Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Chapter 58 Someone’s Memory
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Author :Qie Er
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Chapter 58 Someone’s Memory

Chapter 58 Someone’s Memory

The girl looked aggressive, her hands on her waist. The old woman who stood at the opposite should be a matchmaker.

“What kind of man have you introduced to me?” The girl dispiritedly said with an accent, “He has no cows, no land, no house, and no job. And he barely spoke! He speaks so little that I’m starting to think he may be an idiot! Did you intentionally do this to me?”

Hearing this, the matchmaker hurriedly explained, “No, please don’t misunderstand me! I’m just an old lady, why on earth would I hold bad intentions towards you! You know what they say, a man of few words will do something extraordinary in the future. It means he is an honest and good man. All of you girls hope to marry an honest man, right? Well, there’s more, I heard this man can paint. He’s an artist, did you know that?”

The girl’s eyes gleamed after hearing this, she seemed very interested. “Really? Is he very good at painting?”

The matchmaker grinned mysteriously as she patted the girl’s back, saying, “Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

As a result, the girl with the two Dutch braids excitedly went to find the young man. As soon as she met him, she shouted loudly.

“Ay, you! I heard from the matchmaker that you can paint! Can I see your paintings?”

The young man was reluctant. I thought he burned all of his paintings, but to my surprise, the young man carefully took out a folded rice paper from his pocket.

The rice paper was wrinkled, it seemed like he hid it from his parents. Before he could unfold the rice paper, the girl quickly took it from his hand.

She talked while unfolding the rice paper, “Let me see what kind of picture you can paint! I bet your painting looks terrible!”

After the paper was unfolded, she was dumbstruck. She found that the girl drawn on the rice paper was herself. The carefully sketched details of her face made the girl embarrassed.

“Uh, I’m not that pretty,” she said apologetically.

The young man opened his mouth, this was the first time I heard him speak. The young man looked at the girl and said sincerely,

“You’re beautiful.”

The scene changed again. This time, it was a wedding ceremony. The young man who loved painting and the girl with the two Dutch braids got married. I thought this was the whole story, but unexpectedly, the story later developed far beyond my expectations.

I thought the young couple would live happily ever after, but instead, they quarreled with each other more and more frequently, and all of the quarrels were started by the girl.

“Look at you! You useless man!” She babbled, “Our neighbor Li’s son has already enrolled in a university, and he often sends money and dietary supplements back home. Meanwhile, look at our daughter, she’s just like a spoiled brat. She doesn’t study and has no friends. You don’t even care about her, the only thing you care about are your shitty paintings! You have been painting from your twenties into your forties, have you ever sold one of them?”

The young man —— No, I should say the middle-aged man, dropped his head. He tried to refute her words, but even his rebuttal was weak.

“But my paintings aren’t for sale. It’s what I love. This is art…”

“Can your art provide food?!” His wife didn’t wait for him to finish, “You’re almost fifty and you still act like a little girl, don’t you know anything about life? Every family in our village lives in a big house and owns fancy cars, but what do we have!? We don’t even have a car, only a few cows. You tell me what you have done for this family! I warn you, if you ever do these stupid paintings again, I won’t allow you back in this house!”

After saying that, the woman began to cry, “I don’t know why I married you, I was so stupid! Why was I so stupid to say yes to that matchmaker?!”

Their conversation was so familiar, at this moment, I could only imagine how the man felt.

You thought it would be the beginning of a new life, you thought all the bad memories would vanish, but it never occurred to you that nothing would change, that society was as cruel as always and your family was as inflexible as before. No matter how much time passes, outcasts are always marginalized by society.

“…I tell you, my husband is so boring, he bores me to death!”

“Well, that’s too bad. Thank God, my husband is better at socializing and our son always listens to him!”

“You’re so lucky. Why can’t I be as lucky as you? Ahh, you don’t know, since my husband is so boring, when we do that in the bedroom, he is also very restrained.”

“Hehe, I heard that an introvert man also has a short manhood.”

“Stop it, don’t make fun of me!”

At this moment, the world began to whirl again and the scene changed to the inside of a bedroom.

This bedroom seemed to belong to the couple. But, instead of inside the room, the man was standing right outside, his whole body was shaking.

There were sounds coming from the inside. Panting and moaning mixed with the sounds of a woman shamelessly flirting, the sounds made me feel embarrassed.

This was… his wife cheating on him with someone else.

It looked like the man couldn’t bear it anymore, so he kicked the door open.

“You, you two——!”

I couldn’t look at the scene because it was too embarrassing. A man and a woman lay together on the bed, the bed sheets under them was a mess. Apparently, they didn’t care at all that her husband had caught them cheating together.

The woman just paused for a few seconds before wrapping her arms around her lover’s neck. She looked at her husband with disdain.

“Me? You know you have really lousy sex skills and a short manhood, don’t blame me for cheating on you! Get out and close the door! Or you can stay if you want to learn from him!”

Her eyes sparkled with excitement, her sarcastic tone made me furious. However, the man lowered his head in silence. Surprisingly, he stepped back and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Inside the room, his wife was laughing loudly with her lover.

But what happened right after shocked me. The door suddenly opened and the stoic man rushed into the room, holding an axe in his hand.


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