reborn as goten
8 Chapter 8
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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8 Chapter 8

Few hours passed it's finally time for the main tournament everyone was exited for the fights, and every one went to draw the lots to check their opponent, the first match was krillin, after him was piccolo and then videl , next was gohan and finally match would be the match of the tournament goku vs vegeta, after the slots were taken the matches finally about to began.

Actually i was about find someone to knock them out and take their place, but i stopped myself because the person who was about to fight piccolo was none other than the supreme kai i would never forget his childish figure in the super series, i was so happy because i was right that something is going to happen in the tournament, so i stopped trunks and asked him to wait and told him that something interesting would happen if we could wait. so in the mean time we started to check all their power levels.

Goku: 3,000,000,000

Gohan: 500,000,000

Vegeta: 2,000,000,000

Supreme Kai: 100,000,000,000

Kibito: 20,000,000,000

Krillin: 1,500,000

Android 18: 8,000,000,000

Piccolo: 1,000,000,000

Videl: 15

Spopovich: 150

Yamu: 140

Trunks:"who are those two people with weird outfits and why are they so powerful"

I told you right if we wait something interesting would happen, and as for those two people that guy with 100 billion is called supreme kai all i could say is that he is the most important person in the universe. as for their strength's we don't need to worry about them they might be strong but if either my dad or vegeta were to turn super saiyan, he won't be their match.

Trunks:"hmmm.. right, So what should we do right now?"

All we could do is wait.

The matches finally begun, krillin was bentar, same as before the match ended in a single punch, the next match was between shin(supreme kai) vs piccolo, seeing the expression on piccolo's face i can conform that this was the first entrance of supreme kai, since there is a vast difference in their power level piccolo forfeited the match, next was between videl and Spopovich despite having a great difference in power level, she put up a great fight but ended up in a worst condition. Seeing that gohan charged out to finish them off but was stopped by dad and others, seeing her condition dad went and brought some senzu beans to feed her, then gohan took one and fed it to her after seeing her back to health gohan relaxed and went for his match.

The match between gohan vs kibito started, and then kibito asked gohan to transform into super saiyan then gohan started to transform in to super saiyan"

* back at the waiting area*

All the z- warriors are wondering what's going on, then piccolo came with the supreme kai and started talking.

piccolo: "Don't think to much you guys this was all in the plan of supreme kai"

Goku: "so is he like grand kai?"

piccolo:" no he is far above that, even grand kai don't have right to meet him without permission"

all were shocked when they heard about supreme kai.

supreme kai: " since you know who i am please don't stop what's going to happen" turned towards goku" your son is the important part of this plan so please don't interfere i can promise you your won't be in any danger i hope you can cooperate".

Goku:" why should i believe you?"asked seriously

piccolo:"but i believe him, if he said nothing will happen to gohan then he will be fine so don't worry okay."

goku: "fine".

*back at the stage*

After some grand lighting's gohan turned into a super saiyan then, suddenly supreme kai used bind on him since his power level is nowhere near the kai's so he couldn't get free, the two figures charged toward's him and stabbed with power drainer, i wanted to help him but was stopped by others, i was so angry but now all i could do is just watch as gohan was shouting in pain.

after draining gohan's power those two left hurriedly, when (s)kai signaled all them went behind him except for me, trunks and Videl. i charged towards gohan to check weather he is ok or not.

kibito:" leave it to me kid, he is going to be alright"

i glared at him but can't do any thing, so i let him do his thing. He placed his hand on gohan's back and started to channel energy into him after some time gohan's body becoming normal once again.

after that he asked us to follow him towards to the direction where other's left.

during that time he told us every thing about the evil mage Babidi and his plan to revive majin buu who was a evil guy that destroyed every planet that he ever came over, everyone was shocked by hearing the story from kibito even me too, i know about buu he was good guy and always with Mr.satan and i never thought he would have this kind of past. after travelling some distance videl is not able to keep up with our speed so gohan asked us to take her back i refused him but in the end he won, he only allowed us to come only if we take her back home safely.


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