reborn as goten
11 Chapter 9
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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11 Chapter 9

By the time we brought back videl the fight near the babidi was already started, when we reached there we saw all krillin and other's already became statues i know that its them because i can see their status while in the statue form's so instead of going back i rushed into the dome shape building. As we went into the room all we saw is a dark room then we heard a voice.

babidi:"My My look what we have here first their parents and then their children, looks like i am going enjoy myself hehehehehe"

you are babidi right and where is my father?

babidi:" oh why are you in a rush you shall meet him soon if you defeat 2 of my elite warriors that is hahahaahah"

bring it on ugly we are not afraid of you.

babidi:" UGLY!!!!!!!, i will let you see how i laugh when iam done with you, hey you two go there and finish them of"

Demon general 1 & 2: "YES SIR!" shouted and entered the room.

demon general 2: " look its just two kids and they don't look much powerful go and finish them of quickly"

demon general1:"yea i has been a long time i last fought some one "

demon general 1:" 25,000,000,000.

demon general 2:" 30,000,000,000.

this is going to be one heck of a fight both are powerful even if i go super saiyan 2 its going to be tough.

"hey trunks" it seems we should team up together.

trunks: " WHAT! i thought we are going to take them one on one"

well it's because they are powerful and even if we go super saiyan it's going to be tough match.

trunks:" fine what ever you say lets kick his ass"

after that both of us charged towards him and started fighting, some where in the dome a match was finally completed * a screen appeared*

babidi:"well well since you finished of that one now you will face last and the powerful warrior after some time so just relax in mean time i will let you see a good show hehehehehe"

*another screen appeared*

Gohan:" dad look its goten and trunks"

Goku:" what!, what are they doing here and their opponents are also looking strong".

vegeta:" how did they got here, babidi if some thing were to happen to them make sure you don't get caught by me otherwise i will show you hell before you die".

*After some time*

Gohan:" look goten finally turned into super saiyan 2, look's like he is going to take things seriously now"

Goku & vegeta:" WHAT SUPER SAIYAN 2!!!!!!!!!!"

Gohan:"yes he achieved it in few days after we started training, he got more potential than all combined as far as i know that is".

supreme kai:" he is more powerful than him i think he can win"

Goku:" even though he is more powerful in the ssj2 that doesn't guarantee his victory because his opponent has more battle experience".

Gohan:"no dad you don't know about goten as much as i do, he is kind mysterious i don't think that's the full length of his power ".

vegeta:"look some thing is happening".

*back to original pov*

demon general:" what giving up already? i thought you can put up a decent fight hmph well let's finish of quickly i am getting bored".

trunks: " this is taking too long our attacks are not affecting him even though we are in ssj forms if this goes on, i don't think we can make it out".

dammm... he is strong even though i have more energy than him the thing i lack is battle experience it seems i need to step up the power level. Trunks get back i will finish him of, i want to use my new form this the first time iam using it in the battle i might even loose control of myself so get back.

trunks:" a new form?"


as a concentrated yellow energy started to gather around me, my body started change and has grown few inches taller and my hair grew a bit longer most like 1/4th of super saiyan 3, it was almost like bulk up where it decreases the speed to increase the attack power, but instead of that, the energy transforms my body in a form where i could efficiently use its power and it also has low power consumption, so i called it "mastered super saiyan 2". i found it after i achieved my SSJ2, because the ssj2 has berserk energy and also drains my power reserves quickly and the backlash is also severe. so instead training my body until i adapt to the power which takes a lot of time, i used the raw energy generated by the ssj2 form to temper my body which was a painful process i took my days to get control of my body from the pain. This form multiplies my power level about 200 times which is 100 times stronger than the normal super saiyan 2.

Finally the energy around me calmed down i almost look like my dad but some what thinner and more younger, and my energy is not raging out of me like gohan its strong but also calm because i got the hang of it. Both my speed, power and senses increased drastically, i charged toward's him and punched him through out the wall. he charged towards me in rage to punch me but i easily dodged and countered it, he flew like a broken kite and got pinned in the wall bleading.

"what do you think of that knuckle head"

demon general 1:" don't get too cocky just because you got a new form that doesn't mean you can beat us brother join me let's squash this bug together".

demon general 2:" ohhh we shall kill them but first".

*STAB* pick's up the globe of energy and swallowed it and transforming more stronger and sinister

demon general 1:" w...h..y ?"

demon general 2:" thrash can't even defeat a small kid you are waste of energy be grateful that i killed you, and the next is you".

"look's like you don't have loyalty among your self it's even low for a demon like you to kill his own brother like this".

demon general 2:" look kid i this world only strong can survive and weak has to die, so prepare your self to die".

he started to throw energy blasts at me i deflected them, suddenly he appeared behind me and kicked me i defended. then charged toward's me without giving me a chance to counter him, after some exchanges i finally got a little upper hand and we finally got separated and both of us are breathing heavily. then i increased my power and made a flash of light blinding every thing and summoned my sword and slashed all his limbs making him incapacitated.

After the effect was over he found he was missing all his limbs he looked at me in fear

demon general 2:" why..... why, i was stronger than you and i was in my perfect form then why did i lost".

i turned back to normal and walked towards him and said "because that was not you power you haven't earned it".

demon general 2:" hahahah... you are right kid please do me a favour and kill me, it's better to die than live like this".

ok good bye try to be a good person in your next life and blasted him using energy blasts. then suddenly a door opened and we finally reached other's.

Goku:" you had a great fight there kiddo you really surprised me there and what is that power you had there".

"mastered super saiyan 2"

Goku: "mastered super saiyan 2? it's more like a rip off of my super saiyan 3".

then suddenly vegeta charged to him " kakarot are you saying that you achieved the next form of the super saiyan 2".

goku:" ah.. hehehe kind of yes but there is only a 50% of chance whether i could pull it of or not

but thanks to goten now its about 75% if i can achieve it i will be many times stronger than my ssj2 form".

Vegeta:*thinking*dammm even with all these years of training still can't keep up with him now his son too,how can I surpass now i need to find a way some how".

I saw vegeta I don't know what he is thinking but I feel emotions are going negative, I know if babidi sense this he will definitely try to make him his pawn so I went to him and called him.

'hey vegeta'

Vegeta:"what is it?"

'I don't know what you are thinking the only reason either me or father can achieve our current powers is because instead of only strengthening our body we found various ways to use the energy to evolve, in our own ways. I think you can find your own way if you keep your mind at it'. After that I sensed vegeta's emotions got back to normal

Vegeta:"thank's for that kid".

*in the mean time some where in the dome*

babidi:"hehehe.....fools thanks to them now all I need is a little more energy with that I can finally revive Majin buu, I think the next fight will be enough so are you ready my demon king hehehehe"

Dabora: yes I am ready.


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