The rice seedling that grew well
5 An ocean of stars, the primordial coalescence of consciousness
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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5 An ocean of stars, the primordial coalescence of consciousness

Day to day, the winds surged across the billowing green landscape and would make it's way onto the algae covered oceans - making everything seem like a broken static screen on a tv (only blotted within an overwhelming shade of green).

Time seemed to halt within the vast green landscape, yet upon closer inspection, one would notice the ever changing stream of time marking each and every corner of space within the deeply sleeping world. Life is flourishing. With the best possible soil, nutrients and environmental conditions for the rarest of plants to grow; the community of plants had long formed a gathering of consciousness. After all - with an eternity of serenity allowed to pass; a single droplet of awareness had grown to form a grand ocean of thought and consciousness.

Saying that the landscape was vast and green would perhaps lead to the misconception that it's a grassland... though that wouldn't be far off in a way. The vast green is, by nature, the ultimate sacred ground within the entire multiverse for anything based off of or is related to 'plants' and vegetation in some ways. In fact, it's simply that the tallest of the vegetation that dot the seemingly endless landscape all has a majestic crown of green atop them - in other words, trees!

The problem of being overly populated would seem imminent, except it isn't. Even after an unknown period of time, the vast landscape is still quite literally vast and has plenty of space. After all, reproduction as a concept exist in order to ensure immortality through inheritance, if the concept of mortality and death doesn't exist - then there is not (much) need for reproduction, except maybe for the pleasure of it .

In this holy land of the rarest herbs, species thought to be myth, herbs found only in the underworld, the original sacred land of Eden and even those held within the sacred will's personal collection all existed. A saying exists; 'the older the herb, and the more undamaged it is, the greater it's worth. Even common grass becomes the elixir of gods given enough time and care' - and quite certainly, the vast green could be said to have been formed from the most ancient and rarest of these plants.

It could also be said, that it was the fact that this place is the most excellent retirement location for elderly trees far and wide that so many of these old coots have gathered here. Thanks to these sentient vegetation and the overwhelming spirituality of the landscape itself, the mass gathering of new seedlings, plants, bushes and herbs has become something of an elderly neighborhood of ancient plants; gods, devils and immortals alike. It's indeed been quite a bit of time since the latest little seedling or a new neighbor had arrived.

"Hmmm....." A bellowing, reverberating noise echo across the vast green.

As with most societies, a gathering of life would often have a leader. This role is often decided through those with an outstanding quality, being a naturally gifted leader, being strong in physique, those that are blessed with wisdom etc. In this ancient society, the older you are dictates your authority - not that there has ever been much to discuss within the vast green.

"A... new... seedling, seems.. to have.. arrived." The voice was slow, deep and soothing; akin to that of a kindly grandfather imparting his wisdom to the young.

An impossibly powerful and grand storm seemed to bloom from a holy, majestic tree, as vast as that of the universe itself - only resulting in an echoing cacophony of melody blooming through the myriad leaves of plants.

In response, a mountainous plant of gargantuan proportions whose roots seems to uphold existence itself began to shimmer with an azure starry light - resulting in a chain of stars blooming across the landscape and forming an ocean of stars upon the surface.

Many thoughts shimmer with varying speed, and time seemed to pass both fast and slow as a great number of vegetation seemed to be dancing and humming in weird rhythm.

Far below, on an extremely tiny spot within the great landscape, the little rice seedling was comfortably blanketed by a comfy pillow of soil. Many soft, delicious and extremely ancient essences seemed to pass through it as it's tiny consciousness was asleep, imparting many a sliver of knowledge and consciousness to the little newcomer.

Within the little sleek body of the seedling, there seemed to be a small thought forming, not quite enough to be an actual 'will' of sorts, but certainly, emotions of comfort and safety formed parts of it. Perhaps, if one were to look carefully, they'd observe a sliver of vibration within the soil.. within the tiny mound, a small *crack* was audible.


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