Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Chapter 20 Dimensional Space 2
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Author :Qie Er
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Chapter 20 Dimensional Space 2

Chapter 20 Dimensional Space (2)

“An overall picture of the three-dimensional world?” Su Xiaoyun was a bit dumbfounded and asked cautiously, “Aren’t… aren’t we able to see everything in the three-dimensional world?”

“I just gave you some examples before, didn’t I? If you’re living in that dimension, it is impossible for you to see everything that is encompassed by it.” Zhu Xuan smiled and shook his head. “Creatures in a one-dimensional space can’t see lines; creatures in a two-dimensional space can’t see the geometric areas. We’ve talked about these two cases. This can be also applied to the three-dimensional world we live in. We are bound by a force majeure, and we are relying on this force from birth to death, and therefore, we can never go beyond this force majeure in order to see everything in the three-dimensional world.”

“What is that?” Shi Yitong asked timidly. “What is this force majeure?”

Zhu Xuan smiled and replied, “It’s time.”

He wrote a word on the ground.

All three of us suddenly understood what he meant.

“That is to say, if you want to see everything in the three-dimensional world, you must escape the boundary of time to stand outside the space, am I right?” Su Xiaoyun provided a bold idea.

“But that is impossible,” Shi Yitong exclaimed in surprise. “No matter what this creature is, as long as it lives in this world, how can it live outside the timeline? This is so…”

“Yet creatures living in a two-dimensional world cannot understand that people can live in a three-dimensional world, right?” Zhu Xuan asked leisurely. “For them, the world is just made of points and lines, they cannot comprehend the existence of geometric areas. Similarly, we can’t understand the creatures who live in four-dimensional space. And because of our ignorance, we fear them. Therefore, everything unknown is classified as ‘monsters’ by humans.”

Upon saying that, Zhu Xuan looked up at the black whirlwind above.

“So, according to you, this beast Nian is a four-dimensional creature?” Shi Yizhen asked confusedly.

Zhu Xuan nodded. He stood up and went on, “To see everything in a dimension, you need to stand in a higher dimension. The beast Nian lives in the dimension higher than ours. So that’s why I said that he has no entity, because our world can’t accommodate its body. So when a part of it appears in three-dimensional space, it will create a terrible tornado like this. Every wind blade is a part of his body, and every strand of effluvium is his breath. And the reason why I tell you this is because we are now in a four-dimensional space. Anything can happen here, and we can see everything that composes our three-dimensional world here. So if anything happens here, we’ll end up swallowed by the beast Nian…”

I suddenly remembered what Wen Jiubo once said to me.

“It will be like… we never existed in this world,” I muttered. “All traces of our existence in this world will be erased.”

Both Shi Yitong and Su Xiaoyun shivered.

“Great, so you’re already aware of this,” Zhu Xuan whispered. “This isn’t the world we’re familiar with. Right now we’re in the belly of the beast. This place is full of chaotic timelines and overlapping spaces. No… I should say that the Beast Nian itself is the embodiment of time.”

For a short moment, we were all stunned by Zhu Xuan’s words, and then Shi Yitong yelled.

“Then, since you know how dangerous it is, why did you bring us here?” Shi Yitong complained. “If I knew about this… I would’ve tried to escape a while ago.”

“Escape? To where?” Zhu Xuan immediately retorted. “The beast Nian looks at us the same way we would look at a piece of paper. In this world, he can freely move through space and time. Currently, it can only do so in Yan City, but who knows how it’s going to be in the future?”

“Stop,” I couldn’t help but interrupt Zhu Xuan. I looked up at him. “Things have already become like this and we can’t do anything on our own. There may still be hope if we all fight against it together, but if we escape, it’ll destroy everything we hold dear. And… Wen Jiubo and Bai are probably here, right?”

Zhu Xuan nodded. “I can feel them.”

“Ok, let’s go, what are we waiting for?” I immediately stood up.

I heard Su Xiaoyun and Shi Yitong sigh behind me, but they followed anyway.

“Hey, man, I still don’t understand.” After Shi Yitong caught up to me, he asked, “Why did this Xu Yingchen put in so much effort to do this? What is this all for?”

“Yeah, this won’t bring any benefits to him, right?” Su Xiaoyun also caught up. “Leading such a horrible creature into this world, he probably will get himself killed!”

Get himself… killed.

I suddenly remembered something. In my dream, there was a servant of princess Qing Yu whose name was also Xu Yingchen. He was a priest. He was young and handsome, but he was timid. He was a coward every time he faced danger. However, I could see that he liked the princess Qing Yu very much, yet she felt nothing for him.

Were they the same person?

If they were… how did Xu Yingchen manage to live so long?

The four of us walked aimlessly in the dark. We couldn’t hear anything except each other’s breathing. While I was deep in my thoughts, I suddenly hear a cry coming from afar.

“Gu Yu.”

I looked back, but there was nothing in the dark. The only things I could see were the dark swirling wind blades.

But at that moment, the voice cried out again.

“Gu Yu.”

Someone called my name in an extremely sad tone.

“Gu Yu, what are you doing?” Su Xiaoyun asked from behind, but I was drawn by the voice and couldn’t hear her.

I walked in the direction where the voice came from.

The voice was so sad that it made me feel heartbroken.

Who was that? Why did that person call me with such a sad voice?

“Who is it?” I asked. But no one answered. There was nothing in the darkness except for dead silence.


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