The rice seedling that grew well
11 Brevity and flux, an emerging sorrowful abyss
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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11 Brevity and flux, an emerging sorrowful abyss

As the riceling slumbered, within the infinitely vast domain of nothingness, of space, an ancient consciousness reverberated - bearing with it a grand and immeasurable domain upon which radiant impermanence constantly shimmered in brevity. This consciousness thundered and soared through the vast heavens, attracting the curious gaze of many, and many more of fear and awe.

It was brilliant, radiant and luminous, crimson and dark yet azure and bright, all colours of spectra unknown to men shimmered upon 'its' domain, and as it soared through the stars, it was akin to a crimson comet bursting with radiant scarlet light, that seems to constantly shift with all colours contrary to one another, yet remaining predominantly crimson.

On a plane that lay distant from the vast green, an old raspy voice echoed with fear; barely forming a sound that can be constituted into '...flux....' - and hordes of sonorous yet sorrowful voices formed a deep murmur that echoed the old voice in chanting '..flux..' forming a chorus that constantly chanted the term in a disorderly twisted manner. This plane is immensely vast, and had deep oceans the likes of which could host numerous systems of stars and other celestial bodies. It was immensely dark, and constantly... constant, unchangingly unchanged within its peaceful deep darkness that concealed many existences. For a voice to echo and incite such a response within this plane is truly peculiar and worrisome.

The dark heavens was pierced with the radiant light as the still plane shuddered in response to the arrival of the grand, ancient consciousness.. and the old being within the plane stirred once more as a gaze pierced the abyssal veil of the plane into the radiant domain who's light shrouds that of the stars.

The ancient consciousness descended upon the distal plane, bringing an explosion of emotions to burst through across the myriad forms of existence that lie within as the domain of flux and brevity engulfed it. This consciousness of brevity shook, and seemed to tear into space itself as rifts tore all across the distal plane. In this plane upon which not a single blade of grass grew, with immense oceans of deep darkness without a hint of waves, the entire plane quaked and began bursting with lights that caused the ever seeping darkness retreat. Out of the sorrowful and desolate existences, emotions of vibrancy akin to joy, wrath, envy, pride and the like was introduced for the first time.

However, amidst the infinite descent of emotions, an endless, abyssal sorrow arose, drowning out all other emotions as it rumbled.

An abyssal dark hand who's span could pluck stars out of the heavens burst through the withered grounds of the plane and tore apart at the domain, dispersing the ocean of emotions and filling the void only with desolation, and once more the raspy old voice echoed - this time with a desolate sorrow that concealed a hint of wrath - '..Abyss...' and once more, the horde of sorrowful existences echoed the voice, and out of every corner of the distal plane emerged dark hands bearing shapes more akin to claws and cranes attached to thin, long sticks, resembling the arms of a scarecrow.

The arms stacked together, forming a single deep pillar like arm of darkness that matched with the old voice's abyssal hand, and together the two arms formed the gesture of 'prayer' - and the entire withered world of the distal plane responded as the rifts that formed were 'zipped' closed by strings of darkness that burst from the very grounds and dark heavens of the plane. If gods and devils were to be involved in this fight, they truly would be no much better than fodder as existence itself quakes in fear as these two existences who has stepped into the level of truth and core aspect of 'existence' in the multiverse collide. These two beings, one of abyssal sorrowful stagnation, and another of radiant impermanent flux embodies a realm where one truly exist at and perhaps prior to the existence of time itself, or perhaps outside of time and space entirely.

A domain of 'abyss' emerged as the whole plane seemed to awaken, a dark fearsome gaze swept across the universe as a wisp of sorrow was imprinted and hidden deep within the hearts of conscious beings, be they humanoid, monstrous, spectral, divine or demonic. The two arms tore within the space of it's own domain, and uprooted the majestic consciousness of brevity and flux.

The consciousness fluxed as a crimson radiance exploded, revealing deep wrath as it reverberated '....Ancient enemy... stagnation, abyss, unchanging... shift and flux shall befall as is the laws of the universe and life...'. The now crimson domain contended with the abyss as it wrestled for control over the plane, a hazy crimson light that fluxed with every spectra of color both visible and invisible to man shone across the stars as a deep emission of darkness engulfed and dimmed the starry skies in response.

The plane shuddered and cracked as it couldn't bear the burden of a fight whose scale has long surpassed myths, and the abyssal old voice crackled in measurelessly deep anger, '...flux, emotion, lord of constancy fallen to change, leave.. this place! As existence lies - constancy and stagnation shall remain as the eventual end of all eternity... entropy is the end goal of all, and all change ceases as life dims'. The two arms exploded with a void that could almost be described as radiant, and grasped the consciousness of brevity and began to pull it apart like broken yarn. The radiant domain of flux quaked and struggled in seeming futility, until finally-

The crimson light shook and grew dim, as a violent spectra of light burst, tearing through all reality before the darkness fully engulfed the remaining shimmers of light and all that remained of the consciousness. The plane once more is engulfed by the shadows, returned into the deep, unchanging and... peaceful darkness. The two arms broke apart into smaller bits of shadows and wisps as it returned to the crevices of the materium within the plane, the dark consciousness once more splitting into the old voice with its sonorous, sorrowful echoing horde. the old voice seemed to form a shadowy silhouette, whispering as it gazed at the domain of change slipping away from the plane; '....predecessor... vermillion'.

The consciousness of flux dispersed as it left the plane, gathering pieces of itself with what remained outside. The being now seemed largely dim with the radiant domain now tattered and showing signs of stagnation contrary to its own existence... it almost seems heavily injured. 'It' gathered its remaining consciousness and formed a luminous silhoutte that gazed down upon the plane with hatred and fear, '..entropy.. will not arrive. Existence.. is eternally at flux, and flux... is the only stagnating constant within eternity. There is no end to existence, as long as eternity exists - there is no end to life as long as existence remain, and there is no end to flux as life exists... Our fight remains eternally undecided... old enemy.'

The consciousness then departed, forming a blazing trail of all colors predominantly crimson as it headed towards an enormous space of vast green.


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