Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Chapter 65 Annihilation
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Author :Qie Er
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Chapter 65 Annihilation

Chapter 65 Annihilation

It worked. The parasite spirit stood still, neither attacking me nor stepping back. Behind me, Wen Jiubo stayed silent, it seemed he approved of my actions.

I walked towards him, step by step. Finally, it moved, reaching out its hand to me.

Was it convinced? Yes, I thought it was.

My plan worked.

The instant Su Xiaoyun’s beautiful hand was about to touch mine, I pulled back, and at the same time, I punched its chest as hard as I could.

“Forgive you? Never!”

Because of the impact of my hit, black smoke gushed out of Su Xiaoyun’s mouth. And then Su Xiaoyun fell straight to the ground like a lifeless doll.

I caught Su Xiaoyun before she hit the ground. “Hey, Su Xiaoyun, are you okay?”

Su Xiaoyun slowly opened her eyes and blinked, a little confused. “Gu Yu…? What happened?”

I was relieved since she looked alright.

However, it seemed that we still had a tricky problem to handle right now.

“You!! You little bastard, how dare you lie to me?! I’m going to kill you!” The parasite spirit roared and almost instantaneously, the whole stairwell was filled with thick black smoke. I could see its blood-red body, and together with its mouth wide open, it was a horrible sight.

“Will you? I’ve told you, if you dared to lay a finger on him, I would tear you to pieces,” Wen Jiubo’s tone was as cold and sharp as an ice blade. “Now let me count… How many times have you touched him?”

I instantly helped Su Xiaoyun up and stepped back to give some space to Wen Jiubo.

Wen Jiubo unfolded the paper fan in his hand, pointing at that evil spirit. A strong murderous aura exuded from him, blowing up the edges of his clothes into the air.

“We exorcize you, diabolical legions, we adjure you; cease to deceive human creatures, punish them with the poison of eternal damnation. We ask Thee, hear us!”

The parasite spirit was instantly confined as if in an invisible box. It tried to escape through the window, but it couldn’t move more than five steps away from Wen Jiubo.

“Begone!” Wen Jiubo moved one step forward. Suddenly, a strong wind blew up, through which he reached the parasite spirit. Then, Wen Jiubo raised his fan as if it was a sword, and struck the parasite spirit. The fan, like it was a real sword, split the parasite spirit into half!


Almost instantly, a loud groan echoed throughout the whole building. The black smoke aimlessly flew inside the stairwell before crashing into a wall. The red shape of a human let out a long, desperate cry before exploding without saying a word, filling the whole stairwell full of pungent smoke.

I coughed and covered my nose with my hand. “Is it…dead?” I looked in front of me.

Wen Jiubo folded his fan and looked at me. “Well, in the first place, it never was a living creature. But now its three immortal souls and seven mortal forms have been destroyed and have vanished. So, you can say it is truly dead.”

Hearing this, I took out a long breath and felt relieved. My knees suddenly became weak. I couldn’t stand up anymore and collapsed on the ground.

“Good…It’s finally over.”

Wen Jiubo walked towards me, smiling. “You wet your hand with the water in the bowl, smooth talked it into lowering his guard and then forced the spirit out of the body. Gu Yu, you really surprised me.”

I panted, wiped the sweat off my forehead before forcing a smile. “Smooth talk? I think you are way better than me when it comes to smooth talk.”

“You really surprised me. I didn’t expect from you to stay expressionless while saying those words.” Wen Jiubo came close and pulled me up. I staggered slightly before straightening up.

“It’s nothing,” I dusted off my clothes while whispering. “Even though he was an unfortunate man when he was alive, what’s in the past is the past and nothing can change that. Even though he did nothing wrong when he was alive, the honest and introverted Zhao Xiangzhi died in that fire. What remained of him was an evil spirit whose hatred for this world grew as time passed. He hurt and deceived my friends. How could I forgive him so easily?”

All of sudden, Wen Jiubo lifted his arms and pulled me in.

He was much taller than me, which allowed him to tuck me under his chin. As a result, my whole body was pressed against his.

“What… what are you doing?!” My face immediately flushed.

“Nothing, I’m just relieved because you’re safe.” His voice was soft and he gently rubbed my hair while talking.

“What are you talking about?!” I shouted angrily. “When I was in danger a few minutes ago, you were just standing by without helping me. Hypocrite!”

Wen Jiubo forced a fake smile and replied, “Ah, that’s because I trusted you. Look, you managed perfectly on your own.”


Actually, I knew the reason why Wen Jiubo didn’t help me.

He, Wen Jiubo, was probably curious.

He was curious about what I was going to do; wondering if I would lose; wondering if I would betray him.

He was curious about whether or not I would die.

In the meantime, I was curious as well.

I was curious about what Wen Jiubo thought of me when he saw the result.

“Gu Yu, you’re different.” The corners of Wen Jiubo’s lips curled up.

“Uh?” I felt confused. Different? Different from what?

“You’re special.” Wen Jiubo moved closer to me. His face was so close to mine that I could count his long eyelashes. He stared straight into my eyes while whispering, “Yes, I was right from the beginning. You…might be the most special one.”

I frowned. But before I could ask him what he meant, I heard someone shout my name from afar.

“Gu Yu!”

“Wen Jiubo!”

I turned around and saw Shi Yitong and Bai running towards us. They must have heard the loud noises from our fight with the parasite spirit.

Shi Yitong was out of breath. “Gu Yu! I heard the explosions. Are you okay?”

“Wen Jiubo! What happened?” Bai asked, jumping up and down. “Did you find the parasite spirit? What was that noise? Was there a fight?”


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