reborn as goten
16 Chapter 16
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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16 Chapter 16

days went by finally it became weeks there is still no response from jane only thing she told us is wait. in meantime our school was going quite well i was really happy because i never had a single love letter in my past life but in this one there will be atleast 3 to 4 letters a day the same goes for trunks too.

next day,in the school

on the rooftop

trunks:"so there you are i have been looking for you all over the school, so what are you going to do in this weekend?".

' maybe i will go look for jane'

trunks:" what you are going to be with that scary girl again ".

' what scary?, she can be nice you know'.

tunks:" what nice have you forgot how she beat the shit out off me just because i took her food, no i don't want to meet her again go and die if you want to, and what's with that look don't tell me that you have fallen for her".

'that thing aside, so how are things with you and mei'.

tunks:"wh.....a..t mei i don't know what are you talking about".

' don't try to fool me you didn't think i wouldn't see you right'.

trunks:" AHHHH.. yes i do like her but our relationship is just in the stranger's stage only".

' you still haven't talked to her?".

trunks:"nope, what about you i also know that you like that 'monster girl jane' so have you told her".

' hey don't you think we are bit too young for the love stuff'.

trunks:" well since we are not totally humans i don't think those law applicable for us, so tell me".

' i don't think so, to be truthful i am little afraid to tell her and also in these past few month's i never saw her see me like that i will, so wait until the time is right.

trunks:" instead of waiting i have an idea, why don't you go for a dummy date in front of her, she will come to you if she truly likes you, because girls can get more jealous than us".

' no i don't want spend my first date with some unknown girl, why don't you dress up like a girl because we don't know how she reacts if she gets angry she might blast that girl to smithereens '.

trunks smacked his head and said" yea how can i forget about that, i was literally sending some poor girl death, and as me no way she can easily find out who i am without even seeing if you want to try that out you need to have transformation ability like that oolong, since we don't such skills you should just forget what i said".

i thought for some time and said' i know a way for us to get a transformation ability to be precise two ways'.

trunks:" what how".

' first option is find out whether oolong's ability is his power or his skill, if it's a skill then we could easily learn it thanks to me. as for the second option find the dragon balls and ask dragon to give us that ability'.

trunks:" both options are good, but as for the second option how can we even find dragon balls without the dragon radar my mom keeps it safely with her and i can't bring it without her noticing".

'you don't have to because we have our own radar'.

trunks: yea right, SAY WHAT! you have a dragon radar how did you get it?".

'i found it after our battle with buu due to the whole commotion no one tried to search for it, so what do you say'.

trunks:" what is there to say, let's do it i always wanted ask my own wish so let's go".

' i think we have to wait for little more time before the dragon balls are ready for use, because the cooldown period for the dragon balls is still not over '.

trunks:"how much time left".

' two more day's and also we need to find a place so that no one can sense it presence'.

trunks:" i think i know a place but it can only give us few minutes before others could sense us".

' even if we have a single minute we can escape from there using my instant transmission'

trunks:" fine let's meet up here after two days".

*after two days*

on the school top

trunks:" why are you so late so did you brought it ".

' yes', as i showed the dragon radar

trunks:" finally let's go ".

after few hours we finally found all the dragon balls after finding a quite place near mountains

we placed the dragon balls .

trunks:" who is going to make the wish".

' i will be doing it, and one more thing trunks i want to ask the first wish,i always had something in my mind but i was never been able to clear it so please '.

trunks:"okay only the first one okay".

' THANKS a lot trunks, now'

"comeforth SHENRON"

dragon balls shone and finally shenron came out and said " YOU HAVE DISTURBED MY SLUMBER NOW STATE YOUR WISH".

i cleared my mouth and shouted" shenron give us all the knowledge you possess about the saiyans and with the total life of any notable saiyan through out the history",

after few seconds dragon's eyes shone and it said


trunks:" goten i think it's not worth it don't take the risk".

' don't worry i prepared my mind so i will do it no matter what'. then i looked towards shenron and said " i have made up my mind grant me my wish".

SHENRON:"SO BE IT" his light shone again but now all the information slowly came into mind i started to feel dizzy and lost my balance then trunks supported me quickly. after few seconds i slowly opened my eyes thanks to shenron all that massive amount memory is finally settled. i looked towards trunks who is currently freaking out.

trunks:" hey are you all right".

' yea iam fine ,' trunks' sorry but i am going to ask for the next wish too '.

trunks:"what ever you say you really had me worried over there".

'thanks man' then i stated my second wish " shenron give my a skill that could help me purify bloodlines".


again his eyes shone and now i have another skill in my arsenal then i was totally happy then suddenly shenron said " STATE YOUR FINAL WISH".

' no thanks that would be it bye shenron' after that shenron left and the dragon balls scattered a through out the world and we quickly left the place using my instant transmission.

after we reaching trunks home

trunks:" hey goten don't you think you are forgetting something".

' what did i forget'.

trunks:" you completely forgot the reason we summoned the dragon balls".

' WHAT!' i realized that i forgot to ask for transformation ability.

trunks:" so you finally realized go home this won't work, as you said just wait for the right time, and one more thing what did shenron gave you".

'about that i will tell you tomorrow now iam totally tired bye'

trunks:" bye".

after reaching home

' mom iam back, hi jane you are back'.

jane:" how is your day"

'fine i guess' then my mom came

chichi:"goten where were you all day, come food is also ready".

' i went out with trunks, where is dad?'.

chichi:" some used dragon balls it seems they all went out to find it out ....."

as mom was talking jane was staring at me throughout the dinner, after the dinner we finally left for our rooms after reaching my room i finally let out a sigh and fell onto bed and slowly closed eyes and sorting out all the memories.

after some time i noticed a figure slowly moved under my quilt and finally reached me and hugged me form behind, since i knew who it was i didn't bothered to open my eyes and said " not able to sleep?", she was not surprised it seems she knew i was awake so she held me even more tightly.

jane:" you should have told me directly if you loved me, why all those ideas and tests"

i was surprised i turned around and looked at her and said ' how?' then she removed a small bug in my belt buckle , i finally understood what's was going i was both happy and little angry ' you heard everything?"

jane:"yes, every single word, you know something i have always been in love with you too".

looking at each other's eyes, our lips slowly met i finally experienced my very first kiss in my both lifes after sometime we got separated and stared at each other.

'don't you think we are little too young to do this stuff'.

jane:" i read in some book that love doesn't require age".

'yea,yea,yea now let's go to sleep'.

jane:" goten".


jane:" i love you".

'i love you too'.


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