reborn as goten
6 Chapter 6
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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6 Chapter 6

I don't no how much time has passed but i finally woke up again in my room. then my mom came in to my room twisted my ear and started shouting

chi-chi:" Goten how many times i told you not to go outside on your own, and then why are you sleeping near the mountain it took us around 4 hours to find you".

Sorry mom i was training myself and started to feel sleepy so i fell a sleep

chichi:"i thought both you and gohan went together then why are alone tell me what HAPPENED" as she shouted.

we went together but a girl came for gohan so he asked me to play myself for some time when

mom heard that, she left me and went to look for gohan *thinking* " sorry gohan i need to use you as a scapegoat i am really sorry may you rest in peace". finally all that matter rested in a big blast

After some time i finally realized that iam forgetting something, it's the sword, then i started to search the whole house, finally went to gohan to ask him.

"Hey gohan have you seen something around me, where i was sleeping this afternoon"

Gohan:" no i haven't seen anything but i sensed all lot of energy around that place what were you doing if mom were to find that you are not sleeping but fainted through exhaustion of energy then you could forget about training for ever okay.

i started to panic and asked him not to tell her, and told him i wont be reckless anymore then i went back to my room, *thinking* " where did the sword go all my effort was gone😭 i started to recall it's name " void breaker" then my hand started to glow and a sword came out of my hand it has dark blade and silver guard and a black hilt, it was as light as a feather and there was another thing that shocked me that would be the detail of the sword even though i had a rough sketch about the sword but never had thought that it would be so perfect, may be it has to do with that energy, it took me some time to check weather its real sword or a energy sword. after some checking i decided to test the sword so i swung the sword around, it sliced the wall like a paper i started to panic and finally recalled the sword back, luckily the sword scar is so thin to even see otherwise my ear would have been gone. so i decided no to test it at home.

the world tournament is getting near as the days move on, in these days i would rather practice myself or with gohan, my power was slowly increasing and i finally mastered the energy control now i can blast them in any direction like homing missiles. As for the void breaker i decided not to use it unless it's most necessary because not only it's power is great but also its energy consumption is to much utmost i could maintain it for about 10 min in my normal form, but it was doubled during my super saiyan form.

Name: goten

power level: 53,000,000

race:!@$# saiyan

"hmmm... 53 mill" my power is not increasing by the normal means i must get a gravity chamber or weight's myself then let's ask bulma.

* after reaching bulma's place*

"hey bulma are you there"

Bulma:" hi goten what do you want, did you come for trunks?"

no, any way what is he doing right now.

Bulma:" what would he do, when you said you would be participate in the tournament, his father took him to do some hardcore training in the gravity chamber, since there is only 15 days left"

yea bulma i almost forgot, do you have an extra gravity chamber?, i need if for practice.

Bulma:" you saiyan's will never change, have you told this to your mother?"

No if i told her she would make me study the whole day, so please don't tell her *pleading face*

Bulma:" hahaha... okay i won't tell her, about that gravity chamber i think i do have one but i was a prototype it only has about 175 times the gravity it was based on the design which goku took it when he went planet namek, are you okay with it ".

yes its fine thank you bulma, you are the best

Bulma:" here is the capsule for the gravity chamber, as for the control operations it has both voice and manual adjustments, so you don't need to worry about any thing just practice okay, and one more thing you can keep it i originally made it for your father since he is not here you can keep that".

thanks a lot bulma bye, finally with this my training speed will be doubled i will reach gohan's base level with in no time.

this place would be perfect, let's see * CLICK!* *POOF*, wow its 5 time's the size of my home, hmm first let's increase the gravity slowly 1 times,2 times, 3,4,5 then i started to feel the pressure so i stopped and started to adapt in the gravity it only took me few minutes to adjust to the gravity so i increased it to 10,15,20,30 and finally 50 where my whole body started to feel heavy so i fixed at 50 and started to practice.

Finally the day of the tournament is about to arrive, Some where in the forest in a disc like spaceship

two figures were fighting at unimaginable speeds. *boom**boom* suddenly a voice "hey gohan should we increase the gravity?

Gohan:"No need we are already at 100 times the gravity, really you are monster it took dad 1 year to adjust in 100 times the gravity but you only took only 14 days, but thanks to you i really improved a lot, so goten can you tell me my power level"

*grinning happily*

fine let's see "wow" who are you calling monster it was you who is the monster, see it your self * writing down*

name: gohan

power level: 500,000,000

Gohan:"so my power is almost doubled ah... what about you"

Name: goten

power level: 200,000,000

okay it was about 200 mill.*scratching head*

Gohan:"hahahaha..... now tell me who is the monster, let's go home soon because tomorrow is the big day"

"WHAT" the tournament is already here wow time sure passed quickly.

after reaching his home, in his room

*thinking back*

Time sure fly's quickly, to think i was caught by gohan with the gravity chamber the very next day he forced me to give it back until bulma called back and told him it was ok to keep. After that we started to practice together in the chamber, some time he would go meet videl then i would do some sword practice. Finally he was shocked to the core when he found out that i could turn super saiyan from then he started to intensify the training, after few days i finally broke through super saiyan 2 the big difference is my transformation multiply's my power level to 125 times which is 25 times more than the normal super saiyan 2, but the thing is even i don't know how i achieved that.

Anyways the tournament is finally here let's see what kind of action await's for me.


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