reborn as goten
2 Chapter 2
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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2 Chapter 2

* time skip details*

it has been more or less than six years since i came to this world every thing is going great it was as if iam becoming child myself all my past seems a distinct memory, and slowly becoming a new person itself. many things happened in these few years.

first gohan is a great brother always takes care of me unlike my previous brother, no matter what i did he would always explain it slowly. And most of all he would be studying all the time or go to some tutions.

second would be my mother well she is an over protective mom she would always ask me study the basic language and other subjects and also teaches me martial arts saying that my father and brother are great fighters and saved the world many times.

Then one day guess what happened nothing serious at all its just that i became super saiyan and iam not even 5. then my mother freaked out and started to say iam a monster and told me not to use that power no matter what. it was good to have a mother in my previous life i had no mother it was only me, my brother and my father. after my mother died my father completely lost himself and started to drink and finally died due to liver failure. after that i went to work in the nearby dojos to earn some money but the master of the dojo took me as his personal student. After that me and my brother had a decent life.

My brother would always ask me to see his favorite anime with him event though iam not that interested. but look at my luck i only saw the anime from the super series except for the knowledge of the characters and dragon balls i don't know anything in between.

when i was about to complete five finally the so called gift came.

* present *

It has been few days since i got my new eyes i must say these are really powerful but still the energy from the eyes are different i don't think it's any where same as normal ki, and it is laying dormant right now.

Gohan: "hey goten today is my first day to the high school i am going okay".

"hey Gohan " wait i am coming * thinking * " lets check gohan's power with my new eyes"

*eyes glowing red*

Name: Gohan

Power level: 360,000,000

race: half saiyan

*What* its 360mill am i seeing it right or not there is no way it has to be right

Gohan: " hmm.. goten why are you seeing me like that and why are your eyes glowing"

*wow* "gohan your power level is 360mill "

Gohan: " what how did you know what a power level is either i or mom haven't taught you any thing like that"

*thinking* " shit screw my loose mouth why did i even say that it seems that being child is actually affecting my mind. I think its better to tell the truth atleast i can tell they don't have any hostile intentions toward me"

Gohan: "hey goten what happened to you are you sick again iam calling mom"

"NO" wait i will tell it happened after i woke up from that coma iam able to see some white spots on your body and your basic details like power level, name, race.

Gohan: " what you are saying that there are some white spots over my body and power level and race,hmm.... but i made sure that my doesn't leek out, this is getting fishy "

Gohan: " say goten tell me all the details that you see about me okay"

"alright"* takes pen and paper* and writes the details

Name: Gohan

Power level: 360,000,000

race: half saiyan

Gohan: " AHHH... this what you see when you look at me"

*acting innocently*"yes"

Gohan: this almost seems pretty accurate it is even mentioning about my race also,this is getting problematic you didn't tell to mom about this right ".

no i haven't

Gohan: " then that's good we will talk about this when i get back okay"

okay fine bye gohan

Gohan: "*bye* it seems i have to contact bulma for this"

😌 finally got some slack.


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