reborn as goten
18 Chapter 18
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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18 Chapter 18

the whole setup was like a mini world every thing was included, like cooking and maintenance bots, luxury rooms etc. and here ki energy is used an energy source that means it never runs out of energy the whole setup was like a heaven for the warriors.

finally after few hours everyone started to leave dad was reluctant to leave because everything that he could possibly require is here in the end he was dragged out by mom, even vegeta shown some reluctance but he didn't ask us due to his pride, in the end jane just gave all of them watches telling the that they are the key to accessing the facility with that everyone left leaving me jane and piccolo.

after some time

piccolo:" okay i am also going bye, will do the remaining changes later" after saying that piccolo left.

jane:" so shall we go home?, my work here is also completed".

'no i want to do my bloodline purification'.

jane:"what now?, are you confident about it don't take unnecessary risk".

'don't worry i am confident, since i don't know how much time it will take and this place will be perfect so you can go home tell mom that i will be back soon'.

jane:" no problem i will wait".

'your wish, but no matter what happen don't come to me'.


after that i slowly went to the center of the facility and slowly activated the bloodline purification. At first it was everything was fine, but then slowly it felt like thousands of worms crawling in my body after some time that sensation went by but suddenly my heart started to beat faster unbearable pain

coursed through all of my body the pain was so much i didn't even know how to react slowly my consciousness starting to fade still the pain didn't, but then suddenly i remembered my whole life in this world, here i had family, a woman i love and the friends i care i am not going to lose them now

with great effort and will power i endured throughout the process slowly the pain started to fade and i lost my consciousness.

after some unknown amount of time i slowly opened my eyes i was in a desolate place every thing around me is covered with blood and bodies. after some observation i realized they are saiyans to be precise ancient i couldn't fly much less run because of the pressure, so slowly walked through this god forsaken i didn't know how much time has passed or how distance i covered only thing that made me move forward is my family, i want meet them and be with them again, so i moved on after some distance, i finally a person standing on a heap of bodies with an emotionless expression ,so as i moved closer to him the pressure started to increase after some long struggle i finally reached near him then he finally noticed me and when he saw me, slowly his expression started to change it was not of despair but it was of hope, then started to shout like a mad man.

????:"finally...HAHAHAHA..... FINALLY there is someone of my race is still left, that means i still have hope HAHAHAHA. just wait you monsters after i leave this place it will be the end of you HAHAHAH..".

i started to freak out because just his presence made me feel like an ant, then he slowly came towards me.

????:"so child what is your name?".

'my name is goten'.

????:" how did you got here it's impossible for you come with your pitiful strength so tell me how did you do it".

'hey old man who are you calling pitiful you are pitiful did you know how much pain and suffering i went through to get here' i shouted at him like there was no other day because that really hit my nerve after all the pain and suffering i went through he is calling me pitiful no matter how much strong you are, you have no right to judge others.

????:" okay, okay sorry i am really sorry about that, so tell me how did you get here".

' i don't know how i came here all, i was going through my blood purification process after that i lost my consciousness and voilà iam here".

????:" hmmm just going through bloodline purification doesn't bring you here can you show me that skill".


????:" don't you have skill scrolls ".

' hey do you think its some fantasy novel or something? , who would carry skill scrolls with them.'

????:" if you don't mind me"

suddenly he placed his hand on my head and a sharp pain went through my head but it was pain was gone the next moment. i looked at him angrily and shouted' what did you do to me'

????:"hmmmm... that would explain everything".

'stop ignoring me and tell me what did you do'.

????:" i just saw all your memories, so you are a reincarnated person with all your memories intact and from a fate world and possess golden fiery eyes, if we talk about luck your's would be of the charts".

' fate worlds? what are those'.

????:"those worlds which don't have any type of energy whatsoever except for the lifeforce, these worlds lost their right to evolve and are powerless, but they are also priceless".

'how come something so powerless could be priceless?'.

????:" because they produce fate energy".

'fate energy?'.

????:" just like you need some kind of energy to evolve so do worlds, unlike us they need fate energy this energy is produced by its inhabitants but all that energy helps the worlds to only get by but with certain amount they will definitely evolve and become ascended worlds".

'ohhhh, what about....', why won't he let me talk hmph

????:"with that aside, you are really lucky with one more thing".

'what would that be'.

????:" if you had come here few years ago you would have died by my hands luckily i broke my restrictiction few years ago".

'why would you kill me?'

????:"it's not just you, i would have killed any saiyan that came here".


????:" because our race is cursed and sealed by some bloody demons, as for how i cannot go deeper into the details but i could only tell you one thing, if you want to further evolve or purify your bloodline you will have to defeat me but you are not even in a position to atleast make a dent on me, so go i will help you to go back to your world".

'just one more question'.

????:" what is it?".

' is cultivation really there'.

????:" yes, but i will only give you the knowledge about the mortal plane levels as for other's i will give it to you next time we meet, now close you eyes i will send it directly to your mind".

all the knowledge is directly flowing into my mind.

????:" one more thing you don't have to worry about bottlenecks our race doesn't have such disturbances so all you need to do is get stronger when the time is right you will come here by yourself. i was already late if you stay here for more time it will get problematic, so bye goten see you later".

then once again i lost my consciousness and when i opened my eyes i found myself in a healing pod.

to be continued


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