reborn as goten
12 Chapter 12
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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12 Chapter 12

in the endless white space, three figures are fighting against each other they are goten, trunks and vegeta.

vegeta: " that's enough for now go take some rest now"


it has been 12 hours goku left which is equal to 6 months in the time chamber, babidi was killed by buu himself, freeing him from his spell and started to wait according to his promise. So me, trunks and vegeta went into the hyperbolic time chamber for training. i must say vegeta was not a great teacher because all he did was beat the crap out of us and let us heal and repeated the same process it was crude way but also an effective one at that, thanks to that our power increased quite a bit, and i also restructured the fusion skill without its side effects, it was a tough it took me 2 months to rectify the mistakes i skill i made ressemble a lot like degraded version potara fusion but without the earrings, as for how that simple every skill or spell has a unique formation for it to activate, so i observed the flow of energy in our body while doing the fusion dance in each and every step then i repeated the energy flow inside me many times until it was registered in my mind just like memory muscle, thanks to the number of repetitions now all i need is spell the word "FUSION' to activate the energy flow but, this was only at my side so i asked trunks to do the same but he doesn't have the same advantage as me so i guided my energy in his body to show the flow unlike me it took him a whole week to get used to it, but at last he finally achieved it.

So we started testing it at first nothing happened when we used it at first after some long observation i finally found what's wrong with the skill, just like the original fusion dance my skill

also have some rules

1) both the users should be in contact with each other in any manner. [(:no funny business okay:)]

2)both the users should have same power level.

3) both the users should use the spell at the exact same time.

after some trails we finally achieved true fusion, it was perfect the skill combined our both power levels and multiplied them by 15. and i also found further improvement in the skill if i develop it correctly i can even manage triple or quadruple fusion but that's for the future.

aside that in past few months of training all three of us improved a lot i got the complete control over my mastered super saiyan 2 form and trunks he is a lot closer to mastered super saiyan 2, as for vegeta he is more focused on base strength.

goten: 1.8 billion.

trunks: 1.4 billion.

vegeta: 3.5 billion.

even though we got strong we are nowhere near to completely take on buu, the main advantage he had is his regenerative abilities they are really off the charts, and also we still got some time before we take on buu, so i must try to break through the ssj3 barrier the only thing stopping me is my body because the energy from ssj3 if far more stronger than than the energy from ssj2. but for now all i can do is strengthen my body so that it can withstand the berserk energy of the ssj3.

in the same way few days went by all of a sudden a dreadful energy came from outside, we know it was buu but his energy was not same as before but this energy is pure evil.

Vegeta:" it seems buu must have got here it seems he became more stronger than before, you two stay here and train no matter what happens don't come out until the time is up".

trunks:"but dad we are lot stronger than before we can take him on if we join together".

Vegeta:"no son , we can't take chances out there even after all this training i don't think i have a chance to win against him, so you both are our only hope. and goten you are one of the strongest saiyans that i recognize after kakarot so take care of trunks for me okay".


after that vegeta left us and went outside to face buu, both of our battle spirits got ignited.

trunks:"goten can you speed up our new fusion skill creation?".

' if i have time then yes , don't you think we should practice instead of doing that?'

trunks:"no we don't know how time there is left for us even if we train we don't get much stronger than dad so our only shot is the fusion".

'okay i will be on that'

as weeks went on it has been 1 1/2 month since vegeta went we never stopped training our strength progressed so much in past few days and also i finally upgrade my fusion skill. but still i haven't been able to break through ssj3 barrier, for now all i could do is wait for right opportunity. every aside first i need test the my new skill.

' hey trunks are you ready?'

trunks:"yea, let's do this".

'yea together FUSION!!!'

trunks: " FUSION!!!"

two energy spheres formed around our bodies like a cocoon and moved towards each other, a blinding light was released when they were connected with each other and making it into a single cocoon, after few sec the cocoon started to break and revealed a new and powerful gotenks.

gotenks: 450 billion.


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