reborn as goten
5 Chapter 5
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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5 Chapter 5

I woke up after few minutes there was a sharp pain on my neck and my whole body started ache, then i heard gohan's voice

Gohan: "easy there big guy, just lie down"

okay *and lies back on ground again*

Gohan:"what happened to you during the fight did you lost control or what"

No, i have no idea what happened during that time. During our fight when you started to overwhelm me my blood started boil and the only thing came to my mind is fight, get stronger and fight, and then my body started to loose control.

Gohan: " what you just experienced is the instinct of being a saiyan we are a warrior race we grow stronger with each fight we face due to our zenkai ability. it's good to follow your instinct, but remember don't let it control you even though it gives you immense power it makes you vulnerable to surprise attacks ok, let's go home for now, tomorrow i will teach you how to control your battle instinct okay "

after reaching home

in his room,

it seems that energy strengthen my body once again, why did it act during the fight no, matter how many times i tried before, it wouldn't bulge it seems it went to dormant once again, fine it's time to check how much i have improved.

Name: Goten

power level: 48,000,000

race: */(% saiyan

wow my power actually doubled its seems that i have underestimated that energy. Even though my energy has doubled it nowhere near to make gohan fight me serious. i must increase my power as much as i can before the world tournament.

*next day*

gohan was surprised as who much i improved in a single day, after that gohan started to teach me how to control my instinct and taught me the famous technique of whole dragon ball "the ka-me-ha-me-ha" technique . i got the base of the technique in a short amount of time but iam not able to control the direction of the energy wave. then we heard an air car going toward's our home. gohan started to panic, so charged towards the car at full speed. and finally caught up with it before it got home. then a young woman got out from the car, that was videl at first i was not able to recognize her but later, i remembered her in the start of the super series she was his going to be his wife in the future. So i told gohan that i will play myself to give them privacy and went to the near by mountain.

i started to practice myself after reaching the mountain, i was improving at a very slow pace with out the help of that unknown energy. in my previous life i was an expert in using swords just like the future trunks i was not able to find a sword because of my mom if i were to be found out i would be dead. that's when i remembered where zamasu,vegito and future trunks used concentrated ki as sword in the story, So i started tempering with ki at first i was not able form a sword because the energy would easily depreciate quickly the moment it got separated from me, so i started to use a medium(stick, stone,etc) to condense the the ki around it in the shape of a sword, but the concentration of energy is too great for the medium to withstand so it was broken in the matter of time.

Then i realize rather than trying to make the whole sword at once i started to make the hilt,i cleared

all my thought's ,and slowly condensing the energy in my hands by adding and compressing the layer's of energy, and i repeated the process until the unknown energy started to act again, i was worried because if the energy in my hands were to loose control then it could easily decimate the whole country, but to my surprise it started to help me, by nourishing my depleting body and made the process even faster, finally i completed the hilt, and formed pommel, and guard, shoulder and finally the blade, then suddenly a wisp of energy went into sword finally making it more stable and real.

"finally" i completed the sword hmm..... what shall i will name you, that's right "void breaker" because when i look at you i sense nothing no light, no darkness its just empty just like a void so i will call you "void breaker" maybe the unknown energy is related to void?. the sword started to glow , suddenly i felt dizzy fell asleep due to exhaustion.


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