Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Chapter 18 A Holocaus
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Author :Qie Er
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Chapter 18 A Holocaus


We drove away from the city center and towards the suburbs.

Sometimes this city felt fascinating to me. Though what I had gone through was weird and amazing at the same time, I still believed that this city was great to relax and have fun.

I could see the huge mountain range stretching endlessly to the horizon. The sky was a little gloomy, with clouds floating low in the sky. It was quiet and silent except for occasional birds chirping.

“Are we there yet?” Bai leaned against the window with his eyes wide open. “Isn’t this place too quiet? I don’t hear a single sound.”

Indeed, we had parked the car at the entrance of the village, but the village was so quiet we heard nothing except the birds chirping.

“Let’s get off and see.” Wen Jiubo unbuckled his seat belt and got off the car. I hurriedly picked up my backpack and followed him.

“This is the right place.” Wen Jiubo leaned against the car and took out his cell phone to check the map. “However, this village is supposed to have at least 400 people. Where are they?”

Wen Jiubo’s muttering gave me a bad feeling. We left the car and entered the village.

As we expected, when we entered the village, it was dreadfully silent. I didn’t see anyone along the road and neither did I see any of those strong men that Wen Jiubo mentioned. A flock of crows had gathered on the rooftops, scarily cawing.

Wen Jiubo frowned and stopped abruptly. I almost bumped into him.

“Bai,” Wen Jiubo lowered his voice and said. “Take a look at the house over there.”

“Ah? What should I look for?” Bai asked.

“Just go, hurry up.”

Though Bai was confused, he didn’t dare to disobey and quickly ran over. He disappeared from my sight in a blink of an eye.

I looked up at Wen Jiubo. He was frowning and looked very serious with no trace of the casual attitude he usually had.

What’s going on?

A moment later, Bai hurriedly ran back. He ran so fast that he tripped in the middle of his run.

“My god! Wen Jiubo, inside that house ——”

Bai didn’t finish his sentence, but with his paws white as snow covered in blood, he didn’t need to tell us what was inside for us to understand.

“Damn it,” Wen Jiubo muttered before rushing into the house. I stood frozen for a few seconds before I hurriedly followed him.

The house that Bai inspected just now was an ordinary-looking house which could be commonly seen in rural areas. The house, with a wooden door and brick walls, was able to accommodate up to three people.

Wen Jiubo pushed the door open, and the scene inside the house was unforgettable.

Everything inside this small house, from the floor to the ceiling, was dyed in blood. All the furniture, broom, dustpan, and other commonly used articles were scattered on the floor, along with bloody body parts.

Messy… was not the right word to describe the scene. This was hell itself.

I was stunned in place, my stomach heaving and I felt the need to puke. I had to take a few deep breaths to refrain from throwing up.

“There should be four people in this family.” Wen Jiubo frowned after looking at the layout. “A husband, a wife, and two boys. They were eaten by Gu Diao.”

“This is…” Bai was too stunned to talk.

“Let’s go see the others.” Wen Jiubo remained calm. He closed the door behind him after getting out.

We visited several other houses, and with no exception, they were all killed. The bloody scenes were too horrific to look at.

The whole village was slaughtered, and we didn’t find any survivors.

The deeper inside the village we went, the more frightening it got. At first, the killings only took place inside the houses, however, as we walked deeper into the village, it seemed that the Gu Diao became excited as it dragged body parts onto the road. There was blood on the ground, pavements and even on the trees.

“It looks like the Gu Diao became more and more excited. At first, it secretly dragged people out of their homes to eat them in the forest, but now it barged inside their houses and turned this place into hell on earth.

Bai, who was following Wen Jiubo, stopped as he looked back and asked, “Gu Yu, what’s the matter?”

I was crouching on the floor, shivering uncontrollably, unable to stand up or even move my fingers.

However, it’s not like I wanted to do that… it was because Chu Bai was so afraid that she couldn’t control herself anymore.

“Gu Yu?”

Well, Wen Jiubo also sensed my abnormal behavior and turned around. “What’s wrong?”

This had to be the most humiliating moment in my life since I couldn’t explain to Wen Jiubo that there was a female ghost inside my body.

I blurted out without thinking, “I’m sorry, it’s just that… my stomach hurts.”

“Your stomach… hurts?” Bai looked at me skeptically. “Did you eat anything wrong?”

“No…I don’t know what’s going on…”

The situation got even worse, it got harder to just control my mouth in order to speak.

“Hey!” I raised my voice and laboriously said, “You guys go ahead. I need to find a bathroom. Let’s split up and explore the village, alright?”

I could feel Wen Jiubo looking at me from behind, but he didn’t say anything.

“Ok, you take care. If something happens, call me immediately.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. Wen Jiubo probably thought that I was traumatized by what we had we just seen… It was reasonable, seeing that I was acting like a coward.

The person who was traumatized was Chu Bai. But, I didn’t understand why she was so scared of dead people even though she was a ghost over hundreds of years old.

After Wen Jiubo and Bai walked out of the sight, I called out.

“Chu Bai, Chu Bai? Are you there?”


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