The rice seedling that grew well
2 Its a flying... rice seed
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The rice seedling that grew well
Author :DaoistCitizen
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2 Its a flying... rice seed

As the winds blew across the vast azure horizons, so too did the seed get swept about. The landscape seemed endlessly vast, with nothing except a truly lush greenery...

Nowadays, amongst the downtrodden worldly skies blotted with corruption, it truly is rare to have a horizon of pure blue extending as far as the eyes could see.

Indeed, if a human was to arrive at this place, they'd believe that this place is a sacred ground of some sort- and that's not far from the truth. This land of endless green expanses, inside an unknown and distant continent is known by story tellers far and wide as the 'deep green expanse'.

The myths and fables would speak of an uninhabited land of such beauty, richness and serenity from where the rarest,oldest herbs existed in abundance.


The small little rice seedling is perhaps a common specimen, or perhaps not. No one's existed to speak of it's tales after all; perhaps the young seedling was of a humble farm origin? All 'it' knew was that 'it' definitely wasn't the only one in its batch, although it might've been an individual ordeal when it was blown away.

"....!!?..." thought the little seedling.

A seed of course, shouldn't have thoughts. Perhaps by a twist of fate though, the little seed had somehow flew all the way to this hidden landscape; which by coincidence is known by little plants everywhere as the legendary ancestral ground. There was a saying; "a day of good soil is a year full of fruits!" The little seed seemed to have swam inside the lush air, extremely filled with divine essence.. perhaps qi? Chakra? Nen? Whatever this stuff was, it was delicious and of the highest degree.

So thick was the substance that a dragon would've been bloated and perhaps crushed within- just like swimming in liquid metal.

For some reason though, the little seedling was unharmed!

"..!.." the little seed seemed excited.


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