reborn as goten
4 Chapter 4
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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4 Chapter 4

The next day, we told mom about the world tournament at first she didn't accepted but when we mentioned that the prize money is 10 mill zenny, she quickly accepted and also gave me permission to participate. then we heard a voice in telling that he will be participating in the tournament then

mother and gohan freaked out happily

Gohan: "dad are you coming to participate in the tournament i think this time the tournament would be great " said excitingly

chi-chi: " what your father is going to come there is no much time only a month left, if i had known earlier i would have prepared myself, hey goten * lift's him up* you are going to meet your father finally" said happily.

Gohan:"i must inform other's right now bye mom"

chi-chi:" bye dear, come back early i am going to make a feast"


"so iam finally going to meet my father in this life although i have seen him in the super series where he is alive, that means he will come back life in between. Ahhhh.. if i had seen the whole series atleast known and be prepared for what's going to happen know all i can do wait for what's going to happen. i think i need to force gohan to teach me this world martial arts even though my previous world's knowledge is useful in fighting experience they are useless when it come's to ki controlling no matter how many times i tried i could not implement ki into my moves. but all i could do is channel my ki and throw some energy blasts due to my physique as a saiyan. and also something tells me that there is something bad going to happen in the tournament".

*gohan's pov*

Gohan:" finally iam going to meet dad again, its time i should gather all other's together once again, i want to see vegeta's reaction when he learn's father is going to come back hehehehe.."

after reaching bulma's place

hey vegeta dad's going to participate in the tournament

vegeta: what kakarot is going to participate, finally this time i will definitely defeat him

Bulma: so when is he going to come?

on the day of the tournament, so bulma can you tell other's about it because mom is waiting for me

Bulma:"its fine i will tell other's about this, you can go home.

thank's bulma bye

Bulma: bye

i don't know how much stronger my father became but thanks to goten i know vegeta became far stronger than before, i think its time to start my training again, i might have lost my grip, and also i need to train goten for the tournament also he would best training partner.

*after reaching home*

"mom" i am back

chi-chi:"welcome back, food is about to be ready"

goten since there is almost a month we are going to start training from tommorrow okay

Goten: "so will you teach me how to fly too right" asked with an exited face

yes i will teach you

* back to the original pov*

the next day we went to the near by mountains to started doing some warm-ups

Gohan:"hey goten just wait some time okay i want to get back into shape once again, you can play yourself or you can watch"

"okay i will watch"

as gohan turned into super saiyan he started to throw some punches and kicks. even though i can turn into super saiyan there is much difference in the power control , he has a very good control over his energy even in the super saiyan form because of this his attacks are strong enough to destroy the whole mountain in a single punch without much effort. If its my previous life i would not have believed if such person ever existed but now i must because i am also such person, the thing is i have already gotten used this insanely powerful body of mine.

Gohan:" hey goten come here, i need your help a bit ".

coming what do you want

Gohan:" collect some rocks with the size of a fist okay".

* after some time*

why did you want me to collect all these rocks any way

Gohan:" it has been a while since i fought someone so i want to get my intuition back on track, throw these rocks from this distance at your full power okay, ".

okay fine

'throws a rock as it passes through the mountain when gohan dodges' when i was about to throw an other one gohan shouted

Gohan:"*Shock* and *shouted* timeout, timeout increase the distance okay"

okay as i moved back some distance and started to throw the rocks again, as i observe his movements it was as if his body is adapting to my rhythm and moving, i doesn't matter how much speed or force i increase he dodges the same way. I started to understand that i wasn't be able to fully utilize this body.

* after sometime *

Gohan: " thanks for that gohan now i will teach you how to fly, so you are able to control your energy right?"

if you are talking about ki then yea iam able to control it.

Gohan:"That's good then relax your body and maintain all your energy in steady control then slowly feel the air around you and slowly release it around you, if you don't maintain your energy in a constant flow you will quickly run out of energy okay".

so maintain a steady control of my energy ah " closes his eyes " as he feels all the energy gathers around him slowly elevating him from the ground and finally stabilizing in the air.

yea whoooo see gohan iam flying yea whooo *shouting happily* as he moves around.

Gohan: " great going goten, to increase the speed slowly increase your energy output *thinking* "to think he got this in his first try, it took me 4 try's to succeed" .hey goten since you got a hang of it come down lets do some fighting practice.

yea coming ,* thinking* it was easier than i thought. I was thinking i might take few try's to succeed.

Gohan:" okay make you energy stable and come at me"

okay, "as i said, I increased my speed and punched him he easily blocked it and started counter it i dodge and did the same, then my blood started boil in excitement it was as if i was born to fight, my body started to act own and my energy is becoming more and more stable and my attacks became sharper and faster, then i was finally able utilize my past techniques using ki freely. Once again the unknown energy started to act and my body started to feel unbearable pain and finally passed out due to a chop on my neck.

"Gohan's pov"


wow goten is a natural to think he was able to fly in his first try, father would be definitely proud of him i think its time for him to do some combat training.

as we started fighting at first he was bit sloppy but after few punches he got the hang of it so i started to increase the speed he was a bit wounded but surprisingly he was able to catch up to the speed that's when it happened something about him started to change his eyes became red again and his energy became more and more stable and his attacks became sharper and faster. And things started to go out of control i wasn't able to keep up with his speed. But i had to stop this before some thing terrible happens * turning into super saiyan* i am sorry for this goten and hit his neck.


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