reborn as goten
21 Chapter 20
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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21 Chapter 20

i slowly got up from the med pod as i move i could hear crackling sounds coming from all of my joints, all of a sudden dashed towards me and hugged me and started crying, as i looked at her it was jane, my body was totally numb and all my body was covered with the fluids, i quickly moved her back and said ' come on jane i am totally dirty at least let me wash myself'.

jane:" you idiot did you know how much time i have waited i thought you were gone*hic**hic*, don't leave me like that again".

my heart pained seeing her crying like that i hugged her back and slowly patted her head, finally after sometime she had finally let me go, i quickly went and washed myself up looking at my body i was completely shocked looked like i was at 17-18 age i literally had all the facecuts of my dad i am almost exact copy of him but a bit younger and my body was lot stronger than before, then jane came in.

jane:" well,well even with all that sleep you still look strong, did you know how much time did you slept?".


jane:" 7 years ".

'WHAT, 7 YEARS" i never really thought i would sleep for 7 years, well that explains why my body became matured.

jane:"don't worry you had spend most of your time here in the facility thanks to the time difference it has only been couple of years outside, as for your body even though you are in coma it functioned normally that's why you are looking bit older, so to sustain you we had to send the energy fluids directly into your body."

'ohhhh.... but that doesn't explain you are also look bit older'.

jane:" use your brain dummy i am looking like this because i have been staying here with you all time, thanks to you we are going to be major in couple of months, when others are still going to school".

i scratched back of my head awkwardly thinking of what she said, but then i realized something then asked her ' jane that would mean you have been staying here all alone?".

jane:" not particularly sometime mom and other's would keep me company and i also had my research to do, so it went on like that and...".

i could sense a bit of sadness in her voice, before she could talk another word i quickly hugged and planted my lips on hers, at first she was surprised but she quickly recovered and responded me back with even more intensity, the kiss lasted for some time, slowly both of us separated her face was completely flushed.

' looks like someone is getting little hungry' she shyly punched me, before going out of the room. i completely dressed myself and left the room.

jane:"so what happened to you anyway?".

' that was a long story, i will tell you later but first tell me what happened in these 2 years outside'.

jane:" well where to start, first gohan got married then later after few months lord beerus who was the god of destruction of this universe came for looking ssg since we don't know about ssg we called the dragon to help us, but it told us a method making one luckily, videl was pregnant at that time and i became your replacement and finally we made dad ssg, he fought with beerus but lost

after that dad and vegeta went to beerus's planet to train and that's where we are".

'ohh....'so that means only the battle of gods was completed, and the next would be battle with frieza, now i really want to check my power out 'frieza this time around you will die in my hands not by my dad's'.

jane:" hello... earth to goten".

'oh! i am sorry i was just thinking of something'.

jane:"you haven't told me what happened to you".

i told her everything happened after starting the process, listening through the story. she held my hand tightly when i went in to the tough part, after that i told her about the mysterious saiyan and all our conversation.

jane:" so what are you going to do now, i know you won't be staying here permanently".

'i don't know i haven't thought that far'.

jane:" i have made my decision use that skill on me, don't talk let me complete, i know what i am, dad told me everything, you had given me a great family and a friends,i also learned about the past but i was never discouraged of what i am but instead i was happy with all your powers i thought i could protect everyone, but when lord beerus came i understood what true power is from then i started to train even more harder i have gotten stronger but still no where match for him, so that's i have decided about taking it".

'will then before that give me your hand". i held her hand checked here body after confirming it, i checked her power level.

name: jane

power level: silver level 5(base level)

race: hybrid android

'jane i am going to activate the skill it will be bit painful so endure it okay, you will be perfectly so don't worry' saying that we went to the training area.

jane:" are you going to use that on me".

' yes, just close your eyes and bare with the little pain' she didn't said anything and closed her eyes then i started my bloodline skill which was altered by that mysterious saiyan. unlike me her process went a lot smoother slowly her body started to change her hair went black, she grew a bit taller suddenly two types of energies forced out of her one was pink other was light green both of them started to struggle it went on for couple of hours finally both of them became one and finally settled and finally revealed her new form. then i quickly checked her status, i was completely surprised looking at that.

name: jane

power level: gold level 5(base level)

race: majin saiyan

majin saiyan? i was bit confused her previous race was an android but now it was not a saiyan but instead 'majin saiyan' not only that her power level literally shot up, it crossed a whole grade but still it was still bit far from me.

then she slowly opened her eyes and came towards me. her features completely changed she became even more beautiful and her hair turned little bit spiky now. then she released her ki instead of yellow it was pink then i finally understood both the majin and saiyan bloodlines fused and made a new branch of evolution.


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