reborn as goten
22 Chapter 21
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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22 Chapter 21

she came towards me and started kissing while hugging, then i slowly moved her back and asked

'so how are you feeling now?'.

jane:"great no something even better than that, but i can't feel other bloodlines now".

' well now you are not an android anymore'.

jane:" what do you mean, i am not an android anymore?".

' because you became a full fledged saiyan all your other bloodlines were devoured by both saiyan and majin since there was a limit of how i could unlock your saiyan bloodline both of them fought for supremacy and finally fused to open new branch of evolution, the majin saiyan'.

jane:"wow, but how did you know?".

i pointed my eyes, she was not that surprised after that we were in our own little world kissing and talking about other things. then suddenly a voice interrupted us it was gohan and piccolo.

gohan:" if both of you were completed then, please just notice already we have been standing here since half an hour".

we were shocked and we quickly got seperated and jane became completely flustered

jane:" that means did you saw everything".

gohan:" nothing just saw both of you kissing and chating".

piccolo:" keep that aside ,that energy we sensed is that from you jane?".


gohan:" and what happened to you, your hair turned black and you look bit different too".

' she turned into a saiyan'.

both of them together:" SAY WHAT".

gohan:" how is that even possible she was an android right".

'it's a long story i have just explained it to jane and i am in no mood to tell you the whole back story now, so ask jane for your answers'. after that jane started to explain all the events that had happened including hers.

meanwhile somewhere in the universe

two figures are fighting then, another person interrupted them and said ' lord frieza there has been a

important news'.

frieza:" what is it ".

" we got a message from the head quarters stating that lord ize and lord kruiza have just been woken up from their incubation".

frieza:" well that's an important news it seems we need to get back to my home planet, prepare the ships we are leaving as soon as possible".

"but lord frieza what about your revenge?".

frieza:" those saiyan monkeys won't be going anywhere, i am not leaving them i am just postponing their deaths".

back in earth

after listening through everything both of them were bit shocked

gohan:" wow you had pretty though time their little bro, but there was something bugging all this time was it really worth it, i mean going through all that suffering just for power there is no particular use for it know since we are at peace look at you, you literally lost all your childhood just for this not only that you made mom suffer for such a long time".

i didn't gave him a reply now i could see why he became like this in past couple of years he literally changed inside out, both his body and mind got rusty by living a normal life, he is slowly losing his fighting spirit that he has in the past. but now i decided to change him, he has a great potential that even dad is wary of, i don't want him to be someone so pitiful who got nearly killed himself by frieza.

so i got an idea.

'gohan, i want you to fight me at your full strength'.

gohan:" why".

' just for no reason'.


he removed his jacket and we got our distance he raised his ki and charged towards me i simply dodged it, no matter how strong he tried his attacks never reached me. he got little frustrated and finally super saiyan but it was still the same, finally he snapped and charged at me with his full strength and punched me i simply caught it and punched him in his stomach making him unconscious.

other side piccolo was completely surprised but jane was not, then jane came towards me

jane:" that's a bit cruel of you, i thought you never had this side ".

meanwhile piccolo helped me to heal him slowly after some time he woke up he looked at me in daze and confusion.

'gohan now do you understand, what if someone like frieza come back to life threaten what you love

when both me and father are not here what would you do'.

suddenly a call came it was from bulma

bluma:" jane we got a situation frieza was back to life, his original course was here but for some reason he changed it, but i think he will be back pretty soon, so i called everyone back to facility".

all of them were shocked and turned looked at me for answers i simply shrugged and said ' hey don't look at me it's just a if case that i mentioned , i never mentioned it to happen so don't drag me'.

jane looked at me with your suspicion and said" whatever you say".

after that gohan and piccolo went back to bring videl and mom, leaving me and jane behind.

jane:" you are bit different, same but little different".

i was amused and said ' how so?'.

jane:" well the first thing, you look like you knew everything as if already knew what's going to happen, second thing no person who just woke up from a coma few hours would be this clear minded even for a saiyan that's bit too quick. and last thing you are bit mature for your age".

' you got me but i will tell you everything when the time is right' i was really shocked of how she was able to deduce all of this, i wanted to tell her the truth but the time was not right.

finally after sometime slowly everyone came

krillin:" goku is that you i thought you went with whis to train in lord beerus's planet".

'close enough krillin but i am not my dad'.

krillin:" hahaha.... goten is that you wow you look exactly like the goku, when did you woke up".

'not too long'.

then finally bulma came in and explained the situation to everyone, all of them were totally shocked the return of frieza hit them had since there is no confirmation on when he is going to come every one started to train .


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