reborn as goten
14 Chapter 14
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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14 Chapter 14

it has been a week since the matter with buu everything started to settle, we used dragon balls to restore the whole planet and its inhabitants to it original position thanks to old supreme kai we brought back goku , he took goku's halo allowing him to come back to the living world and we use dragon balls to bring old kai back. since everyone was back bulma hosted a party, since no one want's to take credit of the buu death it all went Mr.Satan.

bulma: " hey goku what are you going to do now since you came back".

goku:" i think i will start a farm near my home, because chi-chi once asked me do that".

everyone was shocked by goku's response, after the party everyone went back to their

daily life.

*Somewhere above the multiverse*

?????:"master how much time should we wait it has already been so long".

???*****:" be patient you will have your chance just get stronger until the time is right".

?????:"alright master" be careful goten or should i say my brother the day we meet will be the end of you, i will show you hell before you die HAHAHAHAHA.....".

* somewhere in the god realm*

in a throne room

a man sitting in his majestic throne and looking in to the space, then suddenly a voice

'lord the nether race acting up a lot recently'.

??:" yes i have been observing them it seems a war is going to break out soon, call all the generals

for meeting"

*back in planet earth*

as days went on its already time for me to join a school unlike gohan i don't have the luxury

of studying at home, so i was forced to go to school, since my mind is bit matured it was not difficult for me to learn all the basics so i easily got a seat at the best school. as for dad he wanted to train but knowing my mother wouldn't allow him to go kai's planet, so i gave him my gravity chamber, really the look on his face was priceless when he took it. And as for me i got something even better, i took (stole) the dragon radar during the mess and forced my dad to teach me instant transmission even though he tried his best to tell his own understanding of instant transmission i was able to learn it through my advance perception.

Finally my school is about start i was excited of how it's going to be, near the school gate


trunks:"Hey goten, you are late"

'trunks?, what are you doing here i thought you are going have private schooling'

trunks:"yea i was about to, but when i heard that you are going to join a school so i cancelled the tuition and applied for school".

' it will be atleast fun with you around'

trunks:" lets go you don't want to miss the first day right".

the school was fun both of us attracted many girl's thanks to our looks, both the culture and technology in this world are far advanced than my world, it was tough to learn all kind's of different laws and theorems from the start but somehow managed i learned them all.

weeks went by, my life became a daily routine i don't when will beerus come atleast i know he will come to bulma's birthday party now i need to wait for the time to arrive.

the next day,after the school.

'hey trunks you should have held your power back a bit, now look he is hospitalised now i don't think he will be attending school any time soon.

trunks:" who told him to mess with me, i warned him many times before but he never listened now he has to suffer the consequences".

trunks:" hey goten are you listening, what happened"

'do you sense it?'

trunks:" sense what?"

'nothing i forgot something at school, so you go ahead okay'.

trunks:" did something happen are you alright?"

'i am fine you go ahead without me'.

trunks:" okay then bye".

'bye '.

after trunks left, i am sure i felt it it's buu energy i thought he was dead.

so i followed the energy signature and finally reached a small forest.

'this place isn't it supposed a lab for that dr.zoro or something from what i heard from gohan thos place should be destroyed by krillin and future trunks, but why am i sensing life here with buu's energy.

after some searching i finally found a tunnel with a lot of debri blocking it so i blasted them off revealing a metallic path way, after following for some distance i found a large door, after getting it out of the way it revealed a lab and some capsules, so this must mean krillin and future trunks did not completely destroyed the lab.

after checking through everything, every android in here is dead, i moved on further i found another secret door unlike the last one this was highly guarded with lasers and other traps after some struggle i finally reached the end only thing there is a girl around my age in an advance capsule, even though iam not good in this world's advance technology i can still understand a bit of it. so i opened the file

'project 21'

seeing through the file i realized cell is just a trial version of her, she was his greatest creation but he was never able to complete her, it was just his system that regularly collected cells and feeding her, then suddenly dende called me telepathically and said" goten can you bring her back to the look out ".

' yea just wait until i take care of things here '

unlike future trunks and krillin i checked the whole place down before destroying it to prevent any future problems, after clearing everything i took her and headed for the look out .

after reaching the look out

dende placed his hand on her head and examined her after confirming his theories he looked towards me seriously and said " goten what you brought is even more dangerous than buu, not only buu's, but she also has the cells of every powerful being that ever fought on this planet, even though her body is ready the only reason she was a sleep is because of her mind, she is slowly adjusting all the memories from the cells she inherited it might take years before she woke up, so if she were to grew she will only bring upon destruction of this universe, i think its better to remove her while we have a chance".

'no dende she never hurt anyone, its not good assess someone just because of their future that they never lived,she might become evil in future but now she just a kid like me and also future can be changed in to anyway we wanted, we just have to look for more options .

dende helplessly sighed and said" what should we do now then atleast we should tell others about her ".

'before that is there a way to remove all the memories from a person, iam talking about removing not sealing understand '.

dende:" yes of course we can do that too, but iam not that confident at it then what should we do".

suddenly another voice came" then we could use dragon balls".


goku:"did you think i didn't sense that energy, i was shocked when i sensed buu's energy first so i followed it till here and i heard everything and i am happy for the decision you made, what are we waiting for let's gather all the dragon balls".

after we collected all the dragon balls we summoned shenron and asked him to remove all her memories and the negative influence from the cell's and make her mind as clear as a baby.

we took her back to our home mom easily accepted her since she always wanted a daughter.

since we are children i was forced to share my room with her.


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