reborn as goten
11 Chapter 11
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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11 Chapter 11

i don't know how much time has passed i slowly woke up in a completely white room, i thought i was dead once again seeing trunks beside me i started to realize where i was in the hyperbolic time chamber i woke up and starting to remember everything that happened out there all i could remember is the vague fragments of the fight. i woke up and started stretch my body for some reason my body started to feel a lot lighter i started practice a bit my movements became much sharper and stronger.

Name: goten

power level: 800,000,000

what the heck my power was increasing exponentially in a very short time, how much time did i sleep anyway as far as i know 1 day outside is equivalent to 1 year in hyperbolic time chamber.

after some time trunks woke up when he saw me, he dashed towards me and started shouting after calming him down he began to explain what happened after i passed out. It seems that i have been sleeping in the hyperbolic time chamber from last 15 days which was equivalent to 1 hour outside.

and buu was perfectly alright after the fight since no one was in a shape to fight him goku teleported them back to the look out. since we are not in the way buu started to destroy everything thing in his path my cities were decimated and many people lost their lives. in the end all i did was sleep.

'so anyway trunks where are dad and others'

trunks:"they are outside i think they were planning something, since goku doesn't have much time left and we are not strong enough to deal with him ourselves.

' let's go out and check it'.

trunks:" yeah let's go"

outside the 'time chamber'

piccolo:" we should make him stop otherwise many people will die".

goku:" i am thinking the same thing, since we have dragon balls we can bring back all the lives that were lost but first we need to stop him, i have a way but it decreases the time left for me in this world".

vegeta:" are you talking about super saiyan 3?, do you think you can defeat him with that power".

goku:" yes, but iam not the one but it's those two i learned a technique call fusion it combines two people into one and multiplies their powers, those two will be powerful with enough training and they can definitely surpass buu, but first bulma where is the dragon radar".

bulma:" it's in home ".

goku:"vegeta you go get the radar i will try to stop buu from making further destruction".

vegeta:" are you looking down on me kakarot"

goku:" vegeta!!! its not the time to look for the differences many lives are at stake so please go get the radar".

vegeta:"FINE!*damm you kakarot one of these days i will definitely defeat you*"

goku:"okay guys i will go and stop buu".

after goku and vegeta left everyone started to notice me then my mom rushed towards me and hugged me and started crying, after some time when things started settle then whole planet started to shake a large amount of energy is coming from the direction where dad went i knew what it was but i never expected it to be this powerful, my instinct started to kick in, the desire to grow stronger my eyes started to change but the colour became bit deeper then all of a sudden i could see the whole battle as if i was there then i realized that my eyes evolved and gave two me a new skills "clairvoyance" and "advance perception". After some time both vegeta and goku came back we successfully got the dragon radar back from the bulma's place but paid with a heavy price that was dad's remaining time here, then dad called us.

goku:" i managed to stop buu for three days since we got some time me and piccolo will teach you how to do fusion since i have very little time left so piccolo will help you if you have doubts. so concentrate while i show you okay.


dad started to teach us the fusion step by step but thanks for my new skill "advance perception" i was quickly able to understand core formation of the fusion skill. As dad said the skill is indeed powerful but there is price for that power that is the potential, every time the skill is used it drains a bit of users potential and give's it to the fused form. but thanks to the new skill i have, i can rectify the flaws and restructure the whole skill if i have some time, but for now all i can do is wait until we start our training in the time chamber. Finally dad completed his teaching then trunks asked dad to show him the super saiyan 3 transformation. then he looked towards me, i also wanted to see the transformation in person because for some reason i was not able to use my "advance perception" during their battle. looking at my confirmation he asked us to move back and observe as he transformed into ssj1 and then ssj2 and finally ssj3 during his transformation we were literally blown away by the pressure he produced thanks for that i was finally able understand how he transformed into ssj3. he used both ssj1 & 2 as a leverage and charged into the core of his S-cells, but the only thing he doesn't know is it's just a imperfect form because he was not able to completely access the core energy.

after some time everything settled down and it was time for dad to leave i know i wont be able to stop it but all i can do is just watch as he leave after talking to everyone he came towards me and hugged me.

goku:" i know you don't want me to leave, but i can't stay he for long and you are the only one left for your mother since gohan is not here so you have to take care of her okay"

looking into his eye's all i could do is nod my head, after that he finally left.


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