The rice seedling that grew well
7 Little seedling experiences a cliff
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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7 Little seedling experiences a cliff

The little seedling felt like he had a long dream. He seemed to learn a lot of things, but for some reason; the most important bits from each part of the dream was missing! (ノ°Д°)ノ︵ -

It felt like spending years climbing an impossibly steep and long road, only to find that at the end of it, the road was unfinished! The only ending ended on a damned cliff!

He knew now that he was from some fruit, but what fruit?

'Also, what tree did I come from? Who're my parents?'

It truly was an annoying matter. Author, don't try to write a cliff when in fact you simply haven't thought that far ahead ah!!! ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ

Author: ((O.o))

After a couple moments of floating in... nothing? A myriad of colours started to play into the empty world. Everything was at first blurry, as if looking through an dusty unpolished mirror full of scribbles. Light began to 'peer' into the colourful mirror and cracks appeared on it's surface, growing larger and larger - until finally the entire world was covered in massive cracks - when finally, a single spot broke through.

The surrounding darkness broke apart with a pleasant 'clink' and for the first time, the little seedling... the little plant, awoke into the world.

"...!!!!!" The little plant experienced a euphoric sense of freedom. It had finally awoken after a long slumber.. everything it had experienced so far was akin to observing a world within a dream, but now - it could 'sense' things, 'feel' the air itself and 'see' the true colour of the horizon: A deep azure blue with streaks of violet slashing through the endless expanse.

Not to mention, the little see.. plant could 'observe' and 'gather' information from the surface of the world and beneath it. It is an indescribable feeling; certainly something that humans wouldn't be able to experience throughout their lifespan - the feeling of the having the entire world itself becoming your supporting pillar, being your foundation, nourishing and cherishing you.

All this talk of grandness though, is perhaps only from the perspective of the little sprout, one so young it's impossible to distinguish what plant it was. In fact, you probably couldn't see the little sprout - as quite literally every plant in the vast green landscape was of gargantuan size compared to it!


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