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Zaraki Kenpachi in Dragon Ball Z
Author :Tsarck
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2 Prologue

In his entire life, Kenpachi had been a monster. From the day he picked his Zanpakuto from a Shinigami corpse, to the day Yhwach was defeated.

He had lived to this day with a single goal, find the mightiest adversary. He had always wanted to reach the peak of the world, to stand on a mountain of corpses and declare himself the strongest.

Yet the excitement that the battle he fought brought him, was clearly so high that he weakened himself. He had become too strong, and couldn't feel the thrill of a good fight.

He had sealed a huge part of his power, allowing him to enjoy his fights a bit more, and most importantly let a little chance to his ennemies.

During all the years of his life, he had only experienced a few battles that made his blood boil.

His fight against Yachiru Unohana had terrified him to a point Yachiru became his role model, making him fight like her to become like the one he respected.

His fight against Nnoitra had brought some much needed form of excitement to him.

His fight against Yhwach had made him understand how weak he was, compared to some of the monsters that lived in this world.

Yet only one man could be called his rival, Kurosaki Ichigo. The boy had show him something......You can always progress in life, you can always reach new heights.

Following this principle, Kenpachi had decided to train, train harder than he ever did. He had totally exiled himself from the outside world, even the little Kusajishi Yachiru couldn't reach him.

The years passed, the Shinigami had changed. The Seireitei had changed, the Hueco Mundo had changed.......He had changed.

Ichigo had been living a pretty calm and relaxing life, away from all the problems of the world. Away from some villains with God-Complex and Shinigami who called themselves protector while the only thing they did was destroy, Kenpachi was a good example of that.

After all that training, he had went to Ichigo. This time however, he didn't come for a normal spar. He came for a death battle.

Ichigo had refused, but Kenpachi forced him to accept by pointing Nozarashi at his little son.

Kenpachi had told Ichigo to meet him in the Hueco Mundo so they could fight without holding back. Many other Shinigami had came since Yoruichi and Renji had pretty much told everyone that Kenpachi came back. Shunsui Kyoraku, the Head-Captain of the Gotei 13, had called all the captains the watch the fight, and possibly stop it if they could. Ichigo and Kenpachi were too precious to be wasted.

Actually most had thought that Kenpachi had bluffed when he said that he would fight Ichigo to death.

Yet when he arrived, his eyes glaring at everyone like a predator, they understood how much he had changed. Before he was slightly crazy and loved to fight, now he lived to kill.

Ichigo had started the fight by using his Shikai directly, his reiatsu flaring and pressuring most captains. Even Kyoraku didn't expected him to still be so strong.

Kenpachi looked at him dead in the eyes, already expecting such a level of power. It was pretty disappointing for him.

"You didn't trained, Ichigo ?" Asked Kenpachi, shocking many by how bored he sounded. They thought he would love to fight Ichigo at his full power.

".............Let's just fight and finish with it, contrarily to some people i have a family to take care of. "Said Ichigo, Orihime behind smiled and nodded. Pretty much everyone knew that Ichigo had fully became a father, and wasn't the Substitute Shinigami anymore.

Kenpachi sighed and ripped his eye patch.


An incredible surge of Reiatsu was felt throughout the Hueco Mundo. Kenpachi's spiritual pressure was so high , that even people like Byakuya had to take a step back, unable to face it directly.

".......Haha........HAHAHAHA!!!COME AT ME ICHIGO!!!" Shouted Kenpachi, feeling excited as he could feel the power flowing through his veins. His entire body shook with excitement, Ichigo didn't get any stronger, but he was still supposed to be the stronger Shinigami. (Not that he was one)


Ichigo gasped when Kenpachi appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him by the throat.

"Not good, you gotta predict my movements Ichigo! I'm too fast for ya!!!!"

Kenpachi started to savagely slash at Ichigo, his strengh bringing the Orange-haired man to his knees.


Ichigo tried to hold his voice but couldn't, his stomach had been pierced by Nozarashi after all.

Ichigo glared at Kenpachi and smirked.



With the change in appearence came the immense changed in power. It now rivalled Kenpachi's, who allowed a grin to appear on his face.

"Hehehe......Good Ichigo, FIGHT WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT!!!!"

"Drink, NOZARASHI!!!

Ichigo was blasted away by the intense Reiatsu that was shot out of the sword. It morphed into a gigantic war cleaver, with a long, cloth-wrapped handle and a tassel attached to the top.


Kenpachi lunged at Ichigo and delivered an axe kick to Ichigo, making him stumble back a bit. Kenpachi focused on Tensa Zangetsu, hitting it with his entire strengh. It wasn't long before Ichigo dropped it, Kenpachi was simply too strong.

However Ichigo wouldn't go down this easily, he leaped at Kenpachi and landed on his back. He clenched his hand around his second blade and stabbed it in Kenpachi's neck.


Kenpachi threw Ichigo away, as he concentrated his Reiatsu in his cleaver in Kenjutsu stance.

Ichigo's eyes widened as the cleavermorphed once again. It now became a shorter, more jagged blade resembling a rough cleaver. His own body also changed, bit Ichigo was too focused on trying to resist the pressure that he didn't noticed.

He tried to move but Kenpachi Spiritual pressure was...............Just too fucking high to be described, even Yhwach's spiritual pressure didn't felt like that. It seemed that many had forgot how Kenpachi didn't really trained in his life, all those years had made him............A God, funny how he became so powerful without any help, contrarily to some others.


Kenpachi brought his cleaver down, in a swift and simple movement. Yet it had dramatical consequences.


Orihime rushed at her husband, while all the others turned their heads. They didn't wanted to see what the Ex-Shinigami Substitute looked like at this moment.

Yachiru ran to Kenpachi, a wide smile on her face. A smile that turned to an expression of horror when she saw his next move.

"I'm undefeatable huh? How boring~"


Orihime trembled when she felt the blood being splashed on her. She turned her head, looking besides her, only to see all the Shinigami gasping while Yachiru screamed.



Zaraki Kenpachi, the strongest Shinigami, and most certainly the craziest one..........Dropped to the cold, hard ground, his lifeless eyes staring at Yachiru.

He lived the become the best, he lived to kill his rivals...................At the end he had to kill himself, his rival being too weak to do that himself.


At the same time, in a certain part of the universes, a little child sitting on a throne smiled.

"I found a new toy!"

A figure besides him shook his head when he heard that.

"You should really calm down, you're getting too excited......Zeno-Sama"


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