reborn as goten
23 Chapter 22
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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23 Chapter 22

days went by there was still no sign of frieza, slowly besides training everyone is going back to their normal life, thanks to gohan my matter with jane was out, except for few all of them guessed it and my mom she was always okay with jane.

inside the training facility

jane:" what is it, i know you have been off lately you can share with me you know".

'it's nothing i have not been able to transform into a super saiyan ever since i woke up'.

jane:" how?, you were a lot stronger than before then why are you not able to transform'.

'i don't know there was some kind of barrier stopping me no matter how hard i try, i was not able to break it'.

jane:" i think you should take a break you have been staying here ever since you woke up, you should go out sometime maybe that will help you somehow. i have got an idea how about we go on a date".


jane:" yes meet me at the entrance of satan city gate sharp at 8:00 am tomorrow, and don't be late".

' what about frieza you know.....she left what should i do right now'.

meanwhile, few days before in lord beerus's planet

vegeta:" did you found where frieza is?".

goku:" no i was not able to sense his energy anywhere".

vegeta:" why don't you ask whis or king kai".

goku:" i asked king kai but he said he was nowhere to be found in his domain".

vegeta: " where could he be"

whis:" you don't have to be worried about that he now on his way to earth".

both of them were shocked :" WHAT TO EARTH?".

goku:" when will he reach".

whis:" in a week or so, and one more thing i also sense another two beings besides frieza, but both of them were far more powerful than him, i could say they might even be stronger than you".

goku:" i seems we need to go back as soon as possible, so whis could you take us back".

whis:" well certainly, i do want to eat some delicious food when i get there, but for now we have some work here that needs to be completed".

back on earth

near the satan city

i just wore a simple black to black combination with a jacket and waited for jane to come, i was completely nervous about this because i never went out on a date.

after sometime she came, she was extremely beautiful i didn't have any words to say, and she was so pretty like my own little angel.

jane:" so how do i look".

'i don't have words to say'.

jane:" thank's, where shall we go now before that switch off all your communication devices".


jane:" i don't want anyone to disturb our date so do what i say".

'what if there is any urgency..'.

jane:" nothing will happen in few hours so don't worry".

'so where are we going'.

jane:" someplace interesting".

meanwhile in the space

frieza:" are we there yet?".

'yes my lord we will reach there in 2 hours'.

ize:" father, this goku you talk about is he strong will he be able to put up a fight".

frieza:" we will just have to see, this time around i will completely destroy him and his puny planet".

back on earth

just like a normal couple we went to amusement park, and then ate lunch at a beach resort and finally enjoying the beach under sunlight little far from the resort so no one could disturb us, unlike what i thought it was fun we both had a great time together but something was wrong, i sensed a powerful energy it was faint but i could sense it then, suddenly jean came i was completely shocked looking because she was in a bikini, her slender body and her white skin, i couldn't turn my eyes off her, i was completely mesmerized by her beauty. looking at my expression she smiled a little and said " so do you like what you see". subconsciously i nodded my head then she slowly came towards me and sat beside me and kissed me. i hugged her and started to kiss her back, after that my hands slowly went under her top and started to fondle her breasts, then she started to moan lightly i pulled her into my arms and slowly and started to advance more my hand slipped through her bottom and entered the forbidden garden, her eyes were totally intoxicated. then suddenly i sensed a large energy blast coming towards our way, i quickly used instant transmission and destroyed the blast. i was mad, really mad of all the times he could have come, he just came here to spoil my important time. other than me there was another person who was angry even i had chills behind my back, she literally had steam coming right over her head after calming her down both of us went to place where the energy came.

by the time i reached the fight was already started i saw frieza sitting in his throne with two new figures standing beside him both of them resemble him but different colour one was orange and other was blue with some patterns on his orbs. seeing me frieza stood.

frieza:" so goku you finally came".

' sorry my dad is is there ' as i pointed dad, vegeta, whis and beerus came at the same time looking at both of us, he was shocked a bit and said ' it seems you saiyan's have been multiplying during my absence'.

goku:" it seems we are right on time".

goku:" wow goten, when they said you looked just like me i thought they were just joking but man look at you. you look just like me hahahahah...".

' good to see you to dad'.

then frieza was shocked seeing the other two" lord beerus what are you doing here, are you here to stop my revenge".

beerus:" i don't have any interest in your matters so do whatever you want and who is that person beside you".

frieza:" he is my son lord beerus his name is 'ize' ".

beerus:"hmmm... ize you look powerful i think you could entertain me sometime".

when frieza is about to talk once again beerus interrupted and said " as i said before i have no interest in your small revenge so do whatever you like".

frieza:" thank you lord beerus".

meanwhile i was looking at all their power levels, the one who shocked me was ize no wonder even beerus got interested in him.

goku: diamond level 5(peak: peak earth level 1)

vegeta: diamond level 4(peak: mid earth level 1)

frieza: diamond level 5(peak: mid earth level 1)

beerus: peak heaven level 3

whis: peak immortal level 2

ize: mid mortal level 3

race: mutated frost demon race

kuriza: diamond level 7

race:frost demon race

there was a significant gap between the levels after the diamond rank each rank has a massive power level difference if it was in numbers, only thing that bothered me was how did this ize get so powerful. slowly the atmosphere got serious as the fight is about to begin


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