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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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9 Growth

The seedling was shook in more meanings than one. It felt growth? From it's vague mind and knowledge, the seedling knew that growth took time. The stalk that sprouted from the seedling visibly shook, and slowly grew longer and longer. At the same time, little riceling felt it's roots treading deeper and deeper into the soil.

As the roots explored the vast recesses of the earth, it absorbed both moisture and minerals alike, after which it greedily "headed" (or the term would be grow) in the direction where there was most of it. The riceling knew only one thing.. that 'This feels great!'

The riceling's stalks grew taller and headed in the direction where light was most abundant. All the while, the pores of the riceling's tiny body absorbed the extremely dense and luscious air... which tastes like 'nectar?'

Time passed, and soon the riceling grew taller and taller, and as it did, it's awareness and sensory abilities expanded too. Not long after, the riceling noticed that it's roots seems to have stumbled across a series of intertwined, giant roots who's scale the riceling couldn't comprehend.

(O.o) 'so.... big, thick and long..'

Thought the little riceling.

As the seedling's awareness grew, it began to notice how tiny it was compared to it's surroundings. The riceling could somehow 'see' the world, but it's always been a mishmash of blurry colours beyond a certain distance, at least it was so after it broke open from the shell of the seed.

Now, the riceling noticed that it seems to be growing in a somewhat isolated clearing amongst the verdant, endless sea of vegetation. "..."

'.....Where the heck am I anyway?'

Observing the riceling's growth, if compared to on ordinary riceling, it would actually be considered abnormally massive. If one was to compare the time the seedling has broken free from the seed, two weeks hasn't even passed; and it's already grown to the size of an adult rice plant.... while still being essentially a 'child' in it's growth phase.

The riceling wouldn't know, considering that it's a wild rice plant that grew isolated from other rice paddies, but it's body has grown to be about 1 meter tall.

Outside the clearing the riceling is growing at, the first vegetation which seemed to be some type of spruce stood at an astound 60 meters.

'Why am I so tiny?' The riceling thought.'


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