reborn as goten
15 Chapter 15
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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15 Chapter 15

next day morning

*poke**poke**poke*'AHHHH mom let me sleep for some more time please' *poke**poke*

i opened my eyes in frustration and shouted 'MOM why don't you let me sleep atleast in weekends' but when i looked around i only found a scared yet a curious looking girl, i slowly walked towards her at first she was afraid and moved away when i approached her but seeing that i won't do any harm she allowed me to touch her, so i just patted her head it seems she liked it somehow she just reminded me of a small kitten, so i gave her a candy she finished it of quickly and asked me for more, suddenly my mom came into my room.

chi-chi:" oh both you woke up, come quickly breakfast is ready".

at first she was bit scared seeing new people so she hid behind me and stared at them after some introductions she started to loosen up a little, after that all of us started to eat then my mom suddenly asked me "goten, what should we call he, we can't call her girl all the time right" .

' why are you asking me you could decide one right', suddenly gohan interrupted and said " that's not fair goten you brought her so you need to name her then everyone looked towards me including 21 with some anticipation in their eyes. finally i gave up and said " how about 'jane' it's okay right?"

then mom turned towards 21 lifted her and said " starting today your name jane okay?" ,i didn't know whether she understood or not she only replied us with a smile.

*time skip*

months went by, gohan and videl officially announced that they are dating and gohan moved into a seperate room because it was near his college. and as for jane completely became a member of our family she was highly talented she learned everything quickly no matter what it is and always look for something new, maybe because she has the cells of the greatest scientist. for some reason she started to become clingy towards me even though we have seperate rooms she would only sleep beside me, unknowingly she also became a part of me.

the next day,

''MOM' i am going out with dad to the forest for fishing'

chichi:" okay come home early okay".

'OKAY' dad let's go

in the forest,

after setting up the gravity chamber.

goku:" AHHHHH finally it has been weeks since we last practiced don't you think goten".

' yea thanks to all the exams mom won't allow me go out now since everything is over we can let out some steam' said as stretched my body, in these past few months even though everything was i never slacked during my training that include both dad and gohan because i know what's going to happen next so i worked hard even more and finally achieved ssj3 my power shot up like crazy .

me aside dad was even more amazing when he found my method of ssj 2 transformation he quickly used it to master ssj3 to perfection but that's the beginning then he used them as a base and created the mastered form of ssj3 unlike the ssj3 his hair was only longer than it was in ssj2 instead of his hair, his body grew few inches but still his height and size were equally balanced, both his speed and power were off the charts when compared to normal ssj3 it was like comparing lake and ocean.

coming back present, we finally finished our warm ups when we are about to start we heard a voice.

jane:"'dad, goten so there you are and here i thought both of you were fishing, so does mom know this".

both of us started to have cold sweat then dad said " jane please don't tell this to your mom okay both of us will be grounded if she knew this".

jane:" fine i won't tell only if you let me join your training that is".

after some heated discussion we finally accepted her into our training, she was a very fast learner only with little training she was able to go toe to toe with us, but days went by she somewhat became a battle maniac, thanks to her our training became more intensified and it started to go to completely new heights.

Few months went by

'dad this gravity chamber is useless it can't withstand our power now, i think we need more advanced one i guess.

goku:"yes iam thinking the same thing should we go and ask bulma to upgrade this one".

jane:"why are you worrying about that when you have me give me few days and money you will be shocked when it's ready".

'but do you know how to upgrade it'.

with a pouting expression she looked at me and said" you think i am as dumb as you or did you forgot all your homework i did or did you forgot that i wrote a complete research paper for gohan. before she could i stopped her by closing her mouth.

'iam sorry please forgive you are great we will listen to you now'.

goku:" okay but where can we get money some money".

' i think i know a person who can give us some '.

suddenly both of them looked towards me and said "who is it?" then went near jane and whispered my plan to her the suddenly her eyes shone like stars then " she suddenly said "no leave this completely to me, i have a better idea than that just come to this place after few weeks". both of us could only sigh because once she get something in the mind she will complete it no matter what happens, finally me and dad left the chamber since she want to do some experiments on the way home.

goku:" say goten who the person you mentioned ".

'it's just mr.satan'.

goku:"WHAT! MR.SATAN?".

'yes, because he is the richest person we knew besides bulma and also he only earned that money because of our family i thought he would be our best choice'.

goku:" i hope he will be alright".


their current power levels


base: 35 billion

at full power: bronze level 2


base: 32 billion

at full power: bronze level 1


base: 25 billion

at full power: iron level 9


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