reborn as goten
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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Where am i what is this place so slimy and tight and what are the voices that i am hearing. " look gohan you brother is kicking if only your father were to be here it would be wonderful."

gohan:"don't worry mom he will be always watching us".

what "gohan" i heard this name before does that mean i am in dragon ball world, so that means i must have died from that accident. I think its waste to fret over since things have already moved on

it's that my brother forced me to watch all those dragon ball episodes i think its time to make use of that knowledge.

6 years later....

"Mom" i am going for fishing.

chi-chi : ok honey be careful don't go to far

finally after all this time i can finally be alone and look into the gift he spoke about

* remembering past *

"hey kid" what where "don't look around this is just a message i am what you call a god a being form the beginning it's my mistake that you died it was supposed to be your brother that has to die but you died in his place so enjoy this life to the fullest i can't give you any op systems or abilities like that but i left you with a small gift and it will be available when you reach 5".

that shity god don't let me find you otherwise i will make you regret.


so let's check the so called gift.



congratulations you got the legendary eyes

"the Golden fiery eyes"

the golden fiery eyes or also called as eyes of truth which can power level and weakness of any being under the title of the supreme god gifted by ??????

ps: I hope you like the gift this is my last message and ready to endure the pain after this message closes bye :)


ah.. what pain *screams* loudly an unknown energy travelling from his eyes to all over his body starting form brain, heart .. bones..etc strengthening all his body.


opening his eyes

what this is my room *looking around* "mom"

chi-chi: *crying* i thought you are gone, we found you by the river side bleeding form your eyes

a week ago.

AHH.. a week ago.

chi-chi: yes a week ago your brother brought you back we tried every thing and we even fed you a senzu bean but nothing worked.

that stupid god don't ever let me find you otherwise i swear i will make your lie far worse than death.


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