Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Chapter 66 The End
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Author :Qie Er
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Chapter 66 The End

Chapter 66 The End

“I’m fine.” Wen Jiubo smiled, dusting his hands. “Everything’s resolved.”

“What did you say? Everything’s resolved? What did you resolve?” Bai asked a lot of questions at once.

“Ah, Su Xiaoyun!” Shi Yitong noticed Su Xiaoyun, who was sitting on the ground and immediately rushed over her. “Why are you here? Hey, are you okay? My Goddess, please don’t die!”

“Who are you cursing to die?!” Su Xiaoyun grabbed Shi Yitong’s hair. Judging by her voice, she had recovered.

“Uh, that’s fantastic, you’re okay!”

“Ay! Don’t you dare try to grab me, get away from me!”

Looking at them, I couldn’t help but smile. That’s great, everything is finally over.

“…You’re saying that you destroyed the parasite spirit??” Bai was surprised after he heard the story. “That’s awesome!’

“Well, I can’t take all the credit,” Wen Jiubo said while glancing at me with a smile.

That guy insincerely complimented me again. I rolled my eyes at him, and at the same time, I thought of an important matter.

“Oh, right! How are the three guys doing?”

“The parasite spirit is dead. I suppose they should be awake now,” Wen Jiubo said as he looked up at the clock hanging on the wall.

Shi Yitong and Su Xiaoyun immediately understood who we were talking about. “Oh, right! Let’s go to see them immediately!”

After the group of us ran back to the classroom, I saw that Liang Kaifeng had already woken up.

That rich kid groaned with a painful expression while rubbing his neck. The moment he saw us, he began to yell, “Shit, what happened? Why does is my neck so stiff and painful? Where is this place, is this a classroom? Why am I in a classroom and why are you annoying people here?!”

We were all relieved seeing that he was still as arrogant and cocky as before.

A few minutes later, the girl majoring in Journalism and Zhou Lang were woke up as well.

“I think I had a very long and scary dream…” The girl majoring in Journalism muttered. “I dreamed of a scary creature with a bloody red body.”

“Ah, Little Gu Yu!” Zhou Lang excitedly hugged me when he saw me. “This is great, I thought I was going to die.”

“Don’t worry, you have a long life ahead of you.” I patted Zhou Lang’s shoulder to reassure him.

“What happened?” Liang Kaifeng scratched his head before folding his arms around himself. “Why is this place so cold.”

He reminded me that the air-conditioning in the classroom was still on. I smiled and turned it off.

Soon, we sent these three people to their dorm rooms. Of course, Wen Jiubo was in charge of explaining this whole event to the police and the school administration. I didn’t know how he was able to easily describe this weird case as an incident of ‘temporary blackout due to hard work’ to those policemen and parents. But surprisingly, they believed him.

But after carefully thinking about it, I guessed that it must have been because of Liang Kaifeng’s father. Wen Jiubo fulfilled his request and was seemingly paid a considerable amount of money as the commission fee, enough for him to close his store for the next three years.

Anyway, the parasite spirit was dead and everything went back to normal. Every student was less tense now, and school activities resumed as before.

However, what was strange was that the curse placed on Su Xiaoyun didn’t seem to disappear once the parasite spirit died. That afternoon, Shi Yitong and I felt that we were quite unlucky while walking with Su Xiaoyun.

“Ah, why is there dog poo here?!” Shi Yitong groaned, lifting up his shoe after stepping in it. “Isn’t this the only way to the dorm building? Which dog dared to shit in this place?!”

I looked at Shi Yitong’s funny expression and laughed out. However, cold water was poured down on me while I was laughing. Literally.

“Sor..sorry!” A girl from above covered her mouth while holding a plastic basket. “I didn’t notice that you guys were down below!”

This time, it was Shi Yitong’s turn to laugh.

However, Su Xiaoyun became depressed, she whispered, “Sorry, you guys…are better off staying away from me.”

Shi Yitong, who was as insensitive as always, didn’t understand what she meant. “Uh? Why?”

“It looks like even though the parasite spirit is dead, my curse won’t disappear.” She lowered her head, depressed. “And I even lost Coo during Devil’s Night…”

“Your curse is probably still effective because the parasite spirit once possessed your body, furthermore the contract hasn’t been lifted yet,” Wen Jiubo suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“So, is there a solution?” Su Xiaoyun looked at Wen Jiubo desperately.

“There is no solution for now.” Wen Jiubo shrugged his shoulders. “It’s difficult to break a curse, not to mention one that has followed you since birth. However, the solution that I once gave to you should be able to counter some negative effects.”

“But, Coo…” Su Xiaoyun hesitated.

“Come back to the old residence with me.” Wen Jiubo grinned and led the way.

The three of us followed Wen Jiubo and went back to the old residence. The moment the heavy wooden door was opened, we heard the soft sound of a cat meowing.

“Ah, Coo!” Su Xiaoyun immediately found the black cat who was curled up in the middle of the yard, comfortably enjoying the sun. The black cat narrowed its eyes and looked at Su Xiaoyun. It meowed again and immediately ran towards her.

“Hey! Little guy, where have you been? I thought I would never see you again!” Su Xiaoyun bent down and held the cat in her arms as she excitedly rubbed its head.

“You disappeared for so long, even it couldn’t find you,” Wen Jiubo slowly said. “So it wandered for two days before coming back to my place. Maybe it thought you would eventually come back here.”

After watching Su Xiaoyun playing with Coo for a while, Shi Yitong suddenly asked, “Oh, right. Speaking of that, I’m curious. Goddess, why is this cat named Coo?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Su Xiaoyun poked the cat’s nose with her finger. “Look, whenever it feels comfortable, it will make this sound, coo, coo…”


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