reborn as goten
-1 Prologue
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reborn as goten
Author :primos123
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-1 Prologue


In the vast multiverse in a desolated planet

the land is breaking apart the thunder's are roaring through out the sky as the world is falling apart

A wounded man with purple hair and aura standing surrounded by a group of sinister people

**(&()):"give it up goten you can't win this battle because we have already won"


"trunks"take the others and get out of this place now quickly.

Trunks:"No we can't leave without you, we can fuse to defeat them"

*shouting*"just do what i say none of us can escape if i don't stall them i am using my last card it will give you few years of time. take care of them if they are alive they will atleast have a chance to defeat them in the future now "GO""

**(&()):"hmph none of you can escape you will share the same fate as other's"

trunks:" be careful we will definitely came back for you"

*vanishes in thin air*


thanks for every thing it was because of you all my life became so beautiful i am going to protect it no matter what, i will destroy anyone who try's to take things i love "

*purple aura raises exponantially*

**(&()):"you saiyan's are really something even in this position you can fight with such power it's pity you have die after we kill you we will find other's and kill them to"

you don't have a chance"$%()* prision" as

* a purple colour orb emerges trapping the whole planet inside isolating them from the time and space itself*

i will be always waiting for you all come back.

* from author*

"the above event's are from the future so don't get confused ok ;)" @@


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