The rice seedling that grew well
8 The life of a seedling
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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8 The life of a seedling

@@The little riceling felt great.

He'd been simply laying about on the soil, without doing.. much of anything really. The sky was shaded in a bit of green, but mostly azure blue. The place felt comfortable cushy and warm, just like a sunny day with a good bit of wind, with fluffy clouds dotting the landscape.

The riceling thought...

"This is boring... o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)"

To think about it, all a plant does is simply grow and.. well, do its thing, quite literally rooted to a spot in the landscape.

In retrospect, the (quite short) life of the riceling while remaining enclosed in a seedling had been one of adventure. He did after all spend the majority of the time flying! The little seedling somehow had the ability to freely smack things around and dig as he wished, and his coat was strong indeed.

"I want to.. move"

The riceling didn't truly know what that term meant, or what it implied, but he felt strongly that he wanted to do what the word 'seemed' to mean. In response, the little ricelings tiny white roots and stalk seemed to vibrate.. and grow at a visible pace!

'O.o' the little seedling made a surprised pikachu face! Not that it has one.



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