reborn as goten
17 Chapter 17
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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17 Chapter 17

in the morning my mom again came to wake us up she opened the door

chichi:" as expected i knew i would find you here wake up both of you its already late breakfast is on the table".

after my mom left i slowly woke up stretching my body and i looked towards jane and thinking about last night actions made my face beat red then jane looked towards me a smile curled up on her lips she slowly came near my and said " good morning dear" those words made a blast in my head i was completely flustered this was new to me i was never in a relationship much less kissing.

after that we got down from the bed and started clean everything.

jane:"goten what did the dragon gave you, i know you were the one who summoned the dragon so what did you get from those memories".

'many things, it showed me how weak i am no correction 'how weak we are' i don't know what brought up the destruction of saiyans but all i could say is a weak saiyan from the past can literally wipe the floor against us we are not utilizing one tenth of our bloodline potential, aside that the another reason is our bloodline was diluted to a great extent in past few centuries the only reason our bloodline is left is due to it's great adaptability when mated with other race it takes the traits of the other bloodline giving it a new path to evolution but no matter which path taken it will only trace back to our original bloodline.

jane:" so is that is the reason you asked for the bloodline purification skill, instead of that you could have asked the dragon itself to purify your blood instead of asking for a skill".

'yea i could have asked if the dragon was strong enough but sadly it was not strong enough to completely purify my bloodline because saiyans are not from this multiverse begin with as for their origin even i don't know about that, so that's why i asked for the skill if its a skill so that i could completely upgrade it and transform it into my liking, i have an idea if i am successful i could even turn you into a pure saiyan. .

jane:"ohhhhh.....SAY WHAT! you could turn me into a pure saiyan?"

'yes but that's just a possibility i am not completely sure about it, its only 50-50 chance so i need to do some research before using it".

jane:" so could you turn anyone into saiyan?."

'not anyone, only if they atleast have a trace of our bloodline then i could change them with some effort, as for you, you have cells of every saiyan here so it would be easy for me to turn you into a saiyan but it will take some time, and also how much time will it take for you to complete our training room i heard you also contacted dende for some reason'.

jane:" just wait for few more days you will really surprised by how i changed it".

'okay let's go otherwise mom will get angry'

jane:" then let's go~".

few days went by

in these past few days i have been totally concentrating on the blood purification skill the main function of the skill is it trigger's the selected bloodline sends it into a hyper state slowly removing all the unimportant bloodlines from it, more easiest way to explain is it's like snake shedding it's skin.

unlike my fusion skill it's not that complex to understand so it took me only few days to completely alter it.

i started to use my new skill on different animals as expected it was a success but the only drawback is if the body is not strong enough it could lead to death but that's something even i can't change. after some some changes i finally perfected my new blood purification skill

this new skill of mine uses the format of the ancient practice of the poison jar where several poisonous bugs placed in a jar and left for some time when all the bugs start's each other and the remaining one will have the strongest poison, instead here the strongest bloodline devour the remaining bloodlines with all their traits taken but not changing it's original structure preventing the user from becoming deformed (example: like cell). but the drawback is the user will go through extreme pain and agony if endured throughout the process user will get immense benefits.

but that's only half of the process the remaining would be reverting the bloodline it back to its primal form. finally we got news from jane that the training room was finally completed so i called my dad and both of us went there excitedly.

jane:"hi there dad,goten".

goku:"jane where is it, where is it".

jane:"hold your horses dad,others are also coming".


jane:"everyone, piccolo went to call them."

after some time everyone gathered

jane:" since everyone came let's go to my new training lab".

then she showed us a mountain everything looked completely normal then suddenly a door opened all of us went in there were multiple layers before we reached the interior we were completely shocked by seeing the place. the whole place looked like a mine hyperbolic time chamber the whole place has the size of a city.tapping the ground few times dad suddenly asked.

goku:" jane this is the same material that destroyed the z-sword how did you get it".

jane:" obviously from supreme kai himself".

goku:" but how did you even know about it?".

jane:" you can thank gohan for that he told me about it, then dende contacted king kai from him to supreme kai, supreme kai agreed to help me immediately and provided the material and also helped me with few things".

goku:" wow ".

'jane what else are there here?".

jane:" as you said this was only the beginning the gravity here can be adjustable upto 2000 times the earth gravity and also the time difference from here to outside is 10:1 minutes that means 10 minutes here is 1 min outside, cool right",

everyone was shocked we were completely speechless we don't know what to say, she completely outsmarted bulma and, bulma is nowhere near her. after recovering from my shock i asked her ' jane how did you even do all of this in such a small amount of time, and how did you even create another hyperbolic time chamber'.

jane:" that's simple i went to the lookout and asked dende to give me the previous records of the time chamber in the lookout, luckily we learned that those records were similar to that of the namekian technology since i have namekian cells it became easy for me cast it but since no one is proficient in casting space and time spells the end result came out like this, as for gravity i combined both of our technologies".

i don't know what to say she completely used everything that she could lay hands on, i was impressed completely impressed.

bulma:" so jane these buildings, will they be affected by the gravity when changed?".


bulma:" then that means both of us will have to talk some time after this".

jane:"okay, and guys go on check the place out".

after that everyone went to look at other places, as for dad and vegeta both of them started fighting.

with that everything started to settle a bit.


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