reborn as goten
3 Chapter 3
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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3 Chapter 3

My schedule in these days has been regular some time's i would go fishing or play with trunks or train some martial arts i must say being a saiyan has its perks my body could withstand any amount of pressure and my past technique's kind of a child's play even though they are effective and most of all i should learn how to fly it was always been my dream.

The few day's later

Gohan: "hey goten are you ready we should be going to bulma's place right now"

"yes" i am ready lets go

* running in the grass field *

hey gohan you told that you will teach me how to fly when are you going to do that

Gohan: "i promise you it won't be long ok"

why are we going to bulma's place anyway?

Gohan:"it's about your eyes since dad is not here and the only person who knows about our bloodline might be vegeta, so that's we are going"

so is trunks also there?

Gohan: "yea i think so, oh we have arrived"


Trunks:"coming who is there?"

gohan: " hey trunks its me gohan is vegeta and bulma there"

Trunks:" yea dad is training, and mom is doing some research"

Gohan:" can you call them its urgent"

*after sometime*

Bulma:"hi gohan, and goten how is your health are you ok"

Vegeta:"😠 tell me quickly what you here for i don't have time i need to do my training"

Gohan:"yea its about gotens eyes he told me that he is able to see the weakness and power level of a person when they turn red"

Bulma:"so it's like scouter with some upgrade's right"

Gohan:"right i wanted ask vegeta if he know's any thing"

Vegeta:"hey goten show me that ability he is talking about" with a stoic face


* glowing red*

Name: vegeta

power level: 1,400,000,000

race: saiyan

*shock* moves back a little bit

Gohan: " what happened goten what did you see"

his power level its far greater than you gohan

Vegeta:" Show me what you saw "

*writing on the paper*

this is what i saw and there are some white marks near your left rib and one is on the right shoulder joint

*looking on to the paper*

vegeta: "*shock* it can't be there is no way it should be true"

Gohan:"what is it vegeta have you seen them before"

Vegeta:"yes in some texts that were left after the destruction of the planet sadala they are called the golden fiery eyes or also called the eyes of truth its was said that the person who possess these eyes can see through any thing i only heard it in the some story's my father used to say to think they would be real is even more shocking you better keep this as a secret to avoid unwanted attention"

Gohan:" goten you go spend some time with trunks i want to talk to bulma a bit"

ok fine hey trunks let's go to do some thing cool.

in the evening,

Gohan:" ok bye bulma see you later trunks, let's go goten"

say "gohan" trunks mentioned some thing about some world tournament what is all about.

Gohan: " yea i forgot all about it i was supposed to ask mom about us being participated in the tournament, and i don't think she will allow us to participate"

"nah Gohan"just tell her the price money then she will force us to participate in the tournament

Gohan:" *smiling awkwardly* yea we can do that, i think you should participate to"

" so your going to teach me right " asks with a excited face

Gohan:" ok fine we are going to have partner during our practice okay"

okay fine.

*after reaching home*

'yea' i forgot to check my power level

* looking in the mirror*

Name: Goten

power level:24,000,000

race: "#(*$" saiyan

what is that gibberish it seems my power is not enough to look into the details fine let's forget it for now, time to sleep.


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