The rice seedling that grew well
10 Dreams of droplets across wheelbarrows
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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10 Dreams of droplets across wheelbarrows

The rice seedling, tiny as it was on the surface didn't know that most of it's size and initial growth would be beneath the ground instead of above it.

The seed learnt about two terms that seemed to describe itself.... that was right, 'stem' and 'root'. As it grew tediously and slowly, so too did it's consciousness constantly experience flux, perhaps an improvement, perhaps for the worse, all that the riceling knew was that it's thoughts were changing all the time.

At one moment, the rice seedling would dream about a wheelbarrow, red and shiny from the rain as the murmurs of some strange place that it termed as 'market' hustled and bustled around it, with it being nestled warmly amidst a whole stack of things that seemed to be it's former shell.

At another, it would dream about a being cradled in some kind of wood, bark and vines, which was all in all everything it could observe currently in the world around it.

There too were strange visions of weird mechanical movements which the riceling could only describe as 'running'. It knew that it knows the term, but it doesn't know why it did, nor what the term actually meant. However, it felt good simply to 'know'.

The riceling had grown as it continuously absorbed in the sweet air, moisture and substances from beneath the soil, while it dreamt and dreamt - all the while not noticing that it had grown to be the size of a fully grown rice stalk albeit it seemingly remaining in a prepubescent rice state where it's panicle was still forming... that was right, it had unknowingly stood towering at 1.8 meters. Not that it'd notice given how small the space it existed in really was compared to the ocean of lush vegetation, which upon closer inspection truly wasn't all that green due to shimmering mythical lights coursing through the endless garden.

What was more astounding however was it's immense nodal roots, which should cover at best the size of a fully grown rice plant at 1.9 meters, but had instead spread spanning well over 8 meters across the grounds.

The riceling dreamt about a weird looking armored animal, which dug through the ground speedily, and then of droplets of water falling from the heavens up high as it made it's way to the ground, hitting crowns of green and shimmering minerals as it made it's way down alongside trillions of it's kin - and landed on the shiny red wheelbarrow it saw earlier. It then slid down the shiny surface and finally, the droplet hit the ground and dispersed.

But the riceling knew, the water droplet didn't disappear - it seeped into the soil and merged with its kin within the soil. Together, they created the fertile soil across the region, nay, the riceling somehow knew that this water existed at nearly every point of the world and a term it knew as the 'Universe'. It somehow knew this water stuff is inside everyone, and a lot of things 'live' off of water. 'Live'... what was this term?

From its roots, the riceling felt the coursing substances and the droplets of water, its journey immeasurable, and its existence more ancient than worlds and any being - finally ending up within itself. It then followed this water as it moved across its own body, making its way across tunnels within that it felt was truly immense and branched endlessly and finally ending up to create the stuff that allows the seedling to grow and... 'live'.

The riceling then understood the terms, 'relative', but it still didnt understand this term 'life'. It understood that while the seedling was small, there are beings far smaller than it, substances that makes up less than a trillionth of its size. It then knew that size was something relative to what it is, and for a droplet, its stalk and root alone could house millions of it. "Life..." the riceling pondered upon this new term, and felt that this term was important. It however didn't understand why, only knowing that it, and a lot of things that surrounded it was full of color and alive. The riceling knew however that there was much more to be learnt from this one word.

While pondering, the riceling's thoughts dimmed, and before itself had realized, it's consciousness had unknowingly fallen into a peaceful slumber.


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