The rice seedling that grew well
12 Stars of light, the meeting within the great dream
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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12 Stars of light, the meeting within the great dream

The luminous skies of the vast green blazed with a brilliant light of crimson, and as it receded, a streak of light slashed apart the ocean of stars in the sky as a presence descended.

A majestic towering tree whose body upheld numerous heavens through its branches shone with an ageless light of the distant past - a grand quake occurred within the normally undisturbed expanse as waves formed across the domain. The crown of the majestic tree shook as leaves the likes of which held a plane within itself withered.

This wave coursed through the entire plane as the ageless light spread from one branch to another, soon covering the entire expanse in an ancient and eternal luminosity. In response, a divine presence burst from blazing spire of light, which revealed shades of every color to bloom across the luminous shroud - each spot of light like stars in the milky way.

The crimson light fell into this shroud like a drop of water returning to the ocean, akin to a ripple upon a lake.



The riceling found that a new term woke it from its 'slumber' as its consciousness roused, and it found that it was currently feeling very... 'comfortable'.

Yes, 'comfortable'. The seedling found that it was like an infant being cradled upon a gentle swing, or a carefree lad floating upon clear water's surface that gleamed sapphire, gently shaking it as it felt warmth and a blanketing cushion from the waters surrounding it.

The riceling found that it actually was floating, and it really is being cradled away by something akin to a current. Yes, the riceling realized that it's in a situation similar to it's dream as a droplet of water, and with a 'thought', it willed itself into the motion of 'swimming'. Well, 'swimming'...

As the riceling observed itself, it realized that it isn't at all in a seed form or a sprouting plant, but a ball of light in the shape of a water droplet the way it had dreamt. It then 'observed' its surroundings and 'perceived' that it is currently not inside an ocean, as it realized that it wasnt blue at all, but in an ocean of violet light and a milky white flame which burnt, as balls of light akin to itself shone with varying colours across this weird 'ocean'.

The riceling found it strange, but it 'knew' where its destination is, and hence it 'swam' there, a destination where various other lights are headed.

Across the distant horizon, it then witnessed a majestic silhouette which it recognized - it had seen this tree once when it arrived on the vast green although it barely had any 'consciousness' then. This silhouette was a plant like the riceling's neighbours (which is actually really farm from itself, the riceling realized. Even after it grew 'a lot' (?) it realized it is nowhere close to meeting other trees except for their roots. Maybe that was normal?).

But the seedling found that while it could recognize the silhouette as plant, it is burning with a milky white flame that scorched across the ocean of stars it's swimming on, and it's shape was more akin to a spire that jutted out to reveal a crowning branch of flames. White flames, the likes of which bore no true heat or cold, but an enveloping warmth which stemmed not from temperature but... 'concept'.

Before the riceling had realized it, its droplet of consciousness had swam all the way into a congregation of light, such that the surrounding region was a space entirely filled with pure white, and it found that it now... was the lone azure light within this space, it's body akin to a water droplet and simultaneously a streaking comet morphed into a wisp of flame which hovered in this same spot.

It's shimmering light in this pure white space had cast a shadow, which the little riceling observed, and felt itself very amused. It then proceeded to chase after this shimmering shadow which moved like a wisp of flame, and as it chased after, the shadow moved further, and further - until the it suddenly vanished!

The riceling was confused, 'where did it go? o.o' it thought.

'...Greetings, little fellow'.

'!' The riceling was jolted.


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