but he can't ever since he woke up, somehow he temporarily lost his ability to transform into his ssj form".

goku:" this going to be tough but it somehow brings back to the time when i fought frieza back then it was both of us now it's our children, let's see how this battle unfolds".


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