reborn as goten
20 Chapter 19
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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20 Chapter 19

jane pov (during the blood purification)

i asked him many times but he is beat on doing it, i hope he will be alright. i will stay here until he complete the process. after some time looks like he started the purification, as the time went on he started to scream in pain and coughed some blood, i really wanted to rush towards him but i held back hoping that he would be alright again few hours passed slowly his ki raised up it slowly started to change it went from light yellow to dark yellow even at this time i could still see him suffering, and again his ki started to change but this time his body started to change with it , this time it started to change from dark yellow and slowly became light green this time his ki became more chaotic everything started crack everything around.

i started to feel inferior all the saiyan cells inside me started to act.

*outside the facility*

during this all the other saiyans in the planet experiencing the same thing.

at goku's place

gohan:"dad are you experiencing it, how could someone possess this kind of energy "

goku:" yes, it seems that guy was also a saiyan, according to vegeta we are only saiyans left who could it be?".

then both at the same time:"GOTEN".

goku became serious and said:" where is goten?".

gohan:"he stayed back with jane".

goku:" let's go then i hope nothing happened to him".

back in the facility

looks like he totally lost his control before he goes into rampage he might hurt himself, i have to do something

i need to think a way ahhh! yes i can do this to.

' SYSTEM' manual override code 017'.

system:"code accepted changed to manual mode".


the all the gravity in the training area started to change it increased to 500 times his movements became slow but it was only for few minutes the gravity started to loose effect on him, so slowly i started to increase the gravity 550,600,700,800,950 finally at 1000 he was paled on to ground soon some time went by goku and gohan came back.

goku:" jane what's happening here tell me where is goten".

after i showed him goten who was bloodied and shouting while impaled to the ground, dad's face became really serious.

goku:" jane what really happened here and why is goten like that tell me right now".

before i could speak gohan shouted

gohan:" guys look something's happening to goten, his ki is starting to change".

it was just like before again his ki started to change from light green to green unlike before his body started to shrink reverting back to it's normal size then he slowly stood up and shouted a heaven defying roar all the walls broke apart after every one was blown away by the shock wave.

after some time everything was settled we saw him standing in his normal form and fallen down unconscious. i immediately rushed towards him and checked his pulse i quickly took him to the health pod lucky of all the pods one was perfectly fine i quickly kept him in the pod after checking his vitals i slowly let out a sigh. after that i went to check out others conforming everyone okay i went check the status of facility luckily thanks to the gravity only training room was destroyed as for the other places there were only minor damages all the maintenance bots went into action now it will take at least 2-3 months to completely repair the damage.

when others came the questioning section finally started then trunks finally revealed everything

everyone was bit shocked by course of events.

bulma:" so that means goten was the one who asked for the wishes".


bulma:" then he asked the dragon to give him all the knowledge it possess about saiyans and also asked for a bloodline purification skill".


then bulma turned towards me and asked

bulma:" just like he changed the fusion dance he also changed the skill he got from the dragon".


bulma:"as for how he became like this is he used the skill on himself".


bulma:" that settles it both of you are officially grounded, ".

after some long nagging class from everyone, everything started to settle. after that me and bulma went to examine him, his body healing very fast and there were no abnormalities in him he was completely perfect but for some reason he is still in coma. mom started to cry seeing his position.

but there was nothing we could do.

months went by and it became years there was still no sign from goten waking up, everything went back to normal, his body was brought back to home since mom won't allow him to stay there, after that many things happened gohan got married. dad got bored here and went to king kai's planet

after that during bulam's birthday, god of destruction came to our place in search of fighting some called ssg since there is no ssg we called dragon and asked him about ssg, it seems it required 6 people lucky videl was pregnant so with me we had 6 people then we choose dad to become ssg after some intense fight between dad and beerus, dad lost and for some reason beerus didn't destroy our planet. few days after the fight both goku and vegeta asked whis to train them so they went to beerus's planet with him.

present time

in a lab a teenager wearing a lab coat looking at the boy with the same age as her inside a pod with warm and loving gaze, then she slowly kept her head on the glass and slowly said

'goten, please wake up i really miss you'

then suddenly the boy inside the pod opened his eyes


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