The rice seedling that grew well
4 Little seedling tries to burrow
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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4 Little seedling tries to burrow


Looking from high above, the green landscape seemed like an ocean of green with rippling waves constantly flowing through it. Of course, the little seedling is quite literally a seed - completely invisible amidst the vast landscape given it's size.

Zooming in though, one might notice a little mound bulging out of the ground, not quite as large as tiny mound, yet not so small that one wouldn't notice it...

Certainly not, considering the incredible mess of soil strewn around the mound; it certainly seemed like the ground was dug by an animal trying to retrieve a burrowed object - Only it wasn't dug out by any beast or man.

A sleek silhouette was visibly... well, not quite too visibly striking the ground and forming a mound surrounding itself.

"....<(`^´)>.!!..." Looking closer, one would notice a little seedling poking out of the tiny mound, vibrating alongside it as it dug deeper and deeper, until finally it's small tip dissipated into the soil.

And suddenly...


The mound sunk into the ground! All that's left of the struggle just now was the soil spread everywhere. Where did the little seedling vanish too?

*small rumbling noises*

Perhaps, if one were to place their ears onto the ground's surface, one might hear, and maybe even feel a tiny, insignificant... yet mighty vibration. The rumbling of life itself.


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