reborn as goten
7 Chapter 7
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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7 Chapter 7

The day of the tournament, i am finally going to meet my father in this world i was exited and also worried of how should i react, in this life i had everyone a father and a great brother and an overprotective mom and i don't want to miss any moment with them in this life even if it cost my life.

chichi:" gohan, goten are you guys ready?"

"YES MOM WE ARE COMING" and hey gohan why are you wearing that weird mask you are looking like a buffoon in that.

Gohan:" come on i need to protect my identity"

just because you are tying a cloth around your hair and keeping your glasses don't think no one will recognize you, so atleast wear a cap instead of that scarf, so that people won't judge you.

gohan:" you are so cold, come let's go"

After that we went to bulma's place where every on was gathered, after some time every one boarded the air car and left for the tournament area.

*after some time*

we finally reached the place where the tournament is going to take place it was so rushed with people, after that every one went near the waiting area near the registration counter, all of us were exited to meet goku we waited for sometime but there was no sign of goku so when we are about to go to the registration counter we heard a voice

Goku: " hey guys, how are you doing ahhahaha.."

when they heard his voice they turn around and saw a him for few seconds and charged toward's him, when i looked at him he was just like me but my future self, my heart was beating so fast it almost popped out when he saw me, i don't no why i quickly hid behind my mom and peaked toward's him then my mom asked me to go him saying that he is my father, i knew that but my body won't move, then i saw him coming toward's me i didn't know what to do so i tightly closed my eyes and grabbed my mother's clothes and not letting them go, Suddenly i felt some warm hands lifting me i didn't reject them my mind was filled with so many thoughts about my previous life where i was alone with my brother and suffered my hardships, all of that came to my mind in that moment, i slowly opened my eyes and saw a smiling face looking at me and called my name, that's when every thing shattered all the pain, loneliness i suffered was gone i hugged him back and started crying, every one laughing and consoling me including my mother, but for the first time i cried so heart fully and finally felt peace and realized, that this was the place where i truly belong.

after some time of re-introductions we went to the registration counter and found out that there was a junior division, i got so angry i almost popped a vein because all that practice and now they are saying that i can't participate in the adult division, finally my mother came to me and cooled me down i finally go down with it and registered for the junior division.

the match ups for the junior division were before the adult division so i thought if we cleared then quickly we could join the fight secretly or atleast watch them fight so i went to trunks and asked him.

'hey trunks i think we should finish these guys quickly because since there would be some time before the real tournament, we can find a way in what would you say".

trunks:" yea i was thinking the same thing except for our match we should finish these petty matches quickly"

then we heard some guys coming toward's us

*(s for stranger's because i don't know their names so please deal with it)*

s1:" hey look boss that boy with blue colored hair is your opponent "

s2: "hey kid you should forfeit the match otherwise you would spend rest of your life in the hospital okay" with a smug face.

trunks: "SCRAM looser's don't bother me otherwise you will pay, come goten let's go near the stage"

okay i followed trunks near the stage, then the tournament finally started first was trunks turn the match ended in few seconds, after that there were few matches before my turn but all the matches were so hilarious i really wanted laugh loudly but i controlled it, finally my turn came it was same as trunks it ended in a single punch. The matches went on quickly as anticipated its finally the finals

me and trunks started to move to the stage we saw our team encouraging us.

' hey trunks don't hold back okay'

trunks:" i was not planning to anyway"

we heard 'start'

we moved at the same time and started to throw punches and we started elevate slowly, the shock waves from our punches were so strong that the stage started to have some cracks. i don't how but even though we fought many times before but he was not this strong, so i started to increase my strength and quickly moved to his back to kick him but he dodged the kick so i decided check his power level

Name: Trunks

power level: 160,000,000

'WHAT' I was shocked because my power was at 200 mill because i had the help of that energy which strengthened my body to a high level from the beginning and also had gohan and gravity chamber, but trunks only had vegeta and gravity chamber , 'i really pity him' vegeta must have put him through hell to reach this stage, its taking long let's finish this quickly then i increase my power to the fullest and locked him down but suddenly he became super saiyan and freed himself and locked me tightly i had no other choice and turned super saiyan to free myself. then we got separated and i shouted at him

Hey trunks that's cheating we agreed that we won't use super saiyan in the tournament.

trunks:" sorry it was accident i wont happen next okay"

we turn back normal and started fighting again, after some exchanges both of us used energy blasts which destroyed half of the stage and covered in smoke, after the smoke settled there was no stage left to fight so the match was ended in a tie. All the audience were in total shock where none of them were able to speak. So we silently left towards our group.

after reaching them dad ruffled my hair

Goku:" great match there big guy you really surprised me i never knew that you could turn into super saiyan i think we should train some time in the future".

for some reason i felt really proud and climbed him and said 'okay dad' then vegeta came with the same stoic face and said" don't be so proud about your son kakarot that match was only a tie, this time i will definitely defeat you, let's go trunks" and he left

goku:" i will be waiting"

then i and trunks stared at each other shaking our head's helplessly. and there was supposed to be some bonus match with the world hero mr.satan but it was cancelled due to some reason, but i think the main reason is he must have seen our match and realized who we were and was afraid to come out. so the prizes were distributed without him mom was so happy when she got the money.there is still some time before the start of the real tournament since the stage was destroyed.


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