Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Chapter 24 The Truth
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits
Author :Qie Er
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Chapter 24 The Truth

Chapter 24 The Truth

“Yes, it’s that simple,” Moxue said.

“But we haven’t found the cat demon yet…” Shi Yitong was interrupted by the sound of a door opening.

It was the old couple who opened the door. They saw us from the window and rushed down from the building.

“Gu Yu, about the cat demon…” The old lady asked hurriedly, but she paused before finishing her sentence. The old lady stared at Mouxue with her mouth wide open.

I was puzzled. I looked at the old lady and then looked at Moxue. Moxue appeared to be calm, so calm that she looked cold and detached.

“What‘s… What’s wrong?”

Suddenly, the old man began to yell. He pointed at Moxue with his trembling fingers and shouted anxiously, “It’s her! It’s her! She is the cat demon!”

Shi Yitong and I were stunned. In fact, I was too shocked to react.

“Wait, you say Moxue is the cat demon?” Shi Yitong explained to them hurriedly, “It must be a mistake. This girl is our friend, you must have made a mistake.”

“How could we make such a mistake?!” The old man snorted and said angrily, “That face, we would recognize her face even she was burned into ashes! You wicked demon, give our son’s life back!”

“Wai…Wait, there must be some mistake,” I couldn’t help but interrupt, “How could Moxue…”

“Oh, good man, you are such a doormat.”

At this moment, Moxue opened her mouth and coldly interrupted me. I looked back at her. She seemed like a different person, the spoiled child she used to be was gone. Instead, a mysterious smile appeared on her face and she looked at me quietly.

“You are so stupid, Gu Yu. Don’t you understand by now?” Moxue lifted her chin, “I’ve been playing with you. It was so funny to watch you trying so hard to find me but couldn’t get any results at all. You humans are hopelessly stupid, not a single one is an exception. I’m going to die laughing.”

How…how could this be? I stepped back and could not believe what she said.

“What? You are too afraid to face the facts?” Moxue approached me, smiling coldly. “Let me tell you the truth. I, Moxue, am the cat demon who cursed the old couple’s son, the cat demon you’ve been looking for!”

The old lady screamed, “It’s her, it’s her! Child, catch her right now!”

“Catch her! Catch her and save Yingcai!” The old man beside her yelled as well.


How was it possible? How was it possible that Moxue was the cat demon? More importantly, how was it possible that Moxue did such an evil thing?

“Hurry up! Look! Look at her!” The old man shouted in terror, pointing at Moxue with his trembling finger.

I looked at Moxue. Her body was changing. She began to grow cat ears on her head, a cat tail from her bottom and sharp fangs sprouted from her mouth. She seemed like the exact embodiment of a cat demon.

“Aren’t you going to catch me?” She said provocatively, “If not, then I will eat all the people here.”

“Hurry up! Aren’t you an exorcist?!” The old lady screamed in terror.

“Damn it! I will avenge Yingcai!” The old man shouted and pounced upon her.

“Gu Yu, do something now!” Shi Yitong yelled anxiously.

Various thoughts and voices were rushing through my ears, buzzing like honey bees. However, at this moment, Moxue suddenly uttered a shout and almost got hurt by something. Using a backhand grip she nimbly caught the sharp object. It was an arrow.

An arrow?

I looked at the direction where the arrow came and gaped in surprise.

Ten meters away from us, Wen Jiubo, who was dressed in a traditional Chinese red robe and standing ramrod straight, was drawing a long bow. The wind raised his hair and the edge of his clothes in the air.

He seemed to be in perfect harmony with the wind.

“Move,” Wen Jiubo said coldly.

I was stunned and shouted, “What are you doing?!”

“You tell me,” Wen Jiubo pulled out an arrow from behind and nocked it. He drew the string to the utmost and aimed at Moxue. His voice was filled with laziness, “I’ve already known you couldn’t complete this request by yourself, so I came to clean up your mess. Now move.”

“No!” After hearing what Wen Jiubo said, I instead impulsively stood in front of Moxue to protect her. “I won’t let you kill her!”

Wen Jiubo remained calm, “You’ve already known the only way to save their son is to feed him the flesh of the cat demon. You decided to take the job, and since you’ve already accepted their request, you need to finish it.”


No, there was something wrong. I immediately looked at the old couple who stood nearby and found that besides fear, there was anxiety on the old man’s face as well.

Why was he anxious? I looked along the direction of his gaze and found that he was staring at the arrow Wen Jiubo was about to release.

“But, Moxue didn’t curse anybody,” I calmed myself down and said to him, slowly stressing each word.

“Oh?” A look of contempt appeared on Wen Jiubo’s face. “Because you became friends within a week?”

“No.” I shook my head slightly and said firmly, “It’s because the old couple is lying.”

“What?” The old lady asked in confusion.

“You… What are you talking about?!” Immediately the old man shouted furiously, “Nonsense!”

“It’s not nonsense!” I retorted loudly, a slight gloomy darkness reflected in my eyes, “It’s not Moxue who made this curse, it’s you! I don’t know whose idea it is, but I’m afraid you only want the Jinhua cat’s fur!”

“What are you talking about?” Shi Yitong was stunned.

“Nonsense!” The old man’s face turned red in anger.

“You stared at the arrow in Wen Jiubo’s hand all this time because you are afraid his arrow will damage the fur!” I snapped, pointing out his secret. “Your son was never cursed! No, you don’t even have a son! You only have a few pieces of furniture in your house! There are only two chairs and two sets of bowls and chopsticks on the table, which shows there is no third person living in your house. After Shi Yitong and I searched various materials about the Jinhua cat, we found out that there is another folktale about the Jinhua cat. That is, if you kill a Jinhua cat and wear its fur, you can cure your body of any disease and live forever. That’s why you want me to find the Jinhua cat!”

“I see… No wonder I felt weird before!” Shi Yitong said angrily, “Your son was sick, but you, as his parents, didn’t show any concern about your only son. Instead, you were only eager to find the Jinhua cat!”


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