reborn as goten
13 Chapter 13
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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13 Chapter 13

outside the hyperbolic time chamber

piccolo:" this is bad something is happening to buu and now he is divided, all his evil side was flushed out of him."

everyone started to panic after evil buu ate the good buu.

krillin:" his energy became even more stronger now, i hope everything goes well in time chamber"

piccolo:" look he sensed our energy now he is coming this way ".

bulma:" what buu is coming here what are we going to do now ".

piccolo:" i don't know".

after few min buu arrived to the look out every one was tensed by his, piccolo, krillin and other's too the battle stance.

evil buu:" where is the fight he promised".

piccolo:"but there is more than a day left for the fight, if not just wait until this completed".

the piccolo created a large sand dial and placed it before buu.

evil buu:" fine until then i will destroy every single life on this planet"

after that buu gathers his energy and blastes them like rain killing almost everything in the planet. and piccolo and others can only look as many people were dying. then suddenly a voice appeared.

vegeta:" stop it buu, i will fight you in their place now come".

buu tilted his head and looked towards him and said"you".

vegeta:" yes me, what are you afraid?"

evil buu:" then let's get started then".

vegeta:" let's go another place i don't want us to be disturbed during our fight".

after reaching the barren land both of them landed opposite to each other, then both figures vanished and started fighting each collison destroyed the whole terrain. after few exchanges bothof them separated

vegeta:" you are strong but, i am not as weak as i was before now i will show you my true strength".


the ground started to shake nerves popped up on his head and arcs of thunder flowing all over his body as his power increasing, finally revealing his mastered ssj2 form.

*back in the time chamber*

'this power it belongs to your dad, when did he achieved mastered ssj2 he never used during our training'.

trunks:"i am thinking about the same thing, well anyways when should we leave this place".

'i am pretty much ready, so it will be soon'.

*supreme kai's planet*

gohan:" dad you can feel it right it's vegeta's ki, look's like he has gotten much stronger during his time in the time chamber".

goku:" yea".

the supreme kai summoned a crystal ball in his hand and said " if you want you can look through this".

* a bit to the past*

during the fight with buu when the blast is about to reach him he used his remaining strength to teleport him and gohan back to his planet. after goku came back to the otherworld he immediately traced his ki and found him.

*back to the present, at planet earth*

seeing vegeta's power evil buu was bit taken back but still he didn't loose his composure he then charged towards him at his full strength both started fighting buu started to loose his upper hand and was pushed back by vegeta's strength. vegeta started to toy with buu finally smashing him into the mountain using energy blast.

vegeta:"is that all you got buu?"

then buu slowly regenerated himself and stood weakly and looked at vegeta with disbelief.

evil buu:"how did you get this strong in with in such a short time".

vegeta:" as for how that's none of your business it's time for you to die".

suddenly buu clutched his head and roared loudly his aura started to change it's becoming more and more strong.

buu:" w..h..y now after all this time no i don't want to become you again nooooooooo".

after a lot of struggle slowly his body started to shrink and finally revealed kid version of him without any of his previous emotions.

after some time he looked around and released a energy blast toward's the planet then immediately vegeta intercepted him with his own blast. then kid buu looked towards vegeta then appeared before him and punched him , he blocked it but the force of the punch blasted him through several mountains before stopping, he quickly got up and charged towards him, but he was not a match for the new buu,buu kicked him like a rag doll before punching to the ground then he threw a big energy bomb which is enough to destroy whole planet towards him. then suddenly the blast was intercepted and was destroyed by another blast.

"GRRRRRR" irritated buu looked towards the origin of the blast, after the dust settled he saw two figures .

Gotenks:" it seems we were right on time, piccolo take vegeta from here i will take care of buu"

piccolo:" on it ".

after piccolo left with vegeta leaving buu and gotenks on the battle field. i inspected buu level with my eyes

kid buu: iron tier level-1.

gotenks: 500 billion.


as expected after 999 billion measuring of power levels changed. luckily now buu is not our match well all thanks our new power from the fusion.

suddenly a blast came towards me i easily dodged it and looked at the at angry buu.

'oh sorry buu i was thinking about something else, now then let's fight'.

looking at us buu's anger rose he charged toward's us and started fighting, we easily dodged him like it was nothing , he tried everything in his arsenal we were still unaffected from his attacks, finally his anger bursted and smoke came out of his head ,he closed himself as ball and charged towards us we caught him easily and shot him through the mountains. then suddenly piccolo called us and shouted.

piccolo:" gotenks don't play around and quickly finish him off".

'party pooper, we are having fun here'


'FINE!, hey buu i don't know what happened to you or how you became like this, but any way you are fun. in the end i must do this for everyone else, so as an honour i will finish you off with my strongest attack.'

after transformed into super saiyan form i took my stance and energy started to condense between my hands


the energy blast was so strong it completely destroyed buu without leaving any part of him but unknowingly i completely removed buu from the future.


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