reborn as goten
12 Chapter 10
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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12 Chapter 10

babidi:"hehehe.....fools thanks to them now all I need is a little more energy with that I can finally revive Majin buu, I think the next fight will be enough so are you ready my demon king hehehehe"

Dabora:" yes I am ready".

babidi:"dabora all you need to do is make them draw out more energy as much as they can , you know what will happen if you fail right".

dabora:" yes sir". he walked into the room.

dabora:" so which one of you fools is going to die in my hands".

suddenly the place around us changed, we are transported to the demon world now.i asked goku that i will fight him.

Gohan:" no goten this is my fight, so i am going to fight him".

dabora- 55,000,000,000.

gohan-500,000,000(base level).

both of them are having almost equal power levels except dabora is bit stronger than him, talking about strength its the first time i really got to experience the zankai ability let's check how much stronger i have become.

name: goten

power level: 400,000,000.

talk about power boost no wonder both dad always ready to challenge the stronger opponents it literally doubled my power level i must thanks to that senzu bean it healed me quickly.

As the fight went on gohan finally revealed his full power against dabora both of them were almost equally matched but gohan is the stronger one here. then we suddenly heard the babidi's voice.

babidi:" dabora get back here you have done well we have achieved our goal "

dabora:" yes iam coming".

building started crumble all of us got out quickly, after some time all the smoke finally revealing a large pink cocoon then all of a sudden the cocoon opened and some pink smoke came out seeing that there was nothing everyone got relaxed but suddenly the smoke started gather and forming a blob and finally revealing the chubby buu.

majin buu: 300,000,000,000.

even though he looks funny the pressure he is giving off is too high the whole landscape is breaking apart with his pressure, supreme kai and others were slightly became tensed luckily we kept all those statues in a different place otherwise they would have been destroyed .

buu: "YEA HOOOOO Buu is back, buu is back" after that he looked towards babidi and went towards him.

buu:"you woke buu right, you look familiar to buu"

babidi:"so you do remember me, that's right i am the great magician babidi the descendant of the person who created since he is not here you will be listening to my orders.

buu:"so will you feed buu?".

babidi:"oh of course why not only if you do what i say okay?"

buu:"fine, what should buu do right now".

babidi:" just kill them all of them over there".

just when buu is turned to us an energy blast hit him making move back a little. then babidi turned to dabora.

babidi:"what are you doing dabora are you rebelling against me now?"

babora:" rebelling? don't make me laugh i followed your orders because i wanted to fight the so called buu but looking at that fat clown it seems all my time wasted.

babidi:" you.... you buu finish off this idiot".

after the smoke cleared revealed a perfectly fine buu, he started walking towards dabora

buu:" you are mean to buu, buu don't like you".

as he slapped in dabora's face, making him fly like a cannon as he broke through several mountains and landed like a broken kite, but he quickly got up and charged towards buu and started fighting but all his physical attacks became useless against his body in the end he became food for buu.

everyone was terrified by the power buu possessed then goku and vegeta charged towards him and started fighting but buu easily overpowered both of them. the fight went on they still haven't got upper hand against him, they went up to ssj2 but still no progress both of them are nearly out of stamina. then gohan and supreme kai charged towards buu to give some time for them to use a strong energy blast but because of the power level they were easily overwhelmed by him and beaten to near dead state, seeing gohan in that state goku and vegeta quickly used the energy blast and buu also used his own energy blast to counter the result destroyed several kilometers. after the effect was gone both supreme kai's and gohan's aura were missing. suddenly something broke inside me seeing gohan vanished into the blast right before me, rage started to consume me i charged towards buu who quickly healed himself, blasted him through several mountains ,the power inside me is still raging i appeared before him and punched him before he even a chance to regenerate himself. unknowingly i started to get the upper hand i summoned my sword and dissected him into pieces and blasting him to smithereens and destroying everything around me and finally lost my consciousness due to lack of energy.


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